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24 September 2010


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This is not new really. It happens every now and then. Many people get conned by some brainy person who have the guts to run a phony FOREX investment website that look very convincing. My friend due to quick rich making machine i.e. forex scam get involve and invested his hard earn money for quick buck.

I sensed something is not right and too good to be true with the company Edgar International, a foreign exchange investment company when in just one day you start making money for just a few hundred dollar initial investment. 

Referring to the movie wall street - GREED IS GOOD, I don't know about you but Greed is Dangerous to me. Even the word Greed is not good at all. No one wants to be associated with Greed.

I have made my point that greed makes people go crazy for money and you know what, if you don not know what you are up to it is already a sign of trouble. When you make a mistake in investment, you make a big mistake. So now what? Is Money is the root of all evil? No, not using your brain and common sense is the root of all evil in investment.

You have been warned. Better be safe then sorry, stop believing in quick buck scheme. I feel sorry for them really but hey you made a choice and whether you want to keep that decision it is entirely up to you.

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