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06 October 2007

Nissan New Electric Car - PIVO 2

Now Nissan's Pivo concept car can drive sideways too

TOKYO (AFP) — Japan's Nissan Motor Co. on Friday unveiled a new version of its egg-shaped Pivo concept car that can drive sideways and has a small robot to assist with navigation or calm down angry drivers.

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PIVO 2 Features:

a) 2 three seaters electric car
b) The wheels can turn 90 degrees for easy parallel parking.
c) The cabin is able to revolve 360 degrees, hence no need to reverse.
d) Round eyed robot attached on the dashboard which alert the driver i.e. sleepy
e) Equipped with “By wire” technologies that use electric signals in the steering and braking.
f) Use four independent electric motor, therefore no axles and the wheel can be turn further than conventional car.
The company says that PIVO 2 will appear at TOKYO Motor Show somewhere around October 2007.

How wonderful isn’t it to own this kind of vehicle especially if you work around the city. With this car, you can probably:

a)Save more on fuel.
b)Ease of parking your car.
c)Can easily maneuver the car in tight and narrow street.
d)Feel better since you are not contributing to the air pollution.
e)You won’t feel lonely driving alone since there’s always a robot to accompany you while driving.

I think it about time we get use to this kind of vehicle, even though it look weird. Furthermore, this car may probably help reduce the air pollution, as it is now has reach to a critical condition all over the world.

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