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12 July 2011

Just by being idiots

San Francisco, The department of homeland security ran a series of test to see how hard it was for hackers to corrupt workers and gain access to computer system, but it turn out the other way around. Staff secretly dropped computers discs and USB thumb drive in the parking lots of government buildings and private contractors. Of those of picked them up. 60% plugged the devices or run the disc into their office computers, curious to see what they contained. If the drive or USB case has an official tags or logo, 90% were installed.

Now that shows how easy it is for unknown or spyware , malware programs get into their PC. In spite of all those prevention tools, if we allows this to happens, nothing in the world can prevent it from happening.This shows human are the weak link in the fight to secure networks against sophisticated hackers. We help the hackers to come into our networks just by being idiots.

"There's no device known to mankind that will prevent people from being idiots" said mark Rasch, director of network security and privacy consulting.

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