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10 October 2007

The Three Frogs.

I read a financial (by Azizi Ali) book when I came across this riddle. It not new but it gives something useful. Therefore, I want to share it to every one. The riddle goes like this. See if you can come up with the right answer. Before you start, please be honest, do not jump the paragraph and look at answer. There is no thrilled in doing so and you are missing the fun and the important message behind it. Ok, let us begin.

Three frogs are sitting on a lily pad. If one of them decided to jump, how many are left on the lily pad?

Please read the sentences again because the answer is not what appears at first glance.

OK, time’s up. The answer is not two, but three. Why? You see, the frog has only decided to jump but he has not jumped yet.
It means for anything to happen or want to happen, you must take action first.
You can have all the knowledge and all the wisdom, but without taking action, nothing will happen. It's like a goal without action is no goal (quoted by John Chow).

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