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08 September 2007

Happiness and Money?

Is happiness something to do with money? Is money contribute to happiness? Most people believe that it can be either money or happiness. You cannot choose or have both.

I’m clueless why or how this came to be. Often people will asked “ which one would you choose? Happiness or Money? My answer to the question is I have both, I do not need to choose.

Most people raise such question to trying to see where your values are. If you happen to choose money, be prepare for the worst, because now you are branded as a greedy money minded troll or who only think that money is everything and start associating you with the devil.

Money and happines have different meaning and there are both definitely different. Most importantly, however, you actually have the choice either to choose one, both or neither.

For example here are the choices:

a) You can choose to be rich and happy or
b) You can choose to be rich and not happy or
c) You can choose to be poor and happy or
d) You can be both poor and not happy.

To me only the first choice makes real sense. If you choose either b), c), d) or all of them then you must be crazy or out of your mind. The worst is if you choose the last option, d).

If your current position is at b), c) and d), there is still hope. You are not doomed and logically speaking, you do not need to be at b), c) and d) at all. You have the power to choose and rectify your current situation. I have been broke before and the experience to be there is horrible and miserable (most of the time).

Therefore if someone tell you that having no money is a guarantee of happiness is insane and may be he had smoked too much peace pipe. If anyone still believe otherwise, then he is welcome to try it. To prove my point, give me all his money or worldly possessions and see if he can stay happy for long. I bet you , very few will take up on this offer.

Having money does make one a lot happier. Happines and money are inter related. They are both important to make us happier. So why choose when you can have both?

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