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20 January 2009

How to create a good working environment

How many of us have experiencing working in a stress and unhappy environment? Don’t know about you but I do. Whenever the boss is around, everyone is quiet, sullen, despondent and depresses and surly. You can see from their faces, especially when they handle customers and colleagues. But as soon as the boss is away, they start smiling, their faces are bright and shining and all of a sudden the atmosphere becomes lively, wonderful and cheerful. Why is this happening? I was there and I know how it’s feels. Everyone are eager to get out if they have others opportunity elsewhere.

The main reason this happened is because of bad manager. You can change the situation if you want to (I referring to you the manager). It isn’t necessary to shout, to show you have the absolute authority, to show you are in power and you want them to respect you (by force). I know you want them to obey you but nowadays people are more civilized. They are entitle to respect, civilized behavior (from the boss) and of course, dignity. If you respect them in return they will respect you. The more stubborn you are the more they will hate and hope you ……you know.

Why not try these out and see for your self (if you dare to try, are you?):

The simple ways to create a good workplace are:

a) Politeness e.g. greet each others with a smile, say, good morning, how are you.
b) Friendliness e.g. what wrong with being friendly. You are still their boss. Are you afraid of losing faces?
c) Kindness e.g. show that you care for them. Help them do their work better. Don’t abuse them.

If you are unwilling or can’t give them these things you shouldn’t be a manager.

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