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14 January 2009

Easy Way To Increase Web Site Traffic And Keep Visitors

”Stickiness.” It’s a fun term about a serious matter – tons of money and your success.
The top web sites and richest entrepreneurs understand that Internet wealth is directly related to attracting traffic and keeping those visitors coming back all the time. It’s about “eyeballs.” YouTube, FaceBook and others are worth BILLIONS based on this one measure.
Finally, you too can multiply and keep your traffic stats high when you grab visitors with free ebooks and digitally downloadable books. Who has time to write and publish books?
You don’t have to with a fully, automated Promotion ePublisher that automatically finds digital books on your desired topics and instantly makes them available to your prospects, customers and clients. You get access to the largest, free online library of digital ebooks and other information they seek – on any topic you chose.
For example, if you have a web site about eBay, simply set the ePublisher to display ebooks about “eBay”, install it on your site, and each day the ePublisher displays new books about eBay. Now you and your visitors can download unlimited copies for free.
At, we have nearly half a million people visit us online every month to get free ebooks. It’s proven. Think of how many people you could attract and keep coming back to your site by adding this simple tool. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you’re ready to go. Just watch your visitors coming back to get the newest ebooks.
Personalize the widget for your needs and customize your menu. There’s no cost and no risk. The only requirement to operate the ePublisher system is keeping the link set to our site to access the entire library selection. Then...Enjoy your increased traffic and loyal visitors!

Extracted from : Free-Ebook

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