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29 September 2007

Load time Check

Does loading speed of your blog matter to you? To some people yes and No. Some say that site is build for people not for the machine (search engine). However, if you want to index your site on certain search engine successfully, the speed does matter. Otherwise, the search engine result will be…guess what…No indexing!...moreover if your site loading time is more than 24 seconds, 40% of your potential viewers will give up and exit your site due to impatience.

There are few factors determines the site loading time such as:

a) Images
b) Tables
c) Templates Structures
d) Javascripts
e) Numbers of posts on the homepage

Nevertheless, the most obvious factors that affect the loading time are none other than the number of images on the homepages.

Mani Khartik of blogging Tips suggested the followings tips in regards to using images to help increase your site loading time:

a) If the numbers of images used are more than 10-15, then I strongly recommend that you cut it down to a lesser number say 6-10.

b) Use smaller or reduce file size since bigger file size eats up a lot of bandwidth therefore takes longer time to load.

c) It is a good practice to use GIF images (non-animation without frames) instead of Jpegs for header images as GIF images are more optimized for the web and they can save you some page loading time.

Do you know your site loading time? Have you ever tested the loading time required to load your site with different internet connection speed?

If you want to test the speed of your site loading time, please click the link below:

CARNIVORUOS PLANTS (Meat eating plants)

While wandering through one of the local supermarkets, my husband and I wandered to the plant for sale section and came across four different species of carnivorous plants. I am fascinated with these creatures (well they do seem more like animals) recalling one or two horror movies about man-eating plants. Even my five year old son asked once “Mummy, is there such a thing as a man-eating plant?” One hasn’t been discovered yet I told him. Most of the plants found so far are really tiny and traps only insects.

The Venus fly-trap for instance, can only manage to grab a single fly, maybe something larger like a dragon-fly. This plant was among the ones being sold at the supermarket. Yes, I have seen close-up pictures before but not one in real life. I was surprise at how tiny it was. It looks like a gaping mouth with lovely long eyelashes. More like an alien plant really. People can be forgiven for not daring to put their finger in, just in case it is actually painful to be bitten.

The other plant that was there was similar to a pitcher plants (as in a ‘water jug’) although the leaves had not actually formed into a 'cup' yet . It is green with reddish veins and gew to about four to six inches tall. I suppose this was how the actual pitcher plant evolved from actual leaves joining together. Very ineresting.

The last pitcher plant we saw is also known as the ‘monkey-cup’ in this part of the world. Local folk-lore has it that whenever a monkey is thirsty it will use the plant as a cup to drink water from. This one looked a bit different from the other two pitcher plants. Its main part are large leaves growing out of the ground and hanging at the end are the ‘cups’. The plant is mostly green in colour and the ‘cups’ are speckled reddish green. Now these, I have seen growing abundantly in the wild tropical jungle.

Carnivorous plants of the tropics are often found near or in swampy or wet areas where insect often come to mate or lay eggs. That’s were they survive well.

I’ve often wondered how best to use these wonderful creature in the home, assuming you know how to keep and maintain one. Now, don’t think I am a sadist or cruel. Flies and mosquitoes are often bringers of diseases and are not welcome to many homes. One can’t tell which one is clean and which one isn’t so don’t blame many people for wanting to get rid of them. I’m only helping nature do what it does naturally out in the wild. You can’t stop a lion from eating meat can you? For the same reason you can’t force feed a carnivorous plant with tofu either. For animal lovers, if you want to stop reading at this point you may do so.

One of the ideas that came to mind is growing them near the dustbin or garbage area of your home. In the tropics rubbish especially leftover food tend to rot very quickly. The smell itself is enough to attract flies and so provide a lot of food for your little monster (as well as helping you get rid of pesky flies). The other idea that I have is growing them on your kitchen or dining window sill where flies and other insect often enter to invade your home. Finally, on a hot, sunny day, just when you feel like having a nice picnic or barbecue somewhere, hundreds of flies or mosquitoes attack you or your food. Well, well, well this is the best time to bring out your carnivorous plant. Not only will it decorate your table nicely but it will also get to have a picnic with you. Guest will be highly fascinated at how these plants manage to evolve and become what they are today. A good conversation topic for parties.

 Links :
International Carnivorous Plant Society Homepage 
The Carnivorous Plant Society (CPS)
Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc

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28 September 2007

Plain Excuses why they are not Rich

How many time you heard a person or your friend say to you thing like “I don’t like to be rich, unless you want to be a crook or take advantage of people” or some thing similar. Most people fond of giving excuses to justify why they are no rich or want to be rich. Believe me, there are such people. The more you talk about getting rich to these people the more they bombarded you with unpleasant respond.

I have listed below some of the excuses I frequent heard throughout the years and would like to share it with you.

a) I am to busy to think about money.
b) I am not interested
c) I am not cut off to be a rich man.
d) I am not smart
e) I don’t have a good business knowledge
f) I don’t want to be a crook
g) I may not have time to spend with my family
h) I don’t like working hard
i) I am scared they will kidnap my children for ransom.
j) It involved too much work.
k) I do not want to con and take advantage of people for self-gain.
l) Money is the root of all evil.
m) I am waiting for the right time.
n) I am scared to do business
o) God does not allowed me to accumulate wealth
p) God doesn’t like rich people.
q) Health is more important than wealth.
r) Fear of failure
s) Fear of loosing money
t) I am not ready, too young to think about it now.
u) What wrong with being in the middle class.
v) I choose not to be rich
w) My friend say business is risky
x) It is all up to God. I leave everything in God hand.
y) People would dislike me.
z) I am not greedy.

The list of excuses can go on and on and there are no ending to it. People are good at making excuses when come to issue to do with becoming rich.

27 September 2007

Can You Make Money Via Blogging?

Yes, it is possible if you try hard enough. It isn’t easy though. More and more people making money through the internet and quite a number of them do make money via blogging i.e, and many more.

So how do you begin making money with your blog? well, I have listed few easy steps as follows:

a) Choose your topics wisely: You need to select a good topic that you are interested, knowledgeable and have the passion to write them on a daily basis. You need to provide fresh content as frequent as possible so that you will attract readers to keep coming back. I know it no so easy but if you try hard enough surely you will make it. It needs determination and practice as much as possible to be able to come up with good and quality content. Content is king.

b) Experiment like crazy: Experiment different ways of making money online. Most bloggers use google adsense into their sites as a way to make money. Google however have some restriction and this is important to remember; you are forbid to click your own ads; if you do your account with them will be revoked and they keep any money earned. Some may join affiliate programs such as to provide multiple stream of income.
I have listed below some of the companies that you might be willing to experiment which may bring some money into your bank account, I hope:

i) Auction Ads
ii) Adbrite
iii) Text Links ads
iv) Bidvertizer
v) The Affiliates Program
vi) Blogitive
vii) PayPerPost.
viii) Barnes and Noble Affiliates Program

If after putting up the ads and you do not get any click, consider moving the ads to different location. Be patience, it may take time to get result. Most importantly also experiment with different blends of colors for your ads. Some colors may not work well with your ads. If your link matches with the color of your site as if they are part of your site, the more likely the ads will be clicked.

c) Referring People: You can also make money by referring people into these programs( affiliate program, text link Ads..etc).

d) Promote your site: Sign up for Feedburner and get your latest articles displayed. You can also join the blog network such as blogcatalog and mybloglog to get more exposure and help promote your site.

e) Leave a comment: Visit other blog sites and leave a comment with your URL address. This will attract them to visit your site.

f) Getting traffic to your site: Now this is the hardest task. Most bloggers usually join as member and submit their site to blog directories such as technorati and blogcatalog to increase the traffic to their site.

Again, it is possible to make money but it takes time and you need to be determined enough to wait. So keep trying and don't ever quit unless you want to.

"Do your best to help your visitors out of genuine concern for their well-being, and they’ll help you build your traffic and even generate a nice income from it. It’s as simple as that" by Steve Pavlina

26 September 2007

Iceberg, Spielberg, Carlsberg..?

This is funny. A friend email to me this joke a month ago. Just want to share it to everyone. Hope you find it humorous.

One Chinese person walks into a bar in America late one night and sees Steven Spielberg. As he was a great fan of Spielbergs' movies, he rushes over to him, and asks for his autograph.
Instead, Spielberg gives him a slap and says:"You Chinese people bombed our Pearl Harbor, get out of here."
The astonished Chinese man replied "It was not the Chinese who bombed your Pearl Harbor, it was the Japanese".
"Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you're all the same," replied Spielberg.
In return, the Chinese gives Spielberg a slap and says "You sank the Titanic, my forefathers were on that ship.

"Shocked, Spielberg replies, "It was the iceberg that sank the ship, not me.

"The Chinese man replies, "Iceberg, Spielberg, Carlsberg, you're all the same."

23 September 2007

My Last Blog Post – John Chow

I’m a bit envy of John Chow, in fact lots of people do as well. But the truth is he is leaving for good, what I meant was, he is not doing it full time from now on, he leave it to his partner to do his job. Well isn’t it good to be able to retire soon and enjoy most of your life doing something you like most, for example, traveling around the world and that is exactly what john is doing now. Luck for him he has the choice to do so. Many of us are not as fortunate as john.

He did make a lot of money. Just before he retired, he managed to sell his other company, TTZ Media Inc. However, he did not disclose the sale price. I wonder Why? But he gives us a clue that the amount is huge.

One last advice for him was, he says learn from history and do not repeat the same mistake as he did before.

You can read the rest of the story from his site at : My Last Blog Post – John Chow

Make Money With Amazon Widgets.

I am quite sure all of you are familiar with the word “widget”. It has been around for quite sometime now and it gaining popularity among bloggers and online business that are keen of joining affiliate business or programs. There are many widgets available on the internet and one of them is Amazon Widgets that I am going to talk about in this articles. If you are new, don’t worry too much since widgets is just an application usually to promote products and it is simple to setup. At present, there are about seven option to choose from namely slideshow, wish list, product cloud, amazon unbox video preview, my favorites, search and quick linkers. The setup for these widgets is straightforward. Just follow the online step-by-step web interface and then copy the script into your website. The most interesting about these widgets is you get to configure the content by yourself. Meaning you can choose what to display. However, you need to be an Amazon associate in order to use these widgets. Once you are an Amazon affiliate, you can setup the widget straight away, which embedded your ID tracking number for commission purposes. As an example, I setup the above widget to display a collection of book about blogging. This one is called a slide show widget. Anyway try it for yourself and may be this is what you been looking for. Lastly, for those who want to make money with their Amazon Widget can do so by simply joining the Amazon Associates program at:

22 September 2007


Lincoln (Nebraska):
This is very strange and insane. A lawmaker in Nebraska filed a suit against GOD. A senator, named Ernie Chambers of Omaha filed a suit and blame god for making a terrorist threats against him and his constituents,inspired fear, caused widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the earth’s inhabitations. This is totally ridiculous. But this is what I read in a local newspaper today (News Strait Times, 22 September 2007).

Never in my life, have I read such news. May be because there are so many thing had happened lately that there must be some logic explanation or reasoning to the cause. In addition to the suit made against god, Ernie, a self proclaimed agnostic, is also seeking a permanent injunction against GOD.
However strange though it seems, God did respond to the suit via files miraculously appeared on the counter and signed by GOD. God responded by saying that “ I created man and woman with free will and next to the promise of immortal life, free will is my greatest gift to you and I’m immune from some earthly laws and that the court lacks jurisdiction over GOD. St.Micheal the archangel is listed as a witness.

I’m speechless,such a case involving GOD to be judged by human itself. Be logical, it doesn't make sense, are we dealing with mortal or immortal? This is GOD we are talking about. Are we insane? Surely this must be some kind of a joke just to get publicity or headline. What kind of sick joke is this? Whether you believe, disbelief, disagree, don't care, curious or whatever it is, read the full story at the following links below:


A simple app to turn off your Palm PDA

Do you find it difficult to switch off your Palm PDA when the hardware power button became faulty? I do. My PDA’s power button suddenly broke and I have to leave it on for a while until it switch off by itself. This is obviously not the solution, I think. To ease the problem, I scout the internet and found one particular application, it is a virtual power off switch. It is good enough for me, so far so good, it is simple to use, it work and most importantly it is a FREEWARE. Hence, I have no comment what so ever. Give it a try. No harm done.

OffpIt v1.5

Description of the application, extracted from the site:

This is a simple app to turn off the power.
Usage varies. But I use it to power off from another app.

It doesn't do much, so I offer it as freeware!
I guess the price beats its features!

Update Description:
v1.5 (01/11/02):
- This version for Palm devices only

You can download the application by clicking this link: OffpIt v1.5

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21 September 2007

The important of Self Discipline

What is self discipline? Why is it important to oneself? A simple definition of self discipline is the ability to take control of your mind, your habits and your emotions. We do not have the ability to control others or be a leader of others or even can not be success in anything if we lack in self discipline.

“Those who can command themselves, command others” by William Hazlitt.

Since self discipline can never be learned completely, it is something that must be practiced constantly; it only be come easier when practices.

A self discipline is to do with forcing yourself to do or not to do some thing. For example, I force my self to write this articles, I force myself to go to work, I force myself to read the book, I force my self to love her (just kidding, you can’t force someone to love you, can you?) and so on. If you constantly forcing yourself to do positive habits and consciously replacing negative habits with positive ones, you are practically on the way to developing your self discipline.

I recalled when I was studying years back in the 90’s; I came to know one businessman who runs a few nursing homes for the elderly. He was so successful in his business that he can afford to buy an auction hospital worth 10 million pounds. When I examine his lives, I found that he have the discipline necessary to do what it takes to get the job done and make him more successful in his business. He focus on his goals with an intensity that sweeps aside trivial things so he can concentrate on the situation at hand, and he stick with it until he succeed.

In other words, you have to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to get the job done. If you are not disciplined, you can’t do that. If you want to write an article but you watch TV instead (you can not do what you need to do), that’s not disciplines.

You must stay focus and devote most of your time to some thing that brings success in your life. I’m not saying you work all the time. What I meant was, manage your time properly and use self discipline to make the job done.

Self discipline is not a success principle that is learned and then saved until it is needed. It is a HABIT that is developed by constant use so you are prepared to take advantage of it when the right opportunity comes along.

“Self Discipline makes it possible to turn on more will power and keep on going when the road is hard and failure seems just around the corner” by Napoleon Hill.

19 September 2007

Do you like going to work?

Why am I asking this stupid question? Obviously, if not because of the money, almost everyone disliked going to work. Everyone wants a vacations, long holidays, resting, relaxing without thinking about going to work the next day or even better, no more work. But this is not quite possible since not everyone can be as lucky as some people.

Another question is how often you take off due to sickness? If you hate your job or not keen of working but you are force to work because of family obligation or commitment then you might end up feeling stressful (if you don’t know how to control your stress) and very soon your whole body failed and you eventually fall sick. I have a friend who is an employee and have been with the company for almost 15 years. He seldom talks about his job because he felt stressful all the time. He is on medical leave most of the time and since then often seeing doctor for counseling. I did try to help him but….

Below are the most frequent questions asked about the subject of work or JOB (Just Obey Boss):

a) Are you sick of working?
b) Do you stay at work longer than you have to?
c) Do you take loads of work home?
d) Do you go to work on public holiday?
e) Do you like your job?
f) Do you often skip your job?
g) You don’t mind doing extra work?
h) Are you a compulsive worker?
i) And the lists go on and on…..

What is work? What does it mean to you?

You might probably try to figure out some of these questions isn’t it? Well, how about taking the following non scientific quiz and get your work relationship rating. It may help you understand more about yourself in relation to your work or JOB.

1. What is your definition of work?
a) Physical or Mental effort
b) Making or doing something worthwhile
c) Torture

2. How do you relate to work?
a) I enjoy it.
b) I work day and night.
c) I do it.

3. What makes you work best?
a) Success.
b) Coffee or tea.
c) Money.

4. Is your work enjoyable?
a) Are you crazy?
b) It is when I’m productive.
c) It is in retrospect.

5. Do you work with computer?
a) I never tried one. It’s too much work.
b) I don’t work.
c) I’m in love with my computer.

6. What kind of work do you do?
a) Menial.
b) Enjoyable.
c) As little as possible.

7. What is your favorite time of the working day?
a) Early morning when my mind is fresh.
b) Lunch.
c) Coffee breaks and lunch.

8. What do you consider difficult work?
a) Scrubbing floors.
b) Selling something.
c) Getting a date.

9. Do you look forward to retiring?
a) I’ll work till I drop.
b) I’m counting the minutes.
c) I goof off at work; so I don’t have to retire.

10. What would you do if you didn’t have to work?
a) Lunch.
b) Play golf.
c) Find a hobby that made me really work.

To get your work relationship score, add up the following points for the answers you have chosen:

1. a(5) b(5) c(0)
2. a(5) b(0) c(3)
3. a(5) b(0) c(5)
4. a(0) b(5) c(3)
5. a(0) b(0) c(5)
6. a(0) b(5) c(0)
7. a(5) b(0) c(0)
8. a(5) b(5) c(0)
9. a(5) b(0) c(0)
10. a(0) b(2) c(5)

Score & Rating:

( 0 to 16 ) You’re lazy. But you did finish this quiz. Therefore you are not that lazy.

( 17 to 33 ) You do your work faithfully, you earn a living and you don’t complain too much.

( 34 to 50 ) You’re one of the LUCKY FEW who enjoys work. You are a workaholic.

Reference : How Do You Feel about Work? By Roz Ashley

16 September 2007

The Ingredients to Lead a Happy Life (upon retirement)

According to Azizi Ali author of the book Retire Rich, Based on his research and reading close to 700 books on the subjects of money as well as done a lot reading and research on happiness as well, he concluded that there are few ingredients if use correctly that may lead you to a happy life.

These are his finding:

a) Do what you like
b) Lets others do what you don’t like to do
c) Have enough money to do the above
d) Have a rising income
e) Have something useful to do
f) To Love someone
g) Have a Fit and Healthy Body
h) Have a positive self –esteem
i) Have a supportive friends

However, all the seven [except d) and h)]ingredients require MONEY. Therefore, he said “you can only retire happily if you have enough money to spend for the rest of your life”. It like we being govern by MONEY. Without MONEY life is not as interesting as it may seem especially upon retirement.

Retirement Office Hours

I was reading a book on "Retire Rich - New Strategies to Retire Rich and Happy in Malaysia by Azizi Ali" and I came across this picture frame. It about how you may spend your time on retirement.

14 September 2007

Back Packers Packing List:

While I was studying in London many years ago, I have the opportunity to travel to some neighbouring country such as France, Belgium and Holand. I noticed that you need to travel light in order to enjoy it without thinking much about anything else beside a good, clean, safe place to stay and most importantly getting a nice and good food to eat.

Well, as a student, obviously I do not have much money to spend and therefore have to really budget my expenses and get the most bargain both food and place to stay. I used to stay at the YMCA hostel. It is not that comfortable but it is good enough. What choices do I have? Anyway I choose to stay there so no comment.

Here is the Packing List for backpacker:

a)Earplugs – In a hostel environment, 5 to 6 people shares the dorm hostel, there’s a pretty good chance one or two of them snores. I can’t stand snoring. An ear plug is heaven sent when this happen (enough noise to wake the dead).

b)Post-It notes and a marker: Labeling your own food container you leave in the fridge. It also useful to leave notes to your room mates or just to remind you of important things that you should do or need to remember.

c)Slippers or Flip Flops: Basically this is to prevent you from getting feet fungus. I don’t know about you but I need this badly since the toilet is not that ……questionable surfaces.

d)Padlocks: Bring a few padlocks of different sizes for your locker and backpack just in case one of your roommates is searching for something lucrative to extend his trip. I not accusing anybody but would it be better to prevent than to feel sorry for yourself later.

e)Fast drying towel: Now this is the most important thing to me, since I sweat a lot, I have to bath frequently and if the towel is still damp, it not comfortable to use. Moreover packing a wet towel in your backpack is not smart as well. A small hand towel will also do the job provided you squeezed the excess water first.

f)Sleeping Sack: This is simply a sleeping bag made out of sheets. You can use an old queen size sheet, fold it in half and sew the edges. Some hostels do not allow conventional sleeping bags because bugs and ticks can penetrate the seams and when you unroll them onto your bunk indoor, they can become a health hazard.

g)Portable flashlight: I definitely do not want to be the one to turn on all the lights and wakes everyone up at 5am because I have to be at the bus stand to catch the coach or I Can’t find my toothbrush or whatever it is. Therefore bring a torch light.

For those of you (backpackers) planning to travel aboard, please visit or for more info regarding ratings and review from backpackers. It is good to check ahead to avoid unnecessary problem later.

50 Things that make me Happy:

Today I decide to share with you, 50 things that make me feel happy. There are more actually but I have short listed them so as not to use too much space. Therefore sit back and relax, here are the list in random order. As listed below, most of things that make me happy do not require money or much money. In fact there are lots of things that you can do to make you happy without involving money or much money.

1. Reading interesting articles.
2. Getting paid to do something .i.e. consultation.
3. Discussing about favorite and interesting topics.
4. Dreaming of getting rich and happy.
5. Getting great ideas.
6. My son
7. My wife
8. Staying at home and spending time with my family
9. Getting a new house
10. Getting advice from a financial guru i.e. Azizi Ali
11. Surfing the internet for info.
12. Seeing my staff getting appreciation from the management.
13. Sight Seeing
14. Public Holiday
15. Drinking Coffee “JANTAN” ( Male Coffee )
16. Buying good motivational book.
17. Taking Photos
18. Wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning.
19. Reading the newspaper
20. Eating good and delicious food.
21. God
22. Writing using my laptop
23. Staying healthy
24. Listening to good music
25. Playing my guitar
26. Walking in the park with my son and wife
27. Window shopping during weekend
28. Experimenting with electronic
29. Sitting down, relax while watching TV
30. Going back to visit my parent
31. Ghost Whisper
32. X-Files
33. Exchanging view with an intelligent people
34. Investing money
35. Saving Money
36. My Website
37. Going out to cinema with my family
38. Clean environment
39. Clean place to stay
40. Recovering from sickness
41. Cooking nice food for my wife and son
42. Browsing my family photos
43. Settle my debt
44. Getting low interest housing loan
45. Going to Church
46. Going back home from work
47. Playing games with my son
48. Quite and good sleep at night
49. Seeing my son growing up bright and happy
50. Knowing that life is short, so be happy.

13 September 2007

Traditional Backpack of Sabah

Another one of the photos I have captured during my last visit to Sabah (Formerly known as North Borneo, The 3rd largest island in the world). These are the traditional backpack (centre of the picture) made by natives of Sabah/North Borneo.

20ft Python

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 Segamat, Johor, The residents manage to catch a 20ft long python that hid itself in its pit. That is a very long python and surely, it can easily swallow a human.

12 September 2007

Smart Shopping

When ever the festive season come be it Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Gawai and so forth, all kinds of sales are flourishing in the supermarket, hypermarket, the mall you name it. Some time you may end up with a good buy or get cheated or perhaps spend more on the things you don’t really need if you’re not careful.

The worst is if you tend to have low sales resistance. Ask yourself how good or strong is your sales resistance? Do you feel guilty if you don’t buy anything, even if the sales girls are so nice and helpful to you?

For those who have a low or consider themselves having a low sales resistance to bargain or sales talk, don’t be worry. Follow the following tips and you will be fine, hopefully.

a)Always make a list of what you intend to buy and double check it. Skip the unnecessary and only focus on what you need.

b)Go home when your sales resistance is wearing thin. If you can’t find what you are looking for (the right quality and price) after getting in and out of shops, please go straight home.

c)Don’t shop when you are feeling bored. You are likely to end up with impulse buys.

d)Always research prices and quality before you decide to buy.

e)Never shop with rich friends or young children who may be demanding.

f)Always leave your credit card at home if you are in habit of over spending.

g)Never take more money with you than you want to spend.

h)Always check the cash register and receipts to make sure you are not over charged.

i)Never go shopping for food on an empty stomach.

j)Always avoid shopping at shops which are more expensive.

k)Never spurn a shop’s own brand; they may be cheaper than branded goods. However check it quality whether it is acceptable to you.

l)Always compare food costs in terms of cost per unit of weight, measure or serving rather than per pack or tin (bring with you a calculator and use it when necessary).

m)Always check the bottom shelves in supermarkets in case those goods have not been marked up.

n)Always take advantage of special offers and seasonal bargains if you can.

o)Never buy day time clothes in artificial light.

p)Never buy to compete with friends and neighbours. Buy only what you need.

q)Beware of sales gimmicks. Some sales are not genuine.

Happy shopping and good luck.

Reference : The money book : CAP Guide

Four advantages of an Online Affiliate Site

One way of making money in your website is by joining an affiliate programs or sometimes called associate programs. Usually the affiliate will handle all the transaction and delivery mechanism. All you need to do is find an appropriate product that matches the content of your website, make a link and when they sell, you collect the commission.

Starting an affiliate site is simple and anybody with a website can join an affiliate programs.

The advantages of having an affiliate programs are as follows.

a)Operates 24 hours a day: While you are out, go to the movie, resting, sleeping, your website is up and running and anybody can purchase the products that you are affiliating with 24 hours a day. That means you can make money all the time. Of course it not going to be that easy, first you need to do a bit of marketing i.e. presale.

b)Global customer: The product that you are promoting can be viewed around the world. Unlike a conventional shop, where you have limited customer, the WWW enable your site to reach global customer.

c)Risk Free: Compare to conventional shop which requires a lot of money to operate, affiliate site does not need a lot of money to run. In fact once you have a website up and running, you can immediately setup and run an affiliate store. No headache, No financial Obligation, No inventory to stock. Let say, if you fail to sell the product, you lose only you time. You still have most of your money in the bank.

d)No paperwork: Paperwork is not easy to manage; everyone who has run a traditional business knows how troublesome it is to handle paperwork. Running an affiliate program doesn’t need paperwork. In fact all the paperwork is done electronically; you never deal with any of it. However, there is one kind of paperwork that you must deal with, guess what, a check made payable to your name. I’m sure you don’t mind handling this paper work, do you?

The Best Blogs About Making Money Online

I was browsing the internet and doing some searching through google and came across a website that rank the sites that make money online.
The site named as . The site is specifically designed to organize and feature the best blogs on the internet that discuss about making money online.

You can visit their site to know who is making money online and getting the freshest tips and techniques for making that money.

08 September 2007

Three Golden Rules

You might be thinking that this is rubbish and totally impractical. But think again as the following rules might help improve your financial health and the best thing is you can do it without receiving a single dollar more in your income.

Why is it that most people regardless of income level can never seem to have enough money to save or keep enough money for their retirement? The most frequent answer is they not earning enough.


There are doctors, engineers, lawyers, high post government officer earning thousands of dollars in income but never seem to have any money. Obviously it is not an income problem. The problem is what they do with their income. You need to know how to manage your money properly ( one way of doing this is by spending less ).

Yes, it is possible to improve your financial position without having to work an extra hour or earn an extra dollar, simply by better managing what you have now.

Below are the golden rules to making money by spending less:

a) Pay off your debt as quickly as you can.
b) Live economically, focusing on gaining greater value out of each dollar spent.
c) Save up an emergency nest egg.

"An inability to save is usually due to bad spending habits"

Hot or Not

I happen to get this from someone blog. The site is quite interesting. There you can rate a person, meet a person and a short story how the site got started by two guys named jim and james. Their site ( was among the 100 most creative people in entertainment, won a People’s Voice Award at the Webby's, and showed the site off on the Sally Jessy Raphael show. If you want to make your own hotlist as above, click the above link " Want one? get your own hotlist! Click here! "

Happiness and Money?

Is happiness something to do with money? Is money contribute to happiness? Most people believe that it can be either money or happiness. You cannot choose or have both.

I’m clueless why or how this came to be. Often people will asked “ which one would you choose? Happiness or Money? My answer to the question is I have both, I do not need to choose.

Most people raise such question to trying to see where your values are. If you happen to choose money, be prepare for the worst, because now you are branded as a greedy money minded troll or who only think that money is everything and start associating you with the devil.

Money and happines have different meaning and there are both definitely different. Most importantly, however, you actually have the choice either to choose one, both or neither.

For example here are the choices:

a) You can choose to be rich and happy or
b) You can choose to be rich and not happy or
c) You can choose to be poor and happy or
d) You can be both poor and not happy.

To me only the first choice makes real sense. If you choose either b), c), d) or all of them then you must be crazy or out of your mind. The worst is if you choose the last option, d).

If your current position is at b), c) and d), there is still hope. You are not doomed and logically speaking, you do not need to be at b), c) and d) at all. You have the power to choose and rectify your current situation. I have been broke before and the experience to be there is horrible and miserable (most of the time).

Therefore if someone tell you that having no money is a guarantee of happiness is insane and may be he had smoked too much peace pipe. If anyone still believe otherwise, then he is welcome to try it. To prove my point, give me all his money or worldly possessions and see if he can stay happy for long. I bet you , very few will take up on this offer.

Having money does make one a lot happier. Happines and money are inter related. They are both important to make us happier. So why choose when you can have both?

Let People Know of new content

for tracking pages without RSS feeds...

If you are constantly adding fresh content to your websites, how do you let people know it ‘s there. There are many ways to do it apart from sending notification in your email newsletter. But i found out recently that there’s a way, much simpler way. Its is called Change Detect and can be downloaded at . It’s free to users.

It is simple to use. The users just enter their email address, then visit the site they want to monitor for changes. Then they specify what the service should watch. Once done, the user can be informed of any changes via their email.

Whenever there’s a change detected, an email alert is send out with a link back to the page that’s monitored.

04 September 2007

Gaya Street

I was back to my home town recently, a place known as Sabah. Sabah sits at the top of Borneo, The World’s Third Largest Island. Its coastline of 1,440km. Anyway you can find more info of sabah by visiting Sabah Tourism Board . What I want to show you is this particular picture I took while I was there. I visited a place called “Gaya Street” similar to street or open market. It is a place where you find almost anything from foods, fish, clothes, you name it. This picture show you quite a number of antiques ranging from musical instrument, vase, coins, traditional charcoal iron and so on. Most of these items originated from Sabah.

02 September 2007

How do you know when you have taken too much debt?

Having debt is ok as long as you can manage it and able to settle it without jeopardizing your current financial situation and most importantly make sure you are not going to go broke by being in debt. In this article I want to share my view on the subject of debt and what are the indication if someone has been taking too much debt or otherwise. Here are the indications:

a) Missing the payments: whether in paying the bills or debt or mortgage...
b) Unable to pay the agreed amount or paying less than the agreed amount.
c) Paying the minimum due as in case of credit card or similar.
d) Maximizing your credit limit on the credit card.
e) The need to borrow more money to settle the old debt commitments.
f) Not able to handle a minor financial emergencies
g) Trying to avoid calls from creditors.
h) You are confused and always wondering how on earth you are going to get out of this mess (too much debt).

If the above more or less reflect your current financial then you better get some expert advice fast or start figuring out how to manage your current situation before it too late.

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