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28 January 2009

How to drive more traffic to your site

Thank guy! I am referring to the guys at Adbrite. These guys did notice a very low traffic to my site (hey..I admit it), and they suggest the Spottt to drive free traffic to my site. If this works, I owed you guys. It works like this; you scratch my back and I scratch your back. It is basically a free way to trade links with other like minded sites. You show ads of other spottt members, and they will show your ads in return. Spottt can be applied to almost any sites.
So if you want to drive free traffic to your site, try Scottt for a change.

Screen capture for Iphone.

This is a freeware of screencapture for iphone named Capture. It very easy to use just clicked the icon and two button menu will popped up hovering above the screen. Now you can browse internet, open a file, websites and if there is something you like just click the button “snap” and the image will be capture and stored in the camera roll. You can then open the camera roll to view the image. There is no adjustment required, everything is automated. It captured the whole screen (full screen). Unlike the PC screen capture, with Capture you can't select particular images or area to capture.

Visit the site : Digitalagua

Rocket Proof Obamamobile - Cadillac One

The illustration of the new Cadillac One which include Obama by John Lawson.

Impressive car equipped with the following features:

  • Doors : eight-inch thick and the weight of a 757 door".
  • Level of protection: It can withstand rocket impacts and it's perfectly sealed against biochemical attacks.
  • Petrol tank: Can withstand a direct hit thanks to a special foam and armor-plating.
  • Bodywork: made of dual hardness steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics to "break up posible projectiles".
  • Tyres: Kevlar-reinforced with steel rims underneath so it can run away no matter what. Accessories include: Night vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons.•
  • Additional : Comes with bottles of blood compatible with the President's blood. A ten CD Changer - Very strange, it should be at least DVD or better i.e. Blu Ray Driver. May be the president prefers to hear Audio CD most of the time.

I don't think this is the actual specifications; the government is not so dumb to reveal the spec of the Obamamobile. Otherwise it will give the terrorist a clue to blast the car.

Find out more at

26 January 2009


Looking at the current economy today, many businesses is scaling down and retrench most of their employees to save the operation cost of their business. For those who lost their job, it time to look for another place to work. You need to prepare an update CV to correspond with your present working experience. If you’re looking for a job then the VisualCV , an internet based resume, might come in handy. VisualCV brings both the CV and the resume into the modern Web 2.0 world by transforming the way in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared. A VisualCV transforms the standard resume and brings it alive in three easy steps: create, enrich and share.

View Resume sample using VisualCV


• An Internet-based resume that allows professionals to build and manage an online career portfolio that comes alive with informational keyword pop-ups, video, pictures, and social networking.
• Enabling secure sharing of VisualCVs and interaction with others for purposes of networking, discussing best practices, career progression and business development.
Having seen the capability of VisualCV, it has the potential to be the standard format of resume for most interview.

Get Started Now - It’s EASY, FUN and FREE!

Learn more by visiting their site at: VISUALCV

24 January 2009

Why is it have to be 8 or more rules about money?

Why limit the rules of money? Money was created by human and of cause the rules can be more and not limit to certain numbers. Money can evolve just like any living matter. I got piss-off really whenever I heard or saw an article that says 8 rules of money. These often called guru or expert in financial, frequently telling people when dealing about money do not limit our thinking of the many ways we can earned money. Yet, when they tell people about money these guys always specified the number i.e. eight, ten, twelve and so on. In my opinion it should not. And furthermore these guys also always picked the number 8. Why? Just because number 8 means luck or good fortune, it does not mean you have to use 8. It contradicts with their philosophy.

22 January 2009

One way of Promoting Your Blog

To be able to generate decent traffic to your blog is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Never the less, you can try the following method i.e. pinging your blog. This in result will help search engines to include your blog in their results. It is advisable to do this whenever you update your blog.

The following are the recommended site to perform the pinging:

Cash in on your creativity

How about starting E-store selling customize logo for T-Shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and many more. Setting up is easy, you only need to follow 3 Easy steps:

Start selling in 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare and upload your artwork
2. Pick the products you want to sell
3. Launch your online shop ( Basic Shop is FREE )

At, you can create and sell a variety of customizable products with zero upfront costs and zero inventory investment.

You can sell :
• Merchandise you design including t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and much more.
• Books printed on-demand.
• Audio and Data CDs.

What does:

1. Gives you a FREE online shop to promote your products (Basic Shop)
2. Produces each item when ordered using our unique print-on-demand technology
3. Handles all payment transactions including major credit cards
4. Ships your products worldwide
5. Manages all returns/exchanges
6. Offers customer service via toll-free phone and email
7. Sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!

Basic Shops - It’ FREE:

With our Basic Shop you have the ability to sell over 80 products in a simple one-page shop.
Again our Basic Shops are free of charge. You can open as many as you need. Basic Shops are the simple and easy way to start selling with
All Shops Include the Following Services:

• Ability to create and sell over 80 different products including apparel, books, music, CDs and more, produced by
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• Secure checkout and credit card payment processing
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• Phone and Email Shopkeeper Support
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Build your very Own E-Store for Free

Have you ever imagine building your very own E-store the same way what the giant Amazon is doing and earn money through commission selling other people products? Now you too can do the same and most importantly you can start your E-Store for FREE. No, wait. I know what you’re thinking, believe me, this is not a scammed. This is for real. This company named Zlio (a France company) is hitting US with their free E-Store. So now, everyone can start their E-Store for FREE.

Visit E-Store powered by Zlio

To setup your E-store is simple and it will only take a few steps:

Step 1: Sign Up to open an account with Zlio.

Step 2: Set up your store in no time at all - Choose a name, an address, and a template that best fits the theme of your store.

Step 3 : Choose products - With ZLIO, you don't sell your own products. Choose from over 6 million items available from hundreds of top Internet merchants. Display as many as 1,000 products in your ZLIO store, and open up to 20 different stores.

Step 4 : Submit your complete E-Store to Zlio Store Directory. Once your ZLIO store is set up, you don't have to worry about anything! Zlio will do the rest.

It’s very easy to create E-store with Zlio, you can select from hundreds of top Internet merchants and earn money on each sale. You can earn up to 10% commission on each and every sale you make. There is no need to deal with logistics!


create a FREE store now!

20 January 2009

How to create a good working environment

How many of us have experiencing working in a stress and unhappy environment? Don’t know about you but I do. Whenever the boss is around, everyone is quiet, sullen, despondent and depresses and surly. You can see from their faces, especially when they handle customers and colleagues. But as soon as the boss is away, they start smiling, their faces are bright and shining and all of a sudden the atmosphere becomes lively, wonderful and cheerful. Why is this happening? I was there and I know how it’s feels. Everyone are eager to get out if they have others opportunity elsewhere.

The main reason this happened is because of bad manager. You can change the situation if you want to (I referring to you the manager). It isn’t necessary to shout, to show you have the absolute authority, to show you are in power and you want them to respect you (by force). I know you want them to obey you but nowadays people are more civilized. They are entitle to respect, civilized behavior (from the boss) and of course, dignity. If you respect them in return they will respect you. The more stubborn you are the more they will hate and hope you ……you know.

Why not try these out and see for your self (if you dare to try, are you?):

The simple ways to create a good workplace are:

a) Politeness e.g. greet each others with a smile, say, good morning, how are you.
b) Friendliness e.g. what wrong with being friendly. You are still their boss. Are you afraid of losing faces?
c) Kindness e.g. show that you care for them. Help them do their work better. Don’t abuse them.

If you are unwilling or can’t give them these things you shouldn’t be a manager.

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19 January 2009

FREE Ebook on Build or Remodel Your Own House

A FREE E-BOOK that shows you Step by Step how to:
• Get Started
• Select Land Wisely
• Select & Read House Plans
• Establish a Budget
• Estimate Building Costs
• Find Good Subcontractors
• Get Discount on Materials
• Schedule the Work
• Obtain Financing
• Get Permits
• 85 pages
This 85 Pages e-book by Carl Heldmann ( Author of the bestseller
Be Your Own House Contractor ) can really save you roughly 25% or more from the cost of building a house and hiring a contractor. You can be your own contractor.
This FREE E-book can be downloaded at :
Build or Remodel Your Own House

14 January 2009

Easy Way To Increase Web Site Traffic And Keep Visitors

”Stickiness.” It’s a fun term about a serious matter – tons of money and your success.
The top web sites and richest entrepreneurs understand that Internet wealth is directly related to attracting traffic and keeping those visitors coming back all the time. It’s about “eyeballs.” YouTube, FaceBook and others are worth BILLIONS based on this one measure.
Finally, you too can multiply and keep your traffic stats high when you grab visitors with free ebooks and digitally downloadable books. Who has time to write and publish books?
You don’t have to with a fully, automated Promotion ePublisher that automatically finds digital books on your desired topics and instantly makes them available to your prospects, customers and clients. You get access to the largest, free online library of digital ebooks and other information they seek – on any topic you chose.
For example, if you have a web site about eBay, simply set the ePublisher to display ebooks about “eBay”, install it on your site, and each day the ePublisher displays new books about eBay. Now you and your visitors can download unlimited copies for free.
At, we have nearly half a million people visit us online every month to get free ebooks. It’s proven. Think of how many people you could attract and keep coming back to your site by adding this simple tool. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you’re ready to go. Just watch your visitors coming back to get the newest ebooks.
Personalize the widget for your needs and customize your menu. There’s no cost and no risk. The only requirement to operate the ePublisher system is keeping the link set to our site to access the entire library selection. Then...Enjoy your increased traffic and loyal visitors!

Extracted from : Free-Ebook

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07 January 2009

The Annoying SKU011.CAB


Recently I have difficulty in opening up my excel files. MSOffice keeps on asking to install this file named but even with the installation CD, the still can’t be found. I’m not sure whether there is such file ( existed.
It is very frustrating because you don’t know what to do next. I couldn’t open my excel files and it doesn’t help at all trying to re-installed MSOffice professional 2003. It still keeps asking for the same file (
I then turn to the internet and finally found one website that has been experiencing the same problem as me. I follow his instruction and to my amaze the problem disappeared. The author has done the right thing by publishing it in his web site for his reference and also for the others having the same problem.
Here is the Solution, follow them carefully;

Regedit (start menu -> run -> type regedit)

Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Office -> 11.0 -> Delivery
There should be only 1 directory under Delivery, which is your DownloadCode (mine was 90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9).
Select that directory.
On the right side of the screen, right-click on CDCache. Change the value to 0.

Source :

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