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20 January 2012

What Makes a Manager

Well folks, what makes a manager. These are some points that we should look when we talk about manager.

a)      The road to the top is seldom a short and easy one. It takes years to get there.
b)      Firm and fair to everyone.
c)      Should admit when he/she is wrong.
d)     A genuine affection for the business where he/she works for.
e)      Must have a strong desire to succeed.
f)       Must have proper training or formal education and relevant experience usually hands on experience.
g)      Must have a positive and productive attitude among employees.
h)      Should be expert in so many areas i.e. technical, finance, legal matters, sales, marketing and most important in human nature.
i)        Must make the customer or client happy, get your people involve and get rid of departmental waste and unnecessary expenditures.
j)        Must be capable to lead people. You need to be a teacher.
k)      To enforce and implement company’s policy.
l)        Able to hire the right person and retaining good people. Hire the best people and nurture them.
m)    Try to avoid erratic temperaments.
n)      Foster good working environment.
o)      Able to motivate people to reach their utmost potential.
p)      Able to work within the allocated budgets. He need to have effective cost control in all departments.
q)      Manager should shows compassion toward his subordinates.

There are so many more you can says about what makes a manager but that I leave to you to suggest and share with the readers.

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