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14 July 2007

Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com – an E-book

I was sceptical at first to read the E-book by John Chow entitle make money online – How I went from zero to $10,000 + a month by blogging and how you can too. Well, I did read the whole chapters and it really worth the time spent reading. It’s informative, full of ideas, tips and even showed and guide you how to use some of the recommended application to help you generate money online on your website.

Boy, this guy is incredible, this is the first time in my whole life that actually makes me believe that make money via blogging is really possible. I was really impressed by the way john described the many ways of him making money through advertising, affiliate and referral. I was stunned when I read his points.

I always wondering to myself how the hell do those guys make money online. Now I know how. But as he said it not going to be an easy life at first but with efforts and hard work, it will eventually brings something back to you in return. John did say that if you build your blog for the intention of making money alone will never work and you’re surely doomed to fail.

I suppose he is right. If we expect too much in return in the first place, you’ll get nothing. But if you focus on your passion to write a blog and not the money, maybe , I say it again maybe it will give something in return. As Robert kiyosaki used to say in his seminar, if you wants people to smile at you smile at them, then they will smile back at you. Similarly if you want something, give and you shall receive.

For those blogger out there who want to be successful, I recommend you read John Chow’s E-book. His E-book can be downloaded via his website at

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