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30 December 2013

" Witricity " delivers wireless power become reality at last

This article was written way back in 2007 and I suppose it is still relevant and in fact Nokia already used this technology to charge their Nokia Lumia phones.

Below is the original articles written by me , 7/15/2007 and published at 8:45PM. 

Imagine one day when all electronics product such as PCs, Hand phones and many others devices will be run with out battery or power cord.

This may sound futuristic but the day will come very soon. Researchers at MIT have successfully tested a system for transferring electricity to remote devices without wires, allowing portable devices to recharged or powered without the use of power codes. They name this system “WiTricity”.

Last week, an MIT research team announced that it had juiced up a 60-watt light bulb using "WiTricity".


The WiTricity operates using two copper coils, one attached to a power source. The power coil emitted a field of magnetism to the unpowered coil, stimulating it to generate a current that powered the light bulb from seven feet away.

The WiTricity generated by the coils powered the light bulb in a way similar to magnetic induction, which is used in power transformers so that one coil carries power to another.

Features of Witricity:

a) Coil can be configured to provide power to several devices such as laptops, handphones.
b) Contain no toxic chemical unlike battery.
c) Safer than electricity.
d) Run forever if you take care of it.
e) Does not require power cord.
f) A single Witricity can powered several devices.

The MIT teams said that they are working to make it more efficient, able to cover greater distance, generating more power and most of all will be commercially available in a few years time.

So there you are folks. That is definitely good news isn’t it. Imagine using a laptop without power cord throughout the day or even driving an electric car with out battery.

People in Control Live Longer

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Occasionally I spent time to read motivational books such as the one I read yesterday entitled Maintaining Sound Physical and Mental Health by W.Clement Stone. There are many useful guidance presented in almost all the pages but I find this particular phases are the most influential and it kick me right in the butt (good kick).

The phrases are as follows “Contrary to what everyone believes or would like to believe, top-level, high-paid, successful women and men live longer than anyone else. People at the top are in control of their lives and people in control live longer. It not is not hard work that kills, it is not competition. It is not even having to count all that money that kills. What kills is not having control over your lives” said Dr.Estelle R.Ramsey, a nationally known endocrinologist.

Dr.Ramsey continued by saying “Middle managers are the ones who are killing themselves. They are the ones who are highly subject to cardiovascular problems. They are the one who suffer from stress because their lives are neither predictable nor secure.” 

Dr.Ramsey found the same characteristics in rats. “When animals know what to expect”, she said, “They can handle stress. When it is unpredictable and they have no control, they start to bleed internally and die”.

So my dear friend, this is like an eye opener and makes us aware this is common to most middle managers. Worrying about problems which we have no control what so ever is pointless and just wasting your bloody times. We are better off thinking something else that can brings benefit to you personally, financially, physically and mentally. Worrying affects the circulation i.e. the heart, the glands, the whole system nervous system. I have never known a men who died from overwork, but many who died from doubt (thinking negative and so on).

Time is another factors that we seriously need to look into. Nowadays we aged very fast and in my opinion we need to act fast and do something quickly and forget about wasting time near the TV or hanging out with bunch of real time waster (unless of cause if you need sometime off after hard work). As an example, I should have thought or do something to start building a house when I was young, some way between 25 to 35 years old rather than 44 years old.

It is much reasonably cheaper and when you make a mistake you still have time to correct the mistake. Anyway, getting old is beyond our control and it better not to think about it at all. Do your very best now, today and navigate your life to the very best you can and aimed, focus and then shoot. Pray that you will hit the bull eyes.

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