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12 March 2008


After a long hour working in the office, you feel like your brain giving sign of fatigue and unable to concentrate. Let me guess, may be your brain is in need of a break, after prolong exposure of those annoying buzz of the computers.
Come on give your brain a break by listening to this environmental sound simulating software called Virtual Ambience. The owner of the Virtual Ambience claimed that the software program was created to give his brain a break and form some kind of a relaxation therapy. The program allows the listener to be come fully immersed into the imaginary worlds generated by the sounds. The program randomly selects and plays preloaded sounds effects to simulate being in different environments. The sounds are played at different levels to produce the effects of distance and location.

Briefly some of the features of Virtual Ambience are:

a) First of all, it is completely FREE and cost $0.

b) It has a panel, which shows you all the available ambience sounds that the program can play.

c) Up to 32 simulatenous nature sounds.

d) Background ambience noise with random volume controls.

e) Sound effects with random panning and volume controls.

f) Randomize button.

g) 6 pre-loaded scenarios.

h) Auto mode that controls the sounds settings with a changeable aggression level.

i) High quality realistic sounds.

j) Able to run from system tray.

I have installed them in my Office PC and it kind of helping me to get into a relaxation mood and relieve me from stress. Why not try it. No harm will come to you. If you like it, keep it.

Download the program from :

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