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10 October 2007

An Alarm clock that runs away and hides

I use an alarm clock set to certain time in the early morning and hope I will wake up but instead I quickly grab the clock and switch off the alarm and then go straight to sleep. I am one of the millions people in the world who have a hard time getting up early in the morning. Really, it is not that easy at all, especially in the morning. Getting up is the hardest thing to do for me. It is as if a whole body is glue to the bed. Well, this gadget might be the answer to the problem. It is an alarm clock with two wheel attached to it body. A clever and simple idea but effective.

It was in 2005, based on a conceptual design project, Gauri Nanda, then a graduate student at MIT, invent and named the alarm clock “clocky” and the rest is history. This is how it operates when in use:

a) You set the alarm to ring at a particular time.
b) When the alarm ring at that set time, it gives you an option to activate the snooze time depending what you have set (0-9min).
c) But the clock only give you once snooze and when you still can’t be bother to get up, guess what?, the clock rolls off the night stand and runs away. It wheel around your room looking for a place to hide and the nasty thing is it screen flashes and keep on beeping.
d) This for sure make you get up and start walking around in search for the sound. Thus indirectly make you get up and walk (not sleep walk).
e) The good news is if you prefer, you can disable the wheels.

The clock can jump from up to 3 feet, moves on wood and carpet. It alarm beeps in random pattern
The size of the Clocky is small: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"

There you are, for those out there having problem getting up in the early morning, this clock may be your answer. Who knows it might help you, I hope.

For more info of “Clocky” please visit their site at: Clocky or see the video clip at : Video Clip

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