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29 July 2007

EBay Millionaires

Every now and then a millionaire is constantly created either accidentally or purposely or perhaps destines to be millionaire by nature. What ever the reasons is no so important but how they do it is one thing all of us are eager to know isn’t it? Do I hear somebody say no? I guess not. I for a reasons always and will always want to know the way to making a lot of cash legally of course.

Opportunity strikes all the time and as a matter of fact every second of the day. It a matter of whether you want to take it or not is depends on yourself. Sadly most of us willing to opted not to and later on feels regret and frustrated. However there are those willing to take risk and just do it without looking at the eventual risk that may result in the end. In others word they just do it blindly. It is important and a must have the proper knowledge in what ever your want to venture before you decide to go for it. An excuse for not having the necessary skill and knowledge is not in favor.

All of you are familiar with eBay (an auction site). There even plenty of reference concerning eBay. Be it books, tapes, all sort of media, you name it. In fact we are exhausted of seeing so many of this information on eBay.

Having said that, let us look into some of the business that actually being run on the eBay and does really make someone plenty of money. I manage to extract some information in regards to these subject that we are looking into from the The magazine manages to interview eight of these millionaire and their secrets are as follows:

a) David Wirtenberg, 28
Outrageous Auctions

eBay User ID: outrageousauctions
Location: New York City
Projected 2006 Sales: $8 million to $10 million
Description: Engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry

Secret to Success: ''Most of my diamond auctions start at 99 cents. Sometimes I lose money; sometimes I make money. Whatever makes the customer happy, I do.''

b) Eran Dekel, 28
DeCalo Fashion

eBay User ID: decalofashion
Location: Mineola, New York
Projected 2006 Sales: More than $2 million
Description: Luxury designer menswear at 40 to 80 percent below retail prices

Secret to Success: ''The problem-solving and analytical capabilities I learned in college [as an engineering major] really prepared me for this type of business. You have to perform both quantitative and qualitative reasoning in determining what products to sell, and [you need to know] how to think outside the box when it comes to completing transactions.''

c) Amy Mayer & Ellen Navarro, both 25
Express Drop

eBay User ID: expressdropchicago
Location: Chicago
Projected 2006 Sales: More than $1.4 million
Description: An eBay drop-off store that sells on consignment for individuals and high-end retailers

Secret to Success:''We don't just wait for clients to come to us. We see every single [entity] as a potential client, from the grandma on the street to Nordstrom.''--Ellen Navarro

d) Chris & Lisa Rush, 30 & 26

eBay User ID: hifisoundconnection
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Projected 2006 Sales: $8 million
Description: Audio and stereo equipment for use at home and in motor vehicles

Secret to Success: ''My demographic is 15- to 25-year-olds, and they are really impatient. We have to cater to people who click on things and make instant purchases. That generation doesn't want to wait. The biggest motivator for us is providing them with good service.''--Chris Rush

e) Dan Glasure, 31
Dan's Train Depot

eBay User ID: dans.train.depot
Location: Ocala, Florida
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.5 million
Description: Model trains and train accessories

Secret to Success: ''Our secret has been three-fold: Always trying to get better, always willing to learn new things, and giving the best customer service possible. Also it helps to find a niche, something that you have a knowledge and passion for. For me, it was toy trains! And finding good help is very important to growing your business. Even if you think you can, you cannot do everything yourself.''

f) Mordy Eisenberg, 30
GSM Cellular

eBay User ID: gsm-store
Location: Airmont, New York
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.5 million to $3 million
Description: Computer equipment and accessories for cell phones, iPods and digital cameras

Secret to Success: ''eBay is a giant market, and a lot of the rules for buying and selling in the stock market apply, [like] not flooding the market and not showing your hand.''

g) Tiffany Tanaka, 24

eBay User ID: wesellthings4u
Location: Honolulu
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.7 million
Description: An eBay drop-off store that sells a wide variety of items on consignment

Secret to Success: ''Many of our customers are older people who want us to sell things for them. But a lot of people are younger than me, and we're just saving time for them. I don't feel many people want to sell on eBay on their own.''

Being successful in what ever you do is perhaps the most rewarding moment in a person life and to some people they consider it priceless. My question to you, have you ever expected that one day you might join them, be a millionaire yourself or perhaps to some of us we are not born to be millionaire. What ever the reasons are only you yourself know and able to judge.

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