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12 September 2007

Four advantages of an Online Affiliate Site

One way of making money in your website is by joining an affiliate programs or sometimes called associate programs. Usually the affiliate will handle all the transaction and delivery mechanism. All you need to do is find an appropriate product that matches the content of your website, make a link and when they sell, you collect the commission.

Starting an affiliate site is simple and anybody with a website can join an affiliate programs.

The advantages of having an affiliate programs are as follows.

a)Operates 24 hours a day: While you are out, go to the movie, resting, sleeping, your website is up and running and anybody can purchase the products that you are affiliating with 24 hours a day. That means you can make money all the time. Of course it not going to be that easy, first you need to do a bit of marketing i.e. presale.

b)Global customer: The product that you are promoting can be viewed around the world. Unlike a conventional shop, where you have limited customer, the WWW enable your site to reach global customer.

c)Risk Free: Compare to conventional shop which requires a lot of money to operate, affiliate site does not need a lot of money to run. In fact once you have a website up and running, you can immediately setup and run an affiliate store. No headache, No financial Obligation, No inventory to stock. Let say, if you fail to sell the product, you lose only you time. You still have most of your money in the bank.

d)No paperwork: Paperwork is not easy to manage; everyone who has run a traditional business knows how troublesome it is to handle paperwork. Running an affiliate program doesn’t need paperwork. In fact all the paperwork is done electronically; you never deal with any of it. However, there is one kind of paperwork that you must deal with, guess what, a check made payable to your name. I’m sure you don’t mind handling this paper work, do you?

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