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14 July 2007

Today in my life

Today, is another day, as usual, I’m still clueless trying to come to term with all those successful blogger out there making those huge lump some of money by just blogging day after day, busying updating their website with all sort of topics.

Well, here I am writing with no clue or direction what so ever to begin with. Imagine doing like this all the time. It’s meaningless and pointless effort so to speak. Some says do a research and get an interesting, useful subjects to begin with and give your view, what ever view you think is fit.

Instead of figure out how those guys done it, how about we discuss something interesting. Say, let us talk about your current job. I dislike my job so much so that I always think about doing something worth doing and rewarding. I started blogging due to frustration really, I did start few businesses of my own way back years ago, doing online business with a friend. Guess what selling handcraft online. It took me nearly a year to complete the website with products. As usual, I did the online marketing to try promoting the products.

The business was online for a couple of months. Then strange thing happen. I beginning to lose my patience since nothing happen, no order coming through. It’s like opening a business but without customer coming in to your shop. So I said to my partner, we ought to do something fast.

I did suggest spending a few hundreds dollars to advertise our product via google adwords. But it doesn’t come to a decision. My partner seems not interested to go for it. So, I decided to call it quit. Hence a few months later we closed the account and so the partnership ended. It is sad but sometime this happened in life and we have to face and accept it. But failing in business doesn’t stop you from venturing another business.

As John chow of fond of saying, don't give up if you want to be successful. If you fail try again and again until you achieve your goal. A goal is useless without action. So my friend, life is not easy, we have to work smart and don’t ever-ever give up.

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