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22 July 2008

Choose between employee or business owner?

Can you become rich working with others?

Can you become rich working with others? It all depends really. It depends on your salary, plan, budget, investment and many more factors. Some people do be come rich eventually working for others but it takes time, more effort, well structured investment plan, profitable investment and so on. Obviously you can not run a business while working for someone else. If they find out you will loose your job. Or you can hire someone to run your business but the whole business decision and planning must come from you. So you cannot runs away from the business.

However there are some of us are meant to be employee. To work for the rest of their life for others and make the others even more riches. When you asked them why, they will answer, I feel comfortable and safe. I don’t need to crack my head running the business. At the end of the month I will get my salary. They considered it a financial security. My friends, nowadays there is no such thing as permanent and secure job anymore. Even if you work with the government, you can still loose your job if the government wants to close the unit or section and you are being offered VSS (voluntarily surrender of service).

Being an average employee, you give your entire life to others to construct how much money you can earn, how you spend your time, where you can work, even a list of the do’s and the don’t and so on. You basically have no freedom to control your time and your destiny. You have to follow their instruction or else find another job.

What about high paying job like CEO? Obviously you can earn more than the average employee but still you have no freedom. The company pays you higher wages to be the CEO, most important employee in the company and they will expect even more from the CEO. You have to surrender all your time to benefit the company. You spend most of your time in the office. You have to work until late at night to catch up with the business dateline. The company expectation from the CEO is very high and unimaginable. If your performance is poor the company will sacked you. Either ways you will loose.

On the other hand, by being self employee or business owner, the scenario is the opposite of being employee. You have more freedom to choose where you want to be. You construct your own destiny. Planned your own time and most of all you can decide and device a strategic business plan that can bring more money into your company. But there’s a catch. All of this comes with a risk. But then again in business, no venture no gain, no risk no business.

In the end it is all entirely up to you to decide what you want in life. If you feel that being employee is fine with you, so be it. But if you feel that you want more out of life and free to choose your destiny and have control of your time, money, then doing business is for you. Definitely doing business can make you rich but being an employee, Im doubtful.

Don't feel envy

All of us want some thing in life. Be it money, become rich, have beautiful wives, big manhood and many more. Most of us are ambitious and wants something of extra out of life. However we do have our own personal limitation which prevent us from doing more than we are capable of.
Therefore we strive to make the most of our ability to achieve something worthwhile. To certain extend there are some even dare and prepare to sacrifice.

It is human nature to feel envious of someone else achievement or gain i.e. richness, money, luxury...we all do. Little do we know that most of these are not easily acquire without much effort. You can't get good examination result just by being lazy and sitting doing nothing. We need to work for it. If you have a successful business, you have to do even more, wake up as early as others. You must be highly motivated and fired up to do better in business so you can earn more than usual. Therefore feeling envy of their success is really a bloody waste of your time. You are better off doing something useful. On the other hand, it is wise to learn from their achievement. Find what formula do they use to achieve great wealth?

I once have this good idea that no one ever thought of doing that will make me a lot of money but as I said, it is not a simple process to do. I do not have the desire and determination to put forward the idea and make it work. In the end someone has figure it out because I’m too slow to take action. But instead of learning from this incident, I feel envious of his achievement.

By right, I should have tried to work out how he did it and if that route would suit me. What are the criteria, technique, and behavior and so on that enables him to be successful and wealthy? Ask myself why am I a failure? I should have used his achievement to inspire me to be successful instead of envy for him. You know what, to help ease the pain of envious, i started to make excuses why I didn't do it, why I cannot achieve it e.g. I don't have the startup capital, I don't have the know how, I'm not that business minded, I'm not that clever, I'm rather stupid actually..etc a lot of excuses. If you feel the same, stop feeling sorry for yourself. No body can help you but yourself. You have the power to choose your destiny. You can choose to be rich or poor. You decide what you want to be not someone else. Stop giving excuses.

However, in rare cases the "envy" do and may sometime help to give you motivation and drive to help achieve more or better result. When you feel envy, you start to think how can you be more better, useful, clever, brilliant, come up with better idea and technique, ......But you have to be careful not to allow "envy" to control you or else you will ends up nothing. Guess what you back to square one.

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