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22 January 2009

Build your very Own E-Store for Free

Have you ever imagine building your very own E-store the same way what the giant Amazon is doing and earn money through commission selling other people products? Now you too can do the same and most importantly you can start your E-Store for FREE. No, wait. I know what you’re thinking, believe me, this is not a scammed. This is for real. This company named Zlio (a France company) is hitting US with their free E-Store. So now, everyone can start their E-Store for FREE.

Visit E-Store powered by Zlio

To setup your E-store is simple and it will only take a few steps:

Step 1: Sign Up to open an account with Zlio.

Step 2: Set up your store in no time at all - Choose a name, an address, and a template that best fits the theme of your store.

Step 3 : Choose products - With ZLIO, you don't sell your own products. Choose from over 6 million items available from hundreds of top Internet merchants. Display as many as 1,000 products in your ZLIO store, and open up to 20 different stores.

Step 4 : Submit your complete E-Store to Zlio Store Directory. Once your ZLIO store is set up, you don't have to worry about anything! Zlio will do the rest.

It’s very easy to create E-store with Zlio, you can select from hundreds of top Internet merchants and earn money on each sale. You can earn up to 10% commission on each and every sale you make. There is no need to deal with logistics!


create a FREE store now!

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