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31 July 2007

Umbrella That Forecasts Rain

NEW YORK (Reuters)
An American company named Ambient Devices has successfully developed an umbrella, which can predict when it’s going to rain. The company specializing in integrating internet information into everyday product devised the umbrella by installing a radio receiver built in its handle. The radio receiver receives weather data for 150 U.S locations from forecasting site via a proprietary wireless network. The umbrella alerts the user of the forecast received by lightening up the handle of the umbrella. In addition, the handle also vibrates to indicate the condition of the weather. For example, a soft, intermittent pulse means you can expect light rain while a very rapid, intense pattern signals thunderstorms ahead.
"You can put this umbrella by the door, in an umbrella stand, and on your way out it'll be telling you if this is the day when you are going to need an umbrella," Prince told Reuters.

However, apart from running on battery, the users are required to activate the unit via customer service phone line. The umbrella is priced at USD$140 and goes on sale this week.
More info at Company devises umbrella that forecasts rain
What do you think of this product? Is it worth spending USD$140 for an umbrella with built in weather forecast receiver? What will they devise next? A pen that tells you it times to take a break or a credit card that warn you of your credit limit. Perhaps a spectacles that tells you need more light.

Can You Create Wealth From Home?

I was reading an articles by Steve Gillman entitle “Can You Create Wealth From Home?”. (visit the author site for more info at :
He suggested a few ways to enable someone to create wealth from home. His suggestion is as follows:
a) Turn a hobby into a business
b) Be an expert investor
c) Become a copy writer
d) Sell your house to create wealth
e) Rent a room
f) Write an E-Book
g) Start saving money
Having read his suggestion, to really start earning money and create wealth is not as simple as it may seem. It takes time, money (it a must), effort, skills, knowledge, believe in yourself, confident, mindset and many more.
For the sake of discussion, let say we are interested to start a business to sell handicraft via online for example.
Before you begin, you need to know few important things that you are going to be using to help setup your online business.

a) Products: You have to identify the product you intended to sell online. List and categorize them accordingly.

b) Where to get the supply: You need to know where to locate the relevant supplier of your product. The supplier must be reliable and ready to supply you the product as when needed.

c) Learn the Internet technology: you must have a considerable knowledge the mechanism of the internet. However, you may not need to learn everything but sufficient for you to understand how it works. You can hire or ask someone to help you with the website.

d) Open up an e-payment account such as paypal. This will enable you to setup an e-payment facility on your website. Client can made payment directly into your paypal account. (

e) Choose a hosting company to host your website.

f) Choose a domain name for your website.

g) Think of an easy way to pack the item and be ready for shipment. It should be simple enough to handle and does not require many workers.

h) Market your site: You should advertise your site. There are so many advertisement sites on the net. So choose carefully. I recommend you use the google adwords.

i) Manage your site consistently. Update any new product. Write a short articles related to your product or site. You also should always reply any enquire via email. Not replying email is bad for your company reputation.

Another good source of information on starting an online business is by reading a book written by
He has many ideas where you can make your journey to the world of online business a successful quest. For malaysian client, you can buy a copy of his book at MPH for RM29.90. (Notice: I'm not affiliate with any book store especially MPH).

Finally yet importantly, you will need a good computer and an internet connection with your local ISP.

the best online photo management and sharing application in the world

The other day, I was searching the net to look for a place to store all my photos, which I have, capture using my camera phone. While searching the net, I accidentally come across with this wonderful site call “Flickr”. It is a site where you can upload your personal photos or any photos for the public to access or you can configure the system to limit only to certain individual.
I am a registered user of Flickr by the way. I have uploaded a few photos to test how user friendly is the Flickr. To my amaze, it is damn easy. Believe me, try it yourself.

If you have a cameraphone AND a blog, you can post directly to your blog from your phone in one easy step or use your PDA if you wish. Flickr also allows you to upload your photos directly into your blog. On top of that, you can browse the site for great photos from people around the world.
Whatever it is, it worth a visit to their site at

Better still, go to their site entitle " How To Get The Most Out of Flickr " to get more info to fully utilize the capability of Flickr.

What is your problem?

A friend of mine sent an email recently. After going through a series of questionaire, I'm getting totally different answer. See it for yourself. Go through the question, analyze, and compare it with your answer. It fascinating how our mind perceives as such that it gives a different point of view.

Let us go through the questionaire:

A first-grade teacher, Ms Anna (Age 22 ) was having trouble with one of her students.

The teacher asked the boy, 'what is your problem?'

The boy answered, 'I'm too smart for the first-grade. My sister is in the third-grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the third-grade too!'

Ms Anna had enough. She took the boy to the principal's office. While the boy waited at the reception of the office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was.

The principal told Ms Anna he would give the boy a test and if he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the first-grade and behave.

The boy was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test.

Principal: 'What is 3 x 3?'
Boy: '9'.

Principal: 'What is 6 x 6?'
Boy: '36'.

So it went with every question the principal thought a third-grade should know. The principal looks at Ms Anna and tells her, 'I think Boy can go to the third-grade. '

Ms Anna says to the principal, 'I have some of my own questions, can I ask him?' The principal and Boy both agree.

Ms Anna asks, 'What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?

Boy: after a moment 'Legs.'

Ms Anna: 'What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?'

Boy: 'Pockets.'

Ms Anna: 'What starts with a C and ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid'?

Boy: 'Coconut'

Ms Anna: 'What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky'?
The principal's eyes open really wide and before he could stop the answer, the boy was taking charge.
Boy: 'Bubblegum'

Ms Anna: 'What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and a dog does on three legs'?
The principal's eyes open really wide again and before he could stop the answer...
Boy: 'Shake hands'

Ms Anna: 'Now, I will ask some who am I sort of questions, okay'?
Boy: 'Yep.'

Ms Anna: 'You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do.'
Boy: 'A tent'

Ms Anna: A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first.
The Principal was looking restless and a bit tense. He took one large Vodka peg.
Boy: 'Wedding Ring'

Ms Anna: I come in many sizes. When I'm not well, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good.
Boy: Nose

Ms Anna: I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver.
Boy: Arrow

Ms Anna: What word starts with a 'F' and ends in 'K' that means lot of heat and excitement?
Boy: Firetruck

Ms Anna: What word starts with a 'F' and ends in 'K' & if you don't get it you have to use your hand.
Boy: Fork

Ms Anna: What is it that all men have one of. It's longer on some men than on others, the pope does not use his, and a man gives it to his wife after they are married?
Boy: Surname

Ms Anna: What part of the man has no bones but has muscles, lots of veins and loves pumping?
Boy: 'Heart'

The principal breathed a sigh of relief and said to the teacher. 'Send this boy to Stanford University; I got all the questions wrong'.

There you are. What were you thinking actually? It quite deceiving isn't it.

30 July 2007

Rainy Day

Kuala Lumpur - Bandar Sunway , Friday, 27 July 2007

It was raining heavily the other day when I was on my way home from work. I normally use the KTM commuter daily. The weather was cold and I was stranded at the KTM Station. The service was delayed due to heavy rain. While waiting for the next train to come, I manage to grab a few photos showing the heavy traffic next to the station. The pictures were taken using a simple phone camera (VGA quality).

The middle picture shows the KTM station near to my apartment. This is the place where I get down from the train and walk across the railway track. The overhead bridge is not yet ready and so many are still using the walkway below the bridge as their main route to the KTM station. It is risky but there is no other way.

Companies sued YouTube

New York, Saturday, July 28, 2007

YouTube, owned by Google Inc was being sued by Viacom International Inc. and England's top soccer league and an indie music publisher — The Football Association Premier League Ltd. and publisher Bourne Co.
Viacom sought $1 billion in damages for what it said was unauthorized viewing of programs from MTV, Comedy Central and other networks, such as "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." In their lawsuit, the soccer league and indie music publisher sought unspecified damages and any profits YouTube made as a result of the sharing of copyrighted videos.
Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., a lawyer for Viacom, said it would take the next year to identify the extent of infringement that continues happening on "a very massive scale."
To overcome future incident, YouTube is currently working on a video recognition technology that allows those holding copyrights on video to provide a digital fingerprint, so that if anyone tries to share a copyrighted video, the system will shut it down within a minute or so. Google believes that the new technology goes way beyond what the law requires to stop copyright infringement software and therefore will help eliminate such dispute in the future.
My friend, one billion is hell a lot of money. That how copyrights law is. Most of the time we are unaware that such matter relating to copyrights would harm us in someway or another. No one is aware that YouTube is infringement of video copyrights until someone come up and say, “Hey, you violating the copyrights acts, I will sue you for damages”. Just imagine if Google has not brought over YouTube. My guess is the owner and founder of YouTube will be cooked and fried if they are convicted and asked to pay the lawsuit.
Have you ever thought that you might infringe copyrights acts in someway or another? What about all those MP3 songs you download into your cellphone, CD, HD, tapes and many more. Have you ever consider that it might be an illegal copy? For now, it may be safe to ignore it but sooner or later the time will come and you better be prepare to face the consequences.
Full info can be found at: Foxnews

29 July 2007

FREE copy of Entrepreneur Magazine's I Hate My Website! 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website, Plus 9 Things Never to do.

Just to share with all of you, I was browsing the online entrepreneur site when I came across this Free magazine and I guess it worth while downloading it.

Please use the following link to go direct to the download pages of the site

Download Your E-Book Now

EBay Millionaires

Every now and then a millionaire is constantly created either accidentally or purposely or perhaps destines to be millionaire by nature. What ever the reasons is no so important but how they do it is one thing all of us are eager to know isn’t it? Do I hear somebody say no? I guess not. I for a reasons always and will always want to know the way to making a lot of cash legally of course.

Opportunity strikes all the time and as a matter of fact every second of the day. It a matter of whether you want to take it or not is depends on yourself. Sadly most of us willing to opted not to and later on feels regret and frustrated. However there are those willing to take risk and just do it without looking at the eventual risk that may result in the end. In others word they just do it blindly. It is important and a must have the proper knowledge in what ever your want to venture before you decide to go for it. An excuse for not having the necessary skill and knowledge is not in favor.

All of you are familiar with eBay (an auction site). There even plenty of reference concerning eBay. Be it books, tapes, all sort of media, you name it. In fact we are exhausted of seeing so many of this information on eBay.

Having said that, let us look into some of the business that actually being run on the eBay and does really make someone plenty of money. I manage to extract some information in regards to these subject that we are looking into from the The magazine manages to interview eight of these millionaire and their secrets are as follows:

a) David Wirtenberg, 28
Outrageous Auctions

eBay User ID: outrageousauctions
Location: New York City
Projected 2006 Sales: $8 million to $10 million
Description: Engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry

Secret to Success: ''Most of my diamond auctions start at 99 cents. Sometimes I lose money; sometimes I make money. Whatever makes the customer happy, I do.''

b) Eran Dekel, 28
DeCalo Fashion

eBay User ID: decalofashion
Location: Mineola, New York
Projected 2006 Sales: More than $2 million
Description: Luxury designer menswear at 40 to 80 percent below retail prices

Secret to Success: ''The problem-solving and analytical capabilities I learned in college [as an engineering major] really prepared me for this type of business. You have to perform both quantitative and qualitative reasoning in determining what products to sell, and [you need to know] how to think outside the box when it comes to completing transactions.''

c) Amy Mayer & Ellen Navarro, both 25
Express Drop

eBay User ID: expressdropchicago
Location: Chicago
Projected 2006 Sales: More than $1.4 million
Description: An eBay drop-off store that sells on consignment for individuals and high-end retailers

Secret to Success:''We don't just wait for clients to come to us. We see every single [entity] as a potential client, from the grandma on the street to Nordstrom.''--Ellen Navarro

d) Chris & Lisa Rush, 30 & 26

eBay User ID: hifisoundconnection
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Projected 2006 Sales: $8 million
Description: Audio and stereo equipment for use at home and in motor vehicles

Secret to Success: ''My demographic is 15- to 25-year-olds, and they are really impatient. We have to cater to people who click on things and make instant purchases. That generation doesn't want to wait. The biggest motivator for us is providing them with good service.''--Chris Rush

e) Dan Glasure, 31
Dan's Train Depot

eBay User ID: dans.train.depot
Location: Ocala, Florida
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.5 million
Description: Model trains and train accessories

Secret to Success: ''Our secret has been three-fold: Always trying to get better, always willing to learn new things, and giving the best customer service possible. Also it helps to find a niche, something that you have a knowledge and passion for. For me, it was toy trains! And finding good help is very important to growing your business. Even if you think you can, you cannot do everything yourself.''

f) Mordy Eisenberg, 30
GSM Cellular

eBay User ID: gsm-store
Location: Airmont, New York
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.5 million to $3 million
Description: Computer equipment and accessories for cell phones, iPods and digital cameras

Secret to Success: ''eBay is a giant market, and a lot of the rules for buying and selling in the stock market apply, [like] not flooding the market and not showing your hand.''

g) Tiffany Tanaka, 24

eBay User ID: wesellthings4u
Location: Honolulu
Projected 2006 Sales: $2.7 million
Description: An eBay drop-off store that sells a wide variety of items on consignment

Secret to Success: ''Many of our customers are older people who want us to sell things for them. But a lot of people are younger than me, and we're just saving time for them. I don't feel many people want to sell on eBay on their own.''

Being successful in what ever you do is perhaps the most rewarding moment in a person life and to some people they consider it priceless. My question to you, have you ever expected that one day you might join them, be a millionaire yourself or perhaps to some of us we are not born to be millionaire. What ever the reasons are only you yourself know and able to judge.

Lincoln : Phone Using images to search the internet

Ever imagine searching for information on your cell phone by typing keywords turn out to be cumbersome and frustrating. Hang on there’s good news coming up, a researchers at Microsoft have developed a software prototype called Lincoln that they hope will make Web searches easier.

According to Larry Zitnick, a Microsoft researcher who works on the project, phones equipped with the software could, for example, access online movie reviews by snapping pictures of movie posters or DVD covers and get product information from pictures of advertisements in magazines or on buses.

"The main thing we want to do is connect real-world objects with the Web using pictures," says Zitnick. "[Lincoln] is a way of finding information on the Web using images instead of keywords."

The software works by matching pictures taken on phones with pretagged pictures in a database. It provides the best results when the pictures are of two-dimensional objects, such as magazine ads or DVD covers, Zitnick says.

Lincoln is part of a trend to link the physical world with information on the Web, often with the help of cell-phone cameras. Nokia researchers are developing software and hardware that automatically hyperlinks buildings, storefronts, and certain people via a cell-phone camera.

According to Zitnick, there are two elements that distinguish his technology from others. First is the fact that anyone can contribute images, links, and comments to the database. The second element is the type of image-recognition system that Microsoft researchers have developed, which Zitnick believes will be able to search through millions of images quickly.

At the heart of the image-recognition engine is an algorithm that analyzes a picture and creates a signature that describes the picture succinctly, using a small amount of data.

The technology no doubt is incredible but as with all technology it has it pro and con. No technology is totally excellent and can fore go all the disadvantages it might have. But than again, who’s complaining. Technology is better than not having technology at all. Can you imagine living with out a hand phone? It’s like walking without a shoe or underwear (just joking). It’s true isn’t it? Common you know better.

I was always fascinated with all the technology the brainy come up with but some time I got piss off as well as it introduced all sort of problem i.e. radiation for example. Have you ever notice or give a thought that at this very moment an electromagnetic field is already radiate from the entire gadget such as hand phones, electronic appliances to name a few, surrounding our well being and actually harm our body cells without us realizing it. No body is complaining huh? Maybe it not so important since us all dies sooner or later due to age. But what about if we die due to harmful, bodily harm, haphazard radiation? Do we have to endure the suffering of so called cancer? I’m not against technology but all these manufacturers think is making money but neglect the safety concerning health.

Please visit :

Real Life Size Insect Robotic

Recently, at Harvard University, a professor named Dr.Robert Wood creates a life size insect like robotic flying machine modeled of a real fly. It only weight 60 milligrams and with a wing span of three centimeters. The researchers say that this small flying machine can one day be used for spies or for detecting harmful chemicals. Whatever it intended to use it for, I’m very impressed and look forward to the day.

"Nature makes the world's best fliers," says Robert Wood, leader of Harvard's robotic-fly project and a professor at the university's school of engineering and applied sciences.

The project is funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research. The research objective is to come up with a stealth surveillance robots intended for the battlefield and urban environments. The robot's small size and fly-like appearance are critical to such missions. "You probably wouldn't notice a fly in the room, but you certainly would notice a hawk," Wood says.

However the researcher find difficulty with the present manufacturing especially when come to creating an efficient movement in a robot roughly the size of the real insect since it couldn’t make sturdy, lightweight parts.

For now, the researcher are using their own fabrication process i.e. using laser micromachining to cut sheets of carbon fiber to create functional parts for the tiny life size insect robot. Some extremely small parts can be made using the processes for creating micro-electromechanical systems.

The motors, bearings, and joints typically used for large-scale robots wouldn't work for something the size of a fly. "Simply scaling down existing macro-scale techniques will not come close to the performance that we need," Wood says.

After more than seven years of work studying flight dynamics and improving various parts, Wood's fly finally took off this spring. "When I got the fly to take off, I was literally jumping up and down in the lab," he says.

Still, Wood is proud to have reached a major project milestone: flight. "It's quite a major thing," he says. "A lot of people thought it would never be able to take off."

This is to me a great achievement done so far in the field of robotic. The recent news on robotic I read recently was the isobot, the world smallest full functioning robotic design by TOMY Corporation, Japan.

I wonder what would be next apart from creating a replica of real size insect. What about a real size bird or animal for example a cow, donkey or monkey. Would you agree? Just kidding.

To get more info please visit: or Robert Wood.

The Good Old Palm Tungsten |E

Product Requirements:
PC running Windows 98/2000/ME/XP (Windows 2000 and XP require admin rights to install)
or Mac OS 9.1 or higher/Mac OS X, v10.1.2 to v10.2.6 (Mac OS X requires admin rights to install)

Just to give you a brief overview of the Palm Tungsten E. Palm has come out with the latest model of the same model: Tungsten E2. However I won’t discuss about the new Tungsten E2.

Basically the old Tungsten E is a great device. For those who has never own one before I recommend you try tungsten E2 since tungsten E is no longer in production. To me Tungsten E is more than a basic PDA. The price of an old Tungsten E is roughly about USD$99.99 to USD$108.88. The device is still on sale though at some online shopping site.

First let go through the specification of the Tungsten E.

Hardware Specs:

Processor: 126MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 311 ARM Processor
Operating System: Palm OS software version v.5.2.1
Memory: Total 32 MB (28.6 MB available)
Display: TFT color display with backlight, 320 x 320, 65,000 colors
Interface: USB (for HotSync® operation), Infrared
Dimensions and Weight: 4.5 x 3.1 x 0.5in, 4.6 oz. (including stylus)
Power: 240VAC, 50Hz
Battery: 840mHa Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery (internal - non user removable)
Expansion: SD card slot (Secure Digital), supports MMC and SDIO cards

The device is normally sold in a special package house in a plastic see thru packaging. The items include in package are as follows: handheld itself, USB HotSync cable, AC adapter, Brown leather casing, one extra stylus, installation CD-ROM, and instruction manuals.

The company has a good marketing strategy by introducing the plastic see thru packaging. It allows someone to immediately see the device and able to judging it physical appearance whether it suits a person taste or other wise. That to me is clever and I myself got hook straight away when I first hold the device and didn’t think twice to finally decide to buy it. I owned one myself and still using it until today. It’s a robust device. I happen to drop it once but not intentionally, it still works after I picked it up. Everything works as usual.
The device is especially design to suit a business person with it slim shape and light weight (not so light weight), but it is much slimmer compare to Zire 71. It’s very comfortable to hold and ease of use. It’s a solid device (it passed the Gadgeteer Creak Test with flying colors). The body looks like it all made of chrome steel but when I look closely is actually partly plastic. It’s not 100% chrome steel.

It still used the standard 5 way navigation pad layout and I really like the feel of the application buttons. The buttons are flat, robust and square and very practical. The response is quite smooth and fast when you use the 5 way navigation pad even though sometime it does kind of slows in respond especially the down direction. Never the less I still feel comfortable with it key pad (my honest opinion).

The PDA has a thin slit at the left side to accommodate a plastic or leather flip cover. However the one I bought has none of these flip cover (it has a brown leather casing instead).

As usual the reset switch is located on the back of the PDA, along with the speaker holes. The speaker on the TE is fine and rather small and not as loud as compare to other PDA. At the top of the PDA has the power Button. Now this is my utmost dissatisfaction of the PDA. The reset button is to me ridiculous and stupid. It is small and in responsive. You had a hard time to switch off and on the PDA because of this lousy button. Another one is the IR port. The IR port is very poor in response. You actually need to try a few times to be able to beam or receive data from other PDA and most of the time always fail. This is very frustrating.

Apart from that the rest is ok and acceptable. The PDA is equipped with few useful applications such as the document to go, Photos viewer, Realone player, games.

But before I forgot, the PDA does not have a universal connector accept a standard USB to communicate between PC and the PDA.

But the most outstanding features about this PDA are it display. The display is fantastic. It is bright and crisp and has vivid colors.

I won’t discuss further with the included software bundle for now.

Another feature that attracted me is the slot for SD memory card. You can use up to 1G SD Card with ease.

The Tungsten E comes with a very nice software bundle as follows:

Adobe Reader – PDF file viewer.

Palm Reader – My favorite e-book reader!

Phone Link, Dialer, and SMS – Mobile phone apps.

VersaMail – Latest version allows you to view Word and Excel attachments (up to 5mb in size).

Handmark's PDA Money, MobileDB and Magic Dogs card game.

Kinoma – Video player.

Photos – Slideshow application.

RealOne – Basic MP3 player.

Documents-to-Go – Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewer and editor that can read and write native files.

powerOne Calculator – Installs on first HotSync and takes the place of the built-in calculator.

Kinoma Producer – Desktop application that allows you to convert your favorite home movies and animated videos - MPEG-1, QuickTime, AVI.

Overall, my personal view on the Tungsten E is good value for money. It is a perfect PDA for those who want to upgrade their old PDA. Even though it does not have all the latest features such as blue tooth, camera, Voice recorder just to name a few, it is still worth having considering the price is affordable and it’s features is not as bad as you might think and on top of that it comes with a software bundle as well. That is more than generous and who know may be you decide to buy one for yourself.

22 July 2007

Make money by proofreading and copy editing

Studies show that when people learn to copyedit and proofread their own work, they improve their style, eliminate writing weaknesses, and catch more of their own errors. They will learn how to carefully check and edit writing, their own or other's. They become more careful in using accurate punctuation and vocabulary and tend to improve their spelling, avoiding common mistakes, and increasing speed and efficiency.

However these skills need to be learnt properly and sometime it may takes a while before you can really master the technique. But the reward is worthy since the skills can be use to earn money by being a freelance proofreader or use the skills to setup up a lucrative business. As example, Suzanne Gilad (Brooklyn, NY) has proofread or copyedited over 1,200 titles for more than 20 prominent publishing imprints. She is President of and frequently presents editing seminars around the world.

May be you can offer all the bloggers out there for your service to proofread their content before publishing in on the net. The skills earned are to me very useful and it almost required in many aspect. Be it magazine, articles, essays, book, novel, web site, corporate documents, newspaper and the list go on.

And if you are really good it can make yourself indispensable to writers, editors, and even your boss. As a proofreader you have the ability to balance between style and rules, master the art of the query, and efficiently use proofreader symbols. Also you can edit and proof electronic documents and most importantly is you have the opportunity to build a solid freelancing career.

There are plenty of college and university where you can learn the art of proofreading. Some of these colleges offer short courses, certificates and diploma which you can complete in few months time or even years. But if you want to learn fast without the need to attend any courses, I recommend reading the “proof reading and copy editing for dummies”.

Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles

These images were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple which is located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau, at Abydos. more images and articles can be found at the author website at:

I always wonder if there is really a flying saucer or alien spacecraft. Are these spacecraft real as claimed by many people through out the world or it is just a legend or myth which is yet to be proven scientifically. As I can remember, I have read an article in the local newspaper sometime years ago about an ancient Indian and Egyptian spacecraft.

I recalled my father and mother was saying that something strange happened many years ago when I was still a toddler, in a small village in the district of Tambunan, Sabah. Malaysia. During that hour a strange phenomena happen. The sky suddenly became so bright and impossible to look at. So someone suggested using a welding glass to look at the sky. To their surprised a numbers of odd shape spacecraft afloat just above the sky. My mother described the variety shape and size. Some of the spacecraft shape of a cylinder, square, round, oval and irregular shape. They can not explain what was happening at that time. They are all puzzled and confused. Many years after that incident, I asked again my mother about it and she explained and described exactly what was told years ago.

My view on this matter is simple. There is other human or living creature out there that is more intelligent than us. May be they have access to time travel machine and can go into different dimension, time and space. It similar to the TV series aired during the 70’s, named the twilight zone. That program is my favorite.

What ever is your opinion, we are not alone in this universe. Something is out there. X-files.

The New Palm Z22

The palm Z22 (OS: Garnet V5.4) is quite useful for someone who needs just the basic features of a PDA. It’s small in size as compare to all the other PDAs in the market. There are some advantages however, and the most obvious is the missing of memory slot. It memory is fix.

I will be viewing some of the features individually so as to get a closer over view of the unit.

  • Infrared Port: it is installed with an infra red port which is good since this will allows the unit to communicate with other devices via infra red and enable them to Share information such as Contacts between compatible devices via the "beam" function.
  • Colour Touchscreen Display: The colour display is not as sharp as palm E2. But who’s complaining since the price of Z22 is almost half less than E2. It still viewable though and clear enough to read and write all your memo, notes, calendar, and so on. You can even view photos of family and friends which you can download into the Z22 via PC.
  • On/Off Button: The location of the off./on button is a plus. Unlike the E2 and others PDA, the on/off button is easily located and very convenient to use.
  • Calendar Button: The calendar button is visible and at the right location and you can easily just tap for direct access to your Calendar.
  • 5-Way Navigator: This button is very useful and it like a standard features on all PDA. I suppose we are so use to operate the 5 Way navigators that it became compulsory features.
  • Home Button: This is however an on screen button. Use the writing stylus to tap the button for direct access to all your applications.
  • Menu Button: This is the same as the home button. The button is only accessible by tap it with the writing stylus which allows you to access options in an application.
  • The writing area, sync button, find button and contact button is also a standard features which you can find in all PDA. However due to limited button accessible by pressing using your finger, some application especially game which need four buttons plus 5 way navigator buttons to play, is not playable with this unit.
  • Processor: 200Mhz is powerful enough to run almost any application but due to lack of storage ( Z22 memory is 32MB) and small screen resolution ( 160 x 160 pixel), making it not very useful for playing game.
  • The unit uses a mini USB to sync and charging the battery. I found out that even though the unit have completely drain it internal battery the application is still intact together with all the notes, info you have taken. This is another plus as well. It memory is able to retain the data even though the battery is drained.
The unit is worth buying, considering the price is cheap as compare to others PDA, Small, ease of use, the casing is made of good quality plastic and feel robust. Overall I give Palm Z22 4.5/5.

21 July 2007

The End of Harry Potter

Rowling bids her boy wizard goodbye:

"Harry's story comes to a definite end in book seven," is all she will say a few days before publication, serving up tea and home-baked sponge cake in her comfortable Edinburgh house. This is the words that came out from the author herself when she was interview By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer.

I suppose every beginning will have an ending. The question is what effect the ending brings to all Harry Potter’s fan worldwide. Some may find it disturbing, sad, frustrated, helpless, disappointed, angry as a result of this so called end of story.

What will happen after this? Will there be another similar wizardry or perhaps witchcraft story to continue what was left behind or perhaps it will end for good. No body knew for sure. But my instinct says that imagination has no end. The story was created based solely on imagination. We don’t know if there is another famous novel as famous as Harry Potter in the next few years time.

Since the writer is still alive, perhaps she will create another character. I suppose she get feed up with the story (Harry Potter) and doing the writing for years and pressured by the fan.

As for the future, she says she has no plans.

"I can never write anything as popular again," she said. "Lightning does not strike in the same place twice.

"I'll do exactly what I did with Harry — I'll write what I really want to write, and if it's something similar, that's OK, and if it's something very different, that's OK.

"I just really want to fall in love with an idea again, and go with that."

I always wish I can be a writer and wrote a book like she does. Imagination my friend, imagination, let your imagination come to life.

20 July 2007

Sompoton - Bagpipe of Borneo


Mouth organ. Called the "SOMPOTON" in the Kadazan-Dusun language. Upper part made from bamboo and lower part made from dried gourd (vegetable). Musical notes made by blowing into the mouthpiece and fingers releasing/stopping air on the four horizontal pipes. Points upwards. Played for personal entertainment or in a group together with other instruments. Musical sounds similar to that of the bagpipe.

It is constructed from a dried gourd and eight bamboo pipes arranged in a doublelayered raft. One of the pipes has no sound, but merely balances the bundle. By blowing or sucking the gourd's mouth, the player can produced a soft sweet harmonious sound. A small lamella of polod palm (like tiny bungkau) is inserted in the side of each sounding pipe near its base. The pipes are fitted into a hole on one side of the gourd and sealed with bees wax. The lamellae lie inside the gourd and provide the sound of the completed instrument. The pipes are bound with thin strands of rattan.

While playing a sompoton, the player covers and uncovers the ends of three of the four shortest pipes with three fingers of his right hand and three small openings cut in the base of the front shortest pipe and front and back pipes of the longer raft with fingers of the left hand.

Made in China: Faulty Tires

I read this article in businessweek online written by David Welch. My first guess was, what a tragic, an ambulance using a tires made in china. There are a lot of cases involving products made from China that are causing problem worldwide. Be it food, consumer products and many more. I have a scary experience in regards to china made products. I was happened to stop by a shop selling all sorts of items mostly from china. While I was browsing the shelves, I notice a small rechargeable touch light with three different size of light. The lights are for reading, emergency flashing light and normal touch light. I was fascinated by it design and small enough to fit comfortable in side my pocket. Without thinking much I bought it for RM 4.00. Back home, I was eager to test the charger so I connect the adaptor to the power socket and connect the other end to the touch light. All of sudden, smokes came out from the touch light and “KABOOM” it exploded right in front of my eyes. I was shocked but not hurt. I was lucky I guess. PHEW! What a disaster. This is what you call “ No Warranty, under rated, poor quality, poor workmanship, poor design and so on and so forth.

Back to the article, it says how a chinese supplier's bad decision turned into one importer's worst nightmare, and may mean the end of his business.
The complete story is as follows:
Richard Kuskin was sitting in the dingy basement office of his Union (N.J.) import firm one day in May, 2006, when the phone rang. One of his distributors in New Mexico was on the line. There had been an accident involving an ambulance riding on Chinese-made tires sold by Kuskin's firm, Foreign Tires Sales Inc. The tires had blown out, causing the driver to lose control. No one was hurt. Still, the incident scared Kuskin. For several months he'd had a nagging feeling that his Chinese partner, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., had cut out a key safety technology. For Kuskin, the ambulance incident was like a flashing red warning light.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. please be extra careful if you decide to purchase a product made from China. No one is willing to give you a warranty more so if it to do with safety. My question to you. Would you choose safety over price?

Annoying Popups - Trojan Virtumonde

I was a bit annoyed for a couple of days since my pc was infected with Trojan named Virtumonde. It can cause popups which usually advertise antispyware program i.e. Winfixer, SysProtect and Winantispyware. The popups normally appears when you use the internet.

Below are the brief explanation of this Trojan which I extracted from the internet ( :

Users are normally targeted by false positives, and warning of infection – an example of this could be popups alerting users they are infected with a blackworm virus. The most common method of infection is through outdated versions of the Sun Java platform; older versions are being exploited so it is important to firstly make sure that your Java software is fully up to date. Thankfully, the infection is relatively easy to remove, and a specialized tool has been created to remove the vundo trojan from infected computers. The following guide will explain how to use the tool, and hopefully rid your system of this malware.

Tools needed for this fix:

I have downloaded the fix and run them in my pc and VIOLA! It gone for now. No more popups.

18 July 2007

My View on Potter

I’m not a fan of Harry Potter Novel but I’m very impress about it popularity. Everyone knew who Harry potter is. The first time I saw Harry Potter is in a magazine, a short articles about an author, J.K.Rowling (British) writing a novel about a kid who has magic or learn to do magic. My first impression is what a silly character, a kid wearing a spectacle, holding a wand, flying with a broom stick, look like a copycat of a classic witch. No special characters that can be classified as uniquely over rated but than again I was totally misjudged and shocked to see that in a matter of just a few years the character is going to be big and famous.

Boy was I wrong, that Harry Potter is now on the big screen and currently at number one at the cinema worldwide. This is very much unexpected. It turns out to be money maker and making the author much richer than before.

If you ever read the profile of the author, initially her life is not as easy as it may seem.
This was an extraction from the wikipedia’s website about the author: “In December 1994, Rowling and her daughter moved to be near her sister in Edinburgh, Scotland. Unemployed and living on state benefits, she completed her first novel. She did her work in numerous cafés (e.g. Nicolson's Cafe and Elephant House Café), whenever she could get Jessica to fall asleep.”
She was lucky to be able to come up with a character that is going to make her famous and rich. I suppose it was one of those lucky moments where you strike a lottery without even thought about it at all.

Have you ever thought of yourself to be able to come up with something, anything that will make you rich and famous someday? If yes, then start doing some action from now on. The author did not just sit down doing nothing and wait for something wonderful to happen. She writes, thinks, imagining, you know what writers do. It means that a goal without action is just a dream that will never ever come thru. Therefore stop dreaming and do some action.
List of all Books she authored:
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (26 June 1997) (titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the United States)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2 July 1998)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (8 September 1999)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (8 July 2000)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2001)
  • Quidditch Through the Ages (2001)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (21 June 2003)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (16 July 2005)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (21 July 2007)

Are you ready to Sell?

I read a book on financial matter and one of the subjects touch about the art of selling. The book explained that in order for someone to be successful, one must be able to sell, learn how to sell is very important. Below are some of the inspiring sentences that worth mentioning from the book (The business School by Robert T.Kiyosaki )

The ability to sell is the number one skill in business

If you cannot sell, don’t bother thinking about becoming a business owner

All great teachers have been great salespeople. Look at Christ, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Mohammed to name a few. They were all great teachers, which mean they were great sales people.”

The word selling is very subjective and arguable, since different person may have different view of what selling is all about. Selling to me involve a lot of communication. To be able to communicate well is very important since it help you to convey the message with clarity and the other person whom you speak to able to understand and responded accordingly.

I go to work everyday to sell my service (professional expertise as an engineer) to my employer (the government) and if everything is fine, I will receive my salary at the end of the month. The accountant sells his professional skills for a steady paycheck. Likewise you and everybody go to work to sell their skills in exchange for money.

We are all born sales people, whether we like it or not. To me the different with the successful and the non successful person is their ability to sell well, how good are they in selling. Look at all the rich people. Why are they rich? How they be come rich? The answers are many but one of them is selling. So selling affects every aspect of life. The better you are at selling, the richer you become.

Look at the real world, Politicians who win elections are great sales people. However, most people are terrified of selling. This is common situation and facts of life. Why?, The answer is because most people are terrified of rejection. Rather than admit their fear, they speak badly about sales people saying such things as “ No sales man please” , I’m not a sales person, I’m an educated professional. They look down at sales man.

Most people who cannot sell are people who have to live below their means, shop at sales, or live frugally simply because they are afraid of selling. Their fear and lack of selling skills keeps them poor. So learn to overcome fear. Do not let fear run your life.

Therefore if you want to get what you want, you have to sell something first.

15 July 2007

Tips for coping with a critical boss

Hi folks, I'm tempted to forward the following tips as I'm in the same situation as you. I was cleaning up the mess in my reading room today and I accidentally came across a piece of paper which I found very interesting and useful. It doesn’t indicate the author but right at the end an initial – UPS. So I thought why not posting it so everyone can benefit from it.

So, my friends, here are the tips for coping with a critical boss.

a) Accept your boss’s power and authority over you – even if used unfairly. I may not agree with this but for now, no comment perhaps later.

b) Don’t keep wishing your boss were different. Put your energy elsewhere.

c) Stop Looking for approval. Create your own strong sense of self – so negative feedback doesn’t define you.

d) Do you very best regardless of the appreciation received.

e) Clarify job responsibilities, your supervisor’s expectations, and then fulfill them.

f) Confer regularly. Discuss your performance and the criteria by which you’re evaluated.

g) View yourself objectively from your boss’s perspective.

h) For satisfaction, set your own standards. Follow them – unless they conflict with the management’s.

i) Set the tone. Model desired behavior. Be courteous, co-operative, respectful.

j) Show you value your boss’s opinion.

k) Gently, tactfully, suggest you respond best to positive feedback.

l) Acknowledge, then release your anger – but not at your boss.

m) Pretend telling your boss exactly how you feel.

n) Confide in a friend – off the job.

o) Cease playing victim – build your self esteem. Your boss will step back more often.

p) Build a support network of allies, mentors, friends.

q) Find something to give you affirmation, praise.

r) When feeling trapped, imagine working elsewhere.

s) Think of at least 10 new alternatives, persist.


I’m in favour with the very last tips, When all else fails, leaveeeeeee…I’m looking forward to the day I will say to my boss, you’re horrible .&^%$#@^&*, I leaving for good.

Earn From Writing Articles

I got this information from It all about earning from writing articles on any topic or essays or news, any information etc. The best of all is no investment is required. If you love to write and have the passion to write good articles, here are you chance to earn something from your writing. This can be a good additional source of income if successful. I personally have not tried their scheme. Whatever it is, please read through carefully their terms and conditions and what ever are related. This is important so you know what to be expected if something goes wrong (the worst case if you are not paid for writing them an article). So be sure to read and understand what is required and most importantly the mode of payment to you.

You need to join and register with the companies as follows:
1) Join, joining is free, here u have to write Article or essay or any good information (900 words maximum) which you want to share with viewers. Site owner will publish your writing work on it site. Please visit their site to learn more.

2) Join , joining is free. This is a friendship site.
You will need desimartini for circulating your link of article to your friends in your group who will read your article, write their comments and also tempted to click some ads which are displayed on top, side and bottom of your article, You will earn from these ads, you will earn money per ads being clicked and seen by viewer. So more the ads are seen by viewers the more you will earn, your income can be from Rs 5000 to 20000 or even more depending upon your working experience. Please visit their site to learn more.

For those interested, please be reminded to fully understand their terms and conditions before deciding to join.

Failing is just nature

Failing in what ever you are doing is likely to happen whether you want it or not. It is common for mankind to encounter failure mostly in the beginning stage. When this is happen, it can be heartbreaking and painful. After spending time, money and effort, the end result can sometime create devastating experience. But don’t take failure for granted. Failing is just nature’s way telling you that you have not found the right ways yet or you have more things to learn. So better learn them and most importantly is try again and again. If you fail, read, learn, do not be afraid to ask, experiment, look for an answer, search the internet, go for training, improve your skills, learn by experience, and watch other people doing it the right way and at the end of the day, you must improve for the betterment.

Colonel Saunders was turned away over thousand times before somebody took up the offer to market his fried chicken recipes. Thomas Edison was reputed to have tried and failed over fourteen thousand times before perfecting the light bulb. Imagine if Thomas Edison gave up after ten thousand times, what will happen? No light bulb.

Therefore if you fail next time, please don’t give up. Look at you face in the mirror and say to yourself that you are going to try again. Learn from the mistake and do it again or better still just do it (nike slogan " just do it ").

Create Additional Sources of income to supplement one job and one paycheck

Additional source of income is a must have nowadays especially if your present income is insufficient to support your daily expenses throughout the month. Therefore it is a good to have additional money coming in every month from other source. Here we discussed a few words in regards to creating additional source of income while still maintaining your current job which is your main source of income.

You need to search for ways, opportunities, create one where none existed before. I’ve read an articles, books regarding this subjects but all they says is create, find, search, its benefit, it advantages but hey they didn’t show you how to create one. Instead they insist you think, use your brain, brainstorming, discussed among your friends, read book on financial. Man that to me is a big task and time consuming. It’s like going back to college studying all those subjects.

Why don’t they just give us a guide and shows us the way. Be compassionate. Have pity on us all those successful fellows out there.

There are many things that you can do to earn money while you are working for someone else. For instance if you have a good knowledge in building website, you can always be a freelance in designing site for someone else. If you have talent in music, you can give lessons in music. If you good at mathematics, give tutoring in mathematic. Literally a million things you can do to create Additional Source of Income. Another example, if you are good in writing an articles, perhaps you can write for someone or publishing company, magazines or similar. If you a wizard with computers, there are thousand and one things you can do to earn additional income. You can build them, sell them, repair and service them or perhaps teach others how to use them.

To ease the process of developing additional source of income, a set of rules need to be presented to give us a clear picture where are we heading. In shorts, what we want is something that will produce a good if not excellent return on our investment. The work should be something that:

a) Can be done in our spare time – something that can be done on a part time basis.
b) Do not consume a lot of our time – the work must not take too much of your time. You don’t want to work another 5 hours after work do you? The work should be something that requires a maximum of 3 hours a day, only at the beginning stage (the beginning stage always requires the most time and effort) and gradually decrease to one hour a day.
c) Minimum management – The work must not require a heavy management i.e. require your constant input and tinkering every 3 minutes.
d) Minimum startup – do not require too much money. Look for ventures with a small burn rate.
e) Generate a high return – This is what I am still waiting for ages. A lot of them bloggers out there earning thousands of dollars doing business online. Anyway, look for something that will generate a high return. Since you are spending time, money and effort, it is wise and a must that your investments are reimbursed well. If your return is not attractive or even just enough to pays all the bills, why bother doing it.

Here are few examples that can be done on part time basis:

a) Part time sales work.
b) Lecturing, teaching and tutoring.
c) Writing.
d) Editing, proofreading and typing.
e) Consulting.
f) Young and adult Education.
g) Singing, acting and modeling.
h) Speaking (toast master).
i) Network Marketing
j) Internet online Business.
k) Blogging

That all folks, it may sound hard but not easy. It all up to your to decide whether you want to do it or not. It about what you want to achieve, your goal in life, you have to discipline yourself. Have strong motivation to go forward and do it. Referring to nike slogan “just do it” and British former MP, David Mellor use to say “just do it, as long as you re not caught doing it”.

14 July 2007

Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com – an E-book

I was sceptical at first to read the E-book by John Chow entitle make money online – How I went from zero to $10,000 + a month by blogging and how you can too. Well, I did read the whole chapters and it really worth the time spent reading. It’s informative, full of ideas, tips and even showed and guide you how to use some of the recommended application to help you generate money online on your website.

Boy, this guy is incredible, this is the first time in my whole life that actually makes me believe that make money via blogging is really possible. I was really impressed by the way john described the many ways of him making money through advertising, affiliate and referral. I was stunned when I read his points.

I always wondering to myself how the hell do those guys make money online. Now I know how. But as he said it not going to be an easy life at first but with efforts and hard work, it will eventually brings something back to you in return. John did say that if you build your blog for the intention of making money alone will never work and you’re surely doomed to fail.

I suppose he is right. If we expect too much in return in the first place, you’ll get nothing. But if you focus on your passion to write a blog and not the money, maybe , I say it again maybe it will give something in return. As Robert kiyosaki used to say in his seminar, if you wants people to smile at you smile at them, then they will smile back at you. Similarly if you want something, give and you shall receive.

For those blogger out there who want to be successful, I recommend you read John Chow’s E-book. His E-book can be downloaded via his website at

Today in my life

Today, is another day, as usual, I’m still clueless trying to come to term with all those successful blogger out there making those huge lump some of money by just blogging day after day, busying updating their website with all sort of topics.

Well, here I am writing with no clue or direction what so ever to begin with. Imagine doing like this all the time. It’s meaningless and pointless effort so to speak. Some says do a research and get an interesting, useful subjects to begin with and give your view, what ever view you think is fit.

Instead of figure out how those guys done it, how about we discuss something interesting. Say, let us talk about your current job. I dislike my job so much so that I always think about doing something worth doing and rewarding. I started blogging due to frustration really, I did start few businesses of my own way back years ago, doing online business with a friend. Guess what selling handcraft online. It took me nearly a year to complete the website with products. As usual, I did the online marketing to try promoting the products.

The business was online for a couple of months. Then strange thing happen. I beginning to lose my patience since nothing happen, no order coming through. It’s like opening a business but without customer coming in to your shop. So I said to my partner, we ought to do something fast.

I did suggest spending a few hundreds dollars to advertise our product via google adwords. But it doesn’t come to a decision. My partner seems not interested to go for it. So, I decided to call it quit. Hence a few months later we closed the account and so the partnership ended. It is sad but sometime this happened in life and we have to face and accept it. But failing in business doesn’t stop you from venturing another business.

As John chow of fond of saying, don't give up if you want to be successful. If you fail try again and again until you achieve your goal. A goal is useless without action. So my friend, life is not easy, we have to work smart and don’t ever-ever give up.

08 July 2007

Money from your BLOG

This is another tip that I got from Please read on....

How to make money from your blog: 5 tips

Written on April 26, 2005 by Darren Rowse (

Jeff Wuorio has a good basic introductory article on How to make money from your blog with five starting points:

  1. Sell advertising.
  2. Help sell others’ products (affiliate programs).
  3. Solicit contributions.
  4. Market your services in your blog.
  5. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relationships.

There you are the 5 tips to make money from your blog. Great Huh? It is easier read than done. I suppose if you dedicated and try harder may be it will work. I’m still trying though.

Big Motivation to all Bloggers

This is really a motivation to all bloggers out there. I got these articles from and just want to share with you all that doing something you like and end up making money out of it is to me more than one can ask for in a lifetime. This is great. Just read the following articles below and see for your self........WOW!

How to Sell Your Blog
Written on July 8, 2007 by Darren Rowse (

Bob has a good post detailing how he built up a blog on the domain and sold it for $155,000.

I get asked a lot of questions about how to sell a blog - but as I’m yet to do it I thought I’d do a speedlinking type post on the topic and link to those who’ve had a little more experience with the process:

  • Selling a Blog - Interview with Duncan Riley - an interview that I did with Duncan after the sale of Blog Herald.
  • Technosailor Sale Update - Aaron Brazell had a few reflections on selling blogs after he cancelled the sale of his.
  • Selling Blogs: Thick Skin is a Requirement - Ahmed shares a few reflections on Aaron’s experiences and some from his own as a blog buyer.
  • Selling Your Blog: What are Blog Buyers Looking for? - Lorelle shares a few tips on the topic.
  • Selling Your Blog: What Goes into the Selling Price? - More good tips from Lorelle
  • Blogs for Sale - How Much is Your Blog Worth? - an older post that I wrote on the topic back in 2004

  • Why You Can’t Just Sell Your Blog - The Sheriff shares a few thoughts on the topic
My own experience with selling blogs is limited to being an observer and my own approach is to keep ahold of web properties and to build them into ongoing revenue generation streams. I’m not anti selling blogs but it’s just not my style to this point.

The really big amounts that blogs have sold for have generally either come from very established and highly profitable blogs or from those who have something special (like a domain like to offer a buyer.

Have you ever bought or sold a blog (or attempted to)? What did you learn from the experience? If you’ve written about it feel free to leave a link to your advice in the comments below.

05 July 2007

The Future

I read an article about google search engine recently. It mentions that google is planning to device their search engine to monitor people behavior in using the search engine. It records all the person activity while using the search engine. It even can tell you what the person is searching 3 to 5 years ago or even years ago. That to me invades people privacy.

It seems that google want to know whatever we are looking for, every steps, they are studying our pattern, likeness, dislike, ..etc. it like the alien looking at us all the time, wondering what are we doing. I suppose with all that info google might use it to their benefit. For example, google maybe want to be pro active in their advertisement, says, the moment the person type words to search a particular info, google already knows what type of a person you are and bombarded you with the relevant advertisement.

Whatever it is, surely the big giant will get all the credits and worst still google may even someday become the most powerful software company in the world.

problem, problem....

There are numerous problem that facing mankind ever since the beginning of the..%$#@$%%^. Mankind can never run away from problem. To me problem is endless. Sometime we ourselves create the problem in the first place, mostly without knowing the disastrous outcome that may crop out later.

I’m not a specialist or even a doctor. I m just giving my opinion.

Let just imagine that life is simple. We just need air, water, food and shelter to survive. No TV, No gadget, No Radio just a house with enough food to last you for ages. Some may says life will be dulled and boring. Yes to some extend. However when we look at nowadays, with all the high tech advertisement, we are being lured to buy things that we not necessarily needs. Let says, you saw a watch being sold at the shop and that watch is a branded and currently the latest model and more so wore by David Becham (you saw the advertisement). Why not you may say and swipeeee …you bought the watch and now you are the proud owner of the brand new, expensive watch. But come to think of it, is it really necessary, do you really need a branded watch, why not save the money instead. I'm not busy body. I'm just commenting. The watch your currently owned is good enough (CASIO). Well it not a classy watch but it works, It tells you the time. What more can you asked except it not as branded as the new watch you bought. See what I mean... (I always do this as well, so no big deal).

Really … I just can’t understand. Maybe someday there’s one simple explanation to all of this. Yes you can find the answer in the Internet but it so damned long explanation, going in, around and through the bush, going no way,…

Stress, Sound Physical & Mental Health

Definition of stress:
Stress can be defined as a state of physical and mental tension caused by certain external or internal factors in a person's life.

The cause of stress are varied and numerous, and so are people's responses to them. Stress is a part of human condition, maintaining alertness for life, and, to some extent, is unavoidable.

Stress affects our body and mind. Both body and mind should be healthy. You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind; neither can you maintain a healthy mental attitude or think accurately if your body is unwell.

Let us discuss about the mind. Probably the most important single quality necessary to sound mental health is a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and all that involves.

Two of the most destructive forces in the human mind are FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and its close counterpart, ANXIETY. They kill enthusiasm, destroy faith, blind vision and destroy harmony and peace of mind - all qualities necessary for a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Useful quotes:

" It's not hard work that kills. It's not competition. It does not even have to count all that money that kills. What kills is not having control over your live". By Dr.Estelle R. Ramey, Nationally Known Endocrinologist.

" Worry affects the circulation - the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from overwork, but many who died from doubt" by Charles Mayo, Famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester.


Relaxation and rest are essential to sound health: If worry keeps you from resting or relaxing, it can be doubly damaging. If you have trouble relaxing, remember that the conscious mind is a selecting mechanism. We choose the things we concentrate on. If we concentrate out thoughts and energies on a hobby or diversion, we forget the worries of the day and relax.

Another important aspect of maintaining sound health is of course, nutrition.

Next......To be continue

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