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12 October 2007

How to use i.e. and e.g. correctly

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Yes, I did make a mistake and I admit it. When come to writing an article, I frequently use “i.e.” instead of “e.g” to give an example. I only knew about the mistake I have done so very often when I came across a site named COPYBLOGGER.COM.
Both of these abbreviations are actually derived from a latin word. It is one of the most often use abbreviations in modern writing but you have to use them correctly otherwise it may cause confusion to readers.
The Latin phrase id est means “that is,” so i.e. is a way of saying “in other words.” It’s designed to make something clearer by providing a definition or saying it in a more common way.
Copyblogger has jumped the shark, i.e., gone downhill in quality, because Brian has broken most of his New Year’s resolutions.
The Latin phrase exempli gratia means “for example”, so e.g. is used before giving specific examples that support your assertion.
Copyblogger has jumped the shark because Brian has broken most of his New Year’s resolutions, e.g., promising not to say “Web 2.0,” “linkbait,” or “jumped the shark” on the blog in 2007.
I don’t know how often you use them incorrectly but I do.

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