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11 October 2007

The four Warning Signs of a bad management

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Do you have a bad boss? Is your boss a good manager? Ask the workers what they think about their manager’s abilities and you soon find out that good bosses are rarity and endanger species. One of the main role of manager is to shape the way their workers works. Good manager creates good workers.

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The four warning signs to indicate a bad manager:

a) High turnover – Staff members will do their best to move into a less painful working environment.

b) Low morale – If the staff does not leave, they will spend a great deal of time complaining. This is not idle chat-chat; it is a device for relieving the stress of working under a bad boss. This is not good for the staffs well being and may affect the company productivity as well ( less productive).

c) Notice drastic changes on workers – There are some offices that changes drastically when the boss is gone. People start to smile and most show sign of relieve. They talk, laugh and they are more relax. There is lightness in the air as if a dark cloud has gone.

d) A Bad boss leaves a personal footprint – A bad boss will have his personal footprint on everything that leaves the department. Every memo, every letter, every report will be edited to carry his message. this is very bad and not healthy. It very bad for the staff's moral.

So what actually create or make a bad manager? Is it something to do with their egos, too proud? As if they know everything. Is it something to do with their high profile and loud voice and ugly face? on the other hand do you know the sign of a good manager? I bet you know isn't it but you don't want to say or admit. Are you scared or in some kind of trouble? You scared your boss might FIRED you? So what. They are plenty of jobs elsewhere.

So all the company out there, don't waste your time and money employing these horrific and good for nothing so called BAD MANAGER. BAD MANAGER will not improve the company productivity. Believe me, fired them and find someone else who is firm but fair to all the staffs, have sense of humor, productive, humble and considerate.

How to create good working environment
They don't know how to do it"

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