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11 November 2009

How to publish your own book for Free

Ever imagine wanting to publish your book but don’t know where or how to begin. Well stop looking elsewhere, check this website named Lulu offers free book publishing services to anyone who is interested to publish their own manuscript.

The steps is simple enough, just upload your manuscript, photos or digital files and use formatting tools to help you to setup just the way you want i.e. the size, binding, even the cover arts and guess what you will end up with a professional looking finished product that’s match and look exactly like the books you find at your local bookstore. I bet this is what you have in mind all the while isn't it. Stop imagining and get real man.

Ok back to, can even help you to set your own price, print and ship each book as it’s ordered and you get to collect 80% of the creator revenue on every sale. In addition, if you prefer, your book will be automatically listed for sale on the Lulu marketplace – attracting more than 900,000 unique visitors every week.

In addition to the above advantages, Lulu also provides others services that can help you to further enhance your person credibility as an author. Services such as:
  1. Forums - Join the conversation or start one of your own. Visit the forums.
  2. Lulu Blog- Get the latest inside scoop and behind-the-scenes highlights. Start reading.
  3. Newsletter - Discover new publishing ideas, business-building secrets and more. See the latest.
  4. Lulu Groups - Find like-minded people who share your interests, and start connecting. Jump in now.
  5. Events - From author meetings to international conventions, Lulu is on the road. Find our next stop.
  6. Services Marketplace - Get formatting, publishing and marketing support from service providers with the Lulu stamp of approval.
Now, how about that for a start. Good isn't it. Pick up those pen and get a paper and start writing. It may take time to complete one whole book but, hey, this is what you really want isn't it.

02 November 2009

Earn up to $1,000.00 USD for Each Referral

Refer New Merchants to PayPal and Earn up to $1,000.00 USD for Each Referral. The Merchant Referral Bonus Program rewards you for bringing new businesses to PayPal.

You can start earning Merchant Referral Bonuses with the following methods:

a) Send your personalized referral link in an email to merchants you know
Paypal will provide you your personalized referral link once you registered as paypal referral.

b)Add a referral logo to your website

Put a referral logo on your website by copying the code provide by paypal and pasting it into your website's HTML code:

c)Incorporate PayPal referrals into your payment tools

As a developer or solutions provider, you can integrate PayPal into your e-commerce application by inserting your personalized referral code into Website Payment buttons. This will help ensure that you're compensated for your referrals to PayPal.

So How do you make money with the Merchant Referral Bonus Program?

Each time a new merchant signs up for a PayPal Business or Premier account via the link or banner that you provide, you'll be eligible for a Merchant Referral Bonus. Your referral bonus is tied to the amount the merchant receives via PayPal's Website Payment Tools or Send Money.

You'll immediately start earning 0.5% of the new merchant's revenue — up to $1,000.00 USD — for the first 12 months that the merchant has his PayPal account.

Earn money by directing users to signup with BidVertiser

Place a Referral button or a text link on your site and you will start to earn money when a user clicks on your button or link and signs as an advertiser or a publisher:

There are two way you can earn  money if user sign in as follows:
When a user signs as an advertiser and first spends $10, Bitvertiser will
credit your account with $5. When that same advertiser
spends $50, you will be credited with an additional $20.

When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, Bitvertiser will
credit your account with $10. When that same publisher
earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.

Your earnings will be tracked in your Referral control panel, including clicks, sign-ups and conversions.
Bitvertiser pay monthly, either by check or instantly through your PayPal account with a minimum of only $10.

The process of referral are simple and follow the steps below:

1. User Sign up as for the Referral Program
2. User Choose whether they wish to refer as advertisers or publishers (or both)
3. User Choose their preferred button size or text link
4. Add the Referral code to their website or emails
5. Track their earnings

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