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18 August 2007

Large Income does not equal wealth

Most of our generation nowadays have gain considerable skills and many were brilliant professional, therefore make a lot of money with a monthly income of thousand of dollars. Some may even earn higher wages in the range of ten thousands dollar. Yet, despite the big money, still many of them are no better off than guys who make a few hundred dollars a month. They have crippling mortgages, car loans stretching six to nine years and plenty of credit card bills that never seem to end. No matter how much they try to settle, it doesn’t seem keen to reduce. At the end of the month – sometimes not even the end of the month, much earlier, they are just as broke as everyone else. This is a fact and cannot be denied.

These people have confused a large income with great wealth. For your information, wealth is your net worth. Income is inflow. If you have a big inflow, it may help to built your wealth, but not necessarily so. But if your outflow is equal or greater than inflow, THEN TROUBLE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. SO BEWARE.

It is not how much you are earning that matters; it is how well you manage your income.

Reference: Millionaires are from different Planet! by Azizi Ali.

How do you attract visitors back to your site?

Visitor must have reason to go back to your site. Your site must have content that useful to them. Only then they have reason to go back and visit your site. There are many useful content that attracts visitors and it depend of it quality and usefulness of the content that you provide to them. Below are few examples that I have gather.

a) Updated information such as industry information, science and technology, gadgets, and many more.
b) Timely information such as today top articles, tip of the day/week, quote of the day.
c) Updated product such as updated virus software, update software application, windows 98 update, patches.
d) New product both hardware and software such as application demo, PDF Creator demo, Student edition, Lite edition.
e) Quality freebees such as free reports, tips, and electronic books; free pictures and graphics; free samples, free software, sounds, videos, download and templates.

I have listed below some of the freebies sites :

Freebies and Bargains:


Download HTML authoring tools:

Free Internet Access:

Free online graphic generator for logos, buttons, and more:

Freeware application:


How Much Can You Earn?

Would you quit your job after registering with an affiliate programs? Most probably many of you may not quit yet. However the income earned from affiliate can help pay your monthly car payment or it may help you reduce your credit card balance.

In general, affiliate sales are a big part of online businesses and the numbers of affiliate program is keep growing and expanding everyday throughout the year. Based on the finding by internet consultant Jupiter Communications, affiliate sales account for as much as one quarter of all online spending. Now that’s to me is very encouraging indeed.

What determine the amount of money you will make from affiliate programs? Well, there are three factors; the products you sell, the amount of products you sell and the level of traffic your site gets.

a) The products you sell:
Usually affiliate programs pay you a commission in the range of 4% to 30%. The commission you will gets will depends on certain product you manage to sell. For example pay you commission based on the following two options:

Option 1: Performance Fee Structure
When you join the program you are automatically enrolled in their Performance Fee Structure. The Performance structure allows you to earn higher fees when you generate a sufficient volume of referrals that result in sales at during a month. The higher your referrals, the greater your earnings will be.
Under the Performance Fee Structure, your referral rate will range from 4% to 10%, and be based on your total number of shipped items from both Amazon and third-party sellers. The same rate will apply equally to both Amazon and third-party items and will apply to all referred items shipped during the month. Please refer to the referral rate tier chart below for additional details.

Option 2: Classic Fee Structure
This is their fixed-referral-rate plan. You earn a 4% referral fee on items offered by Amazon or by third parties.
Caps: Personal computers (both desktops and laptops) have referral fees capped at $25, and Unbox Video Downloads are capped at $1.50 per item. No other product lines have their referral fees capped.

Therefore the amount of commission you earn for different products varies.

Please visit for more info at,

b) The amount of product you manage to sell:
Logically speaking, if your site manage to sell 200 items for $60 each will make more than a site that sell only 30 items of the same items, Your ability to lure and sell the products to your site visitor will depends on how well you design your site; how effective is your selling technique, the better the visitor know the product the more chance of it being sold. You need to convince them and I suppose it all to do with “presell”. Think of a good marketing strategy.

c) The level of traffic your site gets:

The more traffic the more chance of selling your products. I think it to do with the quality of your site content. If your content is of good quality, more will visit. Having good quality content is crucial and it will determine how successful your online business is.

13 August 2007

Being an employee.

The most disadvantage of being an employee is the linear income. Linear income means the amount of money that you will be getting at the end of the month is fixed for the whole year and hopefully your salary will only be revised at the end of the year and whether you will be getting a pay rise or otherwise is another story to be told.

Therefore the only way to get more money is to work more (overtime) or get a rise. This may sound encouraging and sometime can be achievable but certainly it is not exactly the fast track to riches. Getting a pay rise also is entirely dependent on your employer, so it is still a lousy choice. And worse, when you are working for a linear income, there’s always a limit to how much you can earn, no matter how much you make an hour.


Money is not an end unto itself, it liberates a person from the monotony of the 40 hour working week; It provides us with the independence to do what each of us really wants to do with our life. What could be more important than that? - from the book “How to Grow Rich” by Frank Newman .

Realisation is one of the ten step action plan that is outlined by Frank Newman in his book and it is summarized as follows:

a)Slavery is alive and well. Without financial independence you are slave.

b)Achieving financial independence will take time, dedication and a lot of hard work.

c)Everyone has the ability to be successful, but very few have the desire nor the commitment.

Can you imagine having to work all your life and not have enough money to pay the bills. You can never become rich working with somebody.

Quotable Quotes

“To live life, one must be prepared to take risks. This life is meant to be lived, and that means to live dangerously” anonymous

11 August 2007

Beware Of the Dream Wreckers

While reading the book Millionaire in me by Azizi Ali, I came a cross a topic which is very relevant to my experience when starting a business years ago. A folks which the author,Azizi, named them “Dream Wrecker”. Dream wreckers are people that will block, discourage, mislead, misinform, misguide and perhaps even try to stop you from reaching your goal. Funny isn’t it. But these kinds of people do exist, now, in this era.

Therefore keep your distance from them. It is your duty and obligation to ignore them and don’t ever let them stop you from reaching your goal.

Unfortunately, most dream wreckers are your closest friends, parent, brothers, sisters, relatives, uncle, aunties, buddies, fellow employees, you name it. They usually mislead and discourage you because they mistakenly believe that it is for your own best interests (they mean well). They are afraid to see you fail and disappointed. Hence they will try their very best to convince you not to do it. Because they themselves have seen their dreams smashed to a thousand pieces against the rocks of life and do not want you to go through the same experience. Just because they fail before, does not gives them the right to sabotage your dreams.
The other kinds of dream wrecker are the jealous, envious and the bad. The worst kinds of them all are the one who will purposely go out to stop you from reaching your goal. They don’t understand why you want to earn more money and become rich. And then quickly brand you as being MATERIALISTIC, a money minded greedy troll.

They claim that successful and rich person do not know how to have fun (because they are busy with making money), missing out on the good life, what if you die tomorrow, would you be able to spend all the money you have?, wouldn’t all that effort , savings, investments and everything else that you are doing be in vain?. These people who claim that I do not know how to have fun cannot even tell me the meaning of the word. And they themselves have no control and have done nothing with their own life. The problem with fun is that we gauge fun on our own scale. But we forget that fun is subjective. What is fun to me may be damn boring for them. Who is right?

In extreme cases, dream wrecker want to prevent you from reaching your goal. In other words, THEY WIN BY SEEING YOU LOSE.

So beware of them. Most importantly, do not let them WRECK your DREAMS.

MAW – “Men Against Wealth”

The other day, I was reading a book entitle “The millionaire in me by Azizi Ali” about the subject of MAW. He said MAW (Men against wealth) has totally opposite view toward money. They view money as something bad and evil. John Chow definitely disagrees this and may encourage him to do more evil to earn more money. Since MAW behave oddly against money, they never ever become wealthy and rich. However this is not necessarily bad since some people have different point of view and their expectation in life are different from others. Some people will be more than satisfy and happy to have a good stable job, stable monthly salary and all the basic necessity (they feel comfortable with their current situation). They don’t complain much in terms of money. In other words, some people have no desire to be a millionaire or make more money. They will say “why should I be a millionaire?”, “Why should I make more money”, “Don’t you know that money is associated with evil (say that to John Chow) as opposed to myself, I would say “I must be a millionaire whether you like it or not”.

For those people who decided to be MAW, let faces it, the moment they choose to live as MAW, they will miss many things, will not see many places and less adventurers. They also have to live with the fact that they only watch the party from a distance. Why is this happening? You know, because all these require that little thing call MONEY. MAW should not be complaining if and when others becoming wealthier. MAW should not envy when others are getting their piece of cake and eating it too. After all, it is their choice. Nobody ask them to do so.

Those who choose against money should not be regretting anything at the age of 65. But I have the feeling that most of them will some how regret for what ever reason it may be, they start thinking may be they had the wrong ideas about money. But then again, it may be too late to regret isn’t it. To end up being old and poor is to me a very tragic situation. It is the ultimate ALCATRAZ – there is no escape from this prison with an exception to Mr. Clint Eastwood.

I bet that this MAW in their later years will be reminiscing about how life has passed them by. They sit down in their rocking chair wondering where did it all go to, they have nothing to look forward or even remember by.

So if you want to be a millionaire, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to change your views about money. Get rid all the negative thoughts of money. Put all these into a trunk lock it and then throw it into the deepest pit that you can find and then destroy the key.

MAW more or less is indeed has discouraged me from achieving my goal. Have you ever meet a MAW before in your life time? You don’t mind telling us about them?

10 August 2007

Spock ? Is it something to do with “Star Trek”?

The name spock is so familiar and it has become a household name for many years. I start watching Star Trek when I was 7 years old and I can still remember what it was like back then. However the thing I wanted to discuss in this article has nothing to do with spock of Star Trek. Spock is actually a new beta version search engine similar to other search engine such as google, yahoo...etc, which was recently launched in the US.
More info from their site at Spock.Com

San Francisco: A US web based company has launched an internet search engine that is especially design to track down the names of the world’s six billion people. OMG!, the claimed that they already indexed 100 million people and is currently adding a million people a day on the invitation only. See beta version of the website as shown above.

The website however has sparked concerns over privacy rights. It founder Jay Bhatti told AFP that their search engine is organizing information about people. Google search engine gives web document result but spock search engine gives results around people. This is how the differentiates them selves from the other search applications. Spock search engine only focus on people.

The spock engine allows user to add information about individuals. Hence help compile full profiles. Their search engine is not enough to understand all the data, therefore to enable them to index people more accurately; depends on the contribution from the community (users of spock).

It good to have all the info of an individual on the net, it help to get to know or search a person easily. But don’t you think it will be abuse and use for bad intention. By acquiring complete profiles of a person certain individual or an organization can or may use such information to their advantages.

In your opinion what do you think will happen or can happen as a result of other people gaining information of this nature? What are the pro and cons? Is it safe to disclose your profile to the world?

09 August 2007

Who is this person?

Failed in business-Bankruptcy, 1831
Defeated for legislature, 1832
Sweetheart, Fiancé Dies, 1835
Nervous Breakdown, 1836
Defeated in Election, 1836
Defeated for Congress, 1843
Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1846
Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1848
Defeated for U.S. Senate, 1855
Defeated for Vice President, 1856
again for U.S. Senate, 1858

I have to solute the said person to have such courage and determination to go forward. Even though after going through all the suffering and many obstacles, he is still determine to go on and keep on trying over and over again and most importantly he never quit.

Elected President of the United State of America, 1860


Guess who is the person I am refering to?

Employee to an Entrepreneur

Have you ever dream of the days when you quit your job and doing full time job at home? You no longer need to fight your way through the rushing hour traffic in the morning and late in the afternoon. When you no longer need to give an excuses such as I not well, I’m on sick leave today? However, it is sad that dream won’t come easily.

Honestly speaking. I always looking forward to that day. I am tired of going to work day after day, doing the same boring job and going no way. Many people are in the same situation as this, right. Therefore I want to share few essentials information that one needs to acquire to enable them to move from employee to become an entrepreneur.

a)Manage your time : You work at day time and run your own business in your spare time usually after work.. Do I hear someone say” I don’t have enough time, I’m tired, I don’t have the energy, bla, bla….. As I said, nothing comes easy in life. Everyone has the same 24 hour a day. Rather than spending your time watching TV, why don't we make use of that time to think or start some thing that can put money in your pocket. You have to prioritize things, and spend time with the most important thing first.

b)Be consistent and have enough patients: It takes time to achieve the result that we want especially in the early stage of your business venture. Some time you may feel frustrated and down in the process. Have faith and believe in yourself. Starting a business is tough and you make mistake, learn from the mistake, improve it and don’t ever quit. I myself have been in this situation before, many times, but I learn something from the business that fail and I will keep trying. Be patient.

c)Discipline yourself: Now this is again harder to follow. But think again. When I first started this blog, I’m clueless what to do next. I said to myself, “this is a waste of time, what am I doing?, what can I get from this? All sort of question whoring my mind. But I make myself believe that I can contribute something to the society, for the good of mankind, sharing my view, experience is to me worth doing rather than keep it to myself. Give and you shall receive. Smile at people and they smile back at you. Punch them and they punch you back. Discipline yourself and you will take a giant step forward to the future you really want!

d)Is it too much to ask?: Success will not come easy. You have to search and walk toward it. You won’t achieve anything without doing something. You won’t get your drink without asking. Even if you need to piss, you have to walk to the loo. In other word, it needs ACTION to get result. It does not matter what is in your mind now. To be an entrepreneur require the right mindset, be determine to get what you want and it does not depend on whom you are today. It is depends on who you will become tomorrow.

What do you think? Do you have a different view that you want to share to all of us?

08 August 2007


I’m fascinated with robotic technology since I was small, I did manage to built one way back 15 years ago during my study at the university. The robot that I designed was not as sophisticated as compare to the robot built nowadays. The robot was named “ Robot Mobile Base “, so it basically a base made of aluminum sheet cut in hexagon shape with two wheels and a controller circuit plus motor drivers amplifier.

(Note: Please Click your browser refresh button to playback the video clip).

Anyway, I found out recently that a new breed of robotic just came out few days ago and now on sale for USD$349.99. The robot was name “PLEO”. It is a robotic dinosaur.
PLEO is different from other similar robotic that I known of. Looking at the following features of PLEO makes one wonder how they do it. I suppose it all to do with the current technology that we have today.
PLEO Features:

a)Happy and Curious: Pleo's natural disposition is alert and inquisitive. He ambles about with a bright eye, swaying tail, and leisurely pace, content to explore the sights, sounds, shapes, and textures of his world—and that, of course, includes you.

b)Senses: Stroke Pleo from head to tail, and he'll blissfully arch his back. Call out to him or shine a light, and see how he responds. Just like us, Pleo experiences the world through his senses.

c)Hatchling : A new Life Form opens his eyes for the first time. Awareness glimmers as Pleo adjusts to the light. His limbs try a tentative stretch. The world is a flood of sensations. He'll notice you as soon as he's ready. Watch… Wait… Nurture… Your soft words and soothing touch are just what he needs.

d)Operating System : UGOBE - Life OS is the complex platform of tools and technologies that enable Pleo's mechanical, electronic, sensory, and AI systems to interact as a lifelike whole.

company website at PleoWorld

07 August 2007

JOB or “Just Obey Boss”

Most people depend on their salary as their main source of income. Having to work to earn your salary is slavery. Why I say this is because an employee is not free to choose the path of their actions. That to me is slavery. But there are so many of us still working for money including me (I hope I not going to work for somebody until retirement). As an employee, we are dependent on our employer to provide us food and shelter. Without them, we have nothing to look forward at the end of the month.

So how do we make ourselves self dependant? Quit your job and start a business? It is not as simple as A,B,C. However there is still a chance that you can be financially independent while remain an employee simply by following the simple steps shown below (may be become a millionaire as well, never judge a book by it cover). All you need to do is to:

a)Make as much money as you possible can. You should earn not less than 2K and do all you can to earn more. Work hard and work smart so that your pay will go up as well. Become an expert in doing your job. Be the best in your field. In other word, aim for higher position and more pay. Learn the art of corporate ladder climbing.

b)Another alternative to a) is spend less. Now this is very difficult since most people usually spend more and left nothing to save.

c)Save part of that money. Make an effort to save a portion of your salary every month.

d)Invest that saving wisely. Choose an investment that pays you higher return but be very careful. Higher return means higher risk.

e)Avoid major financial mistakes. This will eat most of your saving and jeopardize your investment.

Please be reminded that JOBS are temporary source of income and J.O.B means “Just obey boss”.

Wedding at Sheraton Hotel

Last Sunday, on the 5 August 2007, I was invited to attend a wedding held at Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It was my friend wedding and many guest turns up including the royal family of Selangor state. The arrival of guest was scheduled at 8 pm, however to avoid rushing, I came a bit earlier. I came alone by the way.

After registering my name at the allocated counter at the front entrance to the ballroom, I was ushered to a table, which was reserved under Rizal’s friends. Most of the table still empty, so I decided to choose tables no 66. Why am I choose that particular table, I have no idea, maybe to do with the number 66. Anyway, since I have nothing to do besides sitting, no body to talk to except myself, I decided to take some photos. I took the following photos just before the ceremony start.

As you can see, the guests have taken their seats and getting ready to welcome the newly wed couple to enter the hall. In a few minutes time a person then announce the arrival of the couple and a series of rattling drum, a malay traditional music instrument named “kompang” was playing aloud to signal the arrival. Everyone was cheering the lovely couple. The bride and the groom were dressed in a malay traditional costume. Both of them look charming and elegant. I am afraid I was unable to take their photo since I was sitting right at the back and it hard to make you way to the front.

Next, the next agenda is none other than the food. By the way, a live band was playing a sweet sentimental to fill the atmosphere with lovely songs from the latest tune straight to the evergreen. But the first and most importantly thing to do next is to eat, talk later.

The food as shown in the picture is a traditional malay and Chinese cuisine, not bad actually. It tastes good and very filling.

In between, the live band sung a few more songs and later a male singer joined the female singer to sing together.

It was very lively and in fact, there is a video clip presentation as well. It is a video clip of the couple, an interview done earlier by their relatives and friends.

The three strongman of "Unit Sistem Maklumat". The guy at the centre is their gang leader. I won't mention his name if I were you.

After the dinner, the guests were serves with a nice cup of milky sweet custard with strawberry fruit on top and a nicely decorated box of chocolate to take home with you.

Then the time came to say “good bye” to every body. The ceremony ended at about 11.30pm.

06 August 2007

Tips for Blogging

Blogging as all of us come to know nowadays is in fact has been around for many years. When it was first come out everyone was amaze of it capability which enables anybody to post just about anything online for free.

Apart from being free, there are ways to help make writing for your blogs site an easy task. I have listed below some useful tips:

Visit other blogs website: I have visited quite a number of blogger’s website and you can study and learn a lot from them. Read what content they are writing about.

Choose your topic you intended to write wisely: You need to choose a topic before you can start writing.

Defines content: There is a saying in the web industry that “content is king”. This is what people really want. They search the internet to look for information that is useful and interesting.

Consistently update your content: Be consistent in your posting frequency. You need to post as often as possible so as to keep your content up to date and therefore keeps your reader interested.

Be brief but concise. Get to the point. Carefully gather your ideas and write it in a few paragraphs is more than adequate.

Keep up with the current issue. There is always something going on in the industry that is worth mentioning in your site.

Provide links to all the sites that interest you especially the blogs that you often visit and read. By linking to them you exposing yourself to a wider community.

Make yourself accessible to the reader. Don’t give your reader a hard time trying to contact you. Clearly display your email address so readers can contact you. Always reply to their (reader) comment.

Do you have others tips that you want to add to the above list? Or perhaps you have other similar tips that you want to share with us?

05 August 2007

8 Reasons Why Most People Do Not Achieve Financial Success

Reason 1: Lack of “Know How”

The art of making money was not taught at our school system. It is our own effort to gain the necessary knowledge to enable one self to learn and hopefully able to make money in the process.

To be able to acquire the said knowledge is not so easy; it takes time, discipline and effort. Most of us normally don’t read non fiction books. Guess how many average person have read non fictions book in the last year? One? Two? Three?. There’s a good possibility, none of them.
Even the best non-fiction book sells in pitiful numbers, unlike the recent release of J.K.Rowling latest fiction book entitled “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (21 July 2007)”. The books were on sale worldwide and millions of copies were sold, testimony to the different attitude that people have to learning.

To be successful in your pursuit to financial success, you must gain knowledge especially in the art of making money. You can learn by reading, learning and talking (if you have the chance to do so) with those who have been successful, gain from their experience and ways of making money. By the way have you download the e-book from john chow “Making Money Online with John Chow.Com”.
If you haven’t, I recommend you do so.

Reason 2: Failure to set plans

This is also very much the reason why people fail financially. It’s like a “rugby team”. They kick the ball in various directions and when the whistle blows at the age of retirement they wonder what the score was!

Research shows that only 5% of the population set goals and only 2 % have any form of written goals. These people are highly motivated, they are result oriented, they are positive, and most importantly they never quit.

After all that have been said and done, one must have a definite plan. Without a plan it is too easy to drift aimlessly, being tempted by many lures that marketeers dangle to separate you from your money.

Hence, it is not that they plan to fail, but rather they fail to plan.

Reason 3: Inefficient use of time and poor work habits.

In our discussion about financial success, most people will excuse them self by saying “I don’t have time, I haven’t got the time, I’m always busy and many more. Nonsense! Everyone have the same amount of time. Be it prime Minister, the president of America and so on and so forth. These people have the same amount of time as we have. It’s just that these people use their time more efficiently. Therefore be a good time manager and manage your time so you can achieve more.

Reason 4: Poor Debt Management

Everybody borrow money for reason of their own. There’s nothing financially wrong about it, as long as you obeyed one basic rule: the income generated from it must exceed what it costs (investment). Unfortunately most people borrow money to buy consumable or unnecessary items, a term usually called “doodads”. Not only they have to pay interest, but the assets itself loses value.

Reason 5: Lack of desire

People have always asked Robert Kiyosaki (very successful US financial Guru) what make him very determine to get rich. He answered, the primary reason he do it because he has a strong desire to be rich and desire motivates him to act.

Furthermore, a strong desire gives a person confidence and looks for more business opportunity.
Anyone who is content with mediocrity will always be mediocre.

Reason 6: Inadequate protection against unforeseen events

While you are in the path of achieving your financial success, one must have adequate protection against any unforeseen circumstances. For example the death or disablement of the breadwinners. Failure to do so may result in a drastic lost of decades of saving or may even cripple your goal to financial success.

Reason 7: Lack of discipline

To many people to foster the habit of saving is nearly impossible to achieve simply because they buy – save – buy – save while other always buy.

Since it is easy to spend than save (same as it is easier to say yes than no), many will fail to save on consistent basis. Those who lack the discipline to say “no” will find financial success an impossible achievement.

Reason 8: Lack of action

Just thinking of doing it without action is not good enough. It was also mentioned in John Chow e-book that most people fail financially because they didn’t do what they suppose to be doing (to do with financial success). In other words, they lack of action. To achieve anything requires action.

Do you have what it takes to succeed? Do you have what it takes to be rich? Do you have the desire to learn? Do you have a positive mental attitude? Are you willing to make an effort? The list goes on and on.
However if you answered Yes to all of these questions then you are on the right track and able to achieve your goal to financial freedom or success.

04 August 2007

"Messy Cabling"

My recent visit to a file server room in one of the department where my friend work gives me a shock of my life. I can not imagine how unorganized the cabling system are. To believe you have to see it for yourself. On top of that, the room is without air conditioning system. The technical guy said that it has always been like this since years ago. I don’t know how long ago but surprisingly the server is still alive and kicking.

Is being honest crucial to business?

Does being honest affect your business well being? Is honesty important in your pursuit to building wealth? The answer is yes indeed. If you want to be a millionaire, an honest person is an utmost requirement and it will determine whether you will become successful or otherwise in business or even in your career (as mentioned in the book “The millionaire Mind” by Thomas J.Stanley).

To some people, being honest has nothing to do with business. They may say “I am always honest but my business is still small, in fact it going no way”. Another will say, “I’m always honest but I’m still broke.

Yes, it true. Honesty by itself will not make anyone rich (extracted from a book “How to make money as an employee” by Azizi Ali). But without honesty, don’t hope of making it big because it will never be. Because no one will want to do business with dishonest person even though they are clever, smart, business guru, hardworking or as smart as John Chow.

Even to get a cup of coffee, you have to be honest to yourself otherwise...Pay before drink.

Pay yourself first – Save Money

It is a fact of life that most of us having the problem of not being able to save. This problem is very common to all of us the most obvious reason is not having enough to save. However it can be overcome by adopting a simple and most effective method called “PAY YOURSELF FIRST”.

The best ways is to treat your self as a bill, similar to any other bills such as credit card bills, housing loan and many more that must be paid on a consistent basis (hopefully at the end of every month). If you put an effort to pay those bills every end of the month, then you should also put an effort to set aside money to PAY YOURSELF as well.

Put it this way. Which one is more important? Paying the Banks more important than yourself? Is the credit card company, Telecommunication Company or the shopping centre more important than your own life? You know the answer (No). YOU are more important than those companies.

Let me ask you another question. To whom do you think that money you have been working hard, day after day, belong to? Does it belong to the banks and those companies mentioned above? The answer is no, the money is belong to you. You work hard for the money and it must stay with you. In fact you deserve every single cent.

Therefore pay your self first. What I mean is pay as in to save. Hence at the end of every month, the day you get your salary, make an effort of setting aside some money as your savings. As usual the recommended amount is 10% of your net monthly salary should be put aside to saving. However, if you can save more even better. But please be realistic. You know better how much you can save. Learn to better manage your money and as your salary increase so as your saving. Keep this in mind not to tap or meddle the saving to pay for any unnecessary thing such as paying for the new hitech Dopod M500 handphone. The moment you have enough in saving invest it for better return.

8 ways to make and put seven digits in your bank account.

8 ways to make and put seven digits in your bank account.

Making one million dollar is just a pipe dream to many people but is it possible to make that kind of money in one lifetime? I for sure am still trying to figure out the path to guide me and possibly one day I get to that spot. Yes it is possible or may be possible to acquire that much money by following these ideas and who know it may help to put the seven digits in your bank account.

1. You can start by asking $10 from 100,000 people you know. Yes, it sound ridiculous but it works if you know that many people in your lifetime.

2. Think franchise. What about selling something, say, fried “mee” or the local favorite “nasi lemak”. If you sell 1000 packets of “nasi lemak” daily in one location may not be so practical but what if you sell 100 packets in 10 locations (100 x 10 = 1000 packet a day). If you net profit per pack is $1, it may takes you only three years to make that seven digit. Now, I’m asking you it is possible isn’t it? I remember I read sometime ago in a newspaper, a vegetable seller turns millionaire just by selling vegetable for few years in his small mobile store.

3. Pay yourself first. Put aside 10% of your monthly salary in your “seven digit account”. Make it a standing instruction so you won’t forget it. Be patience and watch the compound growing.

4. The $5 scheme. This is a simple plan. You save $5 everyday. That’s not a lot or is it a lot to you? Then, deposit the money in an account that pays an interest of 10% p.a. In 42 years, you will have $1,000,000.00, barring any fluctuations in the interest rate.

5. Invest in education for yourself. Learn a skill. Get an MBA for example. Boost up your qualifications. The more you’re a worth; the more you will be paid. But you have to pay the price by scarifying you time for your family. You tend to spend less time with your family and more to your job. Why? Because you’re the head of the company and you get pay more.

6. Join a reality show. Be a participant on reality show, for example, the reality show” who want to be a millionaire”. If you are lucky, you might win the grand prize of $1,000,000.00. Another way is, the most common way is to buy a lottery (big sweep lottery currently giving away $13,000,000.00 for the 1st prize).

7. Be an entrepreneur. Start a business or any business that you think can make you money, lot of money. Someone once said: “if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day”. I don’t quite understood this remarks but my comment is: if you like your job, say doing business and make money, very soon you become good at it, very good that people want you to do more and more, you tend to work harder and at the end you get tired. You’re suppose to make your life easy not end up getting tired and more tired. Anyway that is my opinion but it sound like a great way to get rich.

8. Go online. May be you have a great idea, like the student in England, making millions by selling pixel in his site ( or maybe you could be the next famous online infopreneur, the great John Chow ( earning an average monthly income of $ 12,000.00 via his website.

There are a lot of ways to make money out there but to decide which one suit you best is solely depend on you. What interest you the most and most importantly, are you ready to take the challenge to start your own business or do something to make you more money?

02 August 2007


Guess what. I was looking at a website about email time capsule. The site claim that you can send your email to an email address you specified on the date you choose. You can choose the exact date, up to 100 years from now and the service is completely free. How ridiculous it may seems but some people find it very exciting. When you click the tab “view public entries” it will show you what people have been sending via email to the future.

I for a reason can’t imagine such service may still exist in the future, Common be realistic, the said site may not even exist in the future say 100 years from now. Is there a guarantee that your email will be delivered to you in the future. Exactly, no body knows for sure. But than again, for the sake of curiosity and of cause, just to try, no harm done, it may create a wonderful feeling to someone. Judging from their email as shown in the “view public entries”, excitement, over joy, wondering, as if one is lost for word trying to express oneself or figuring what message to send.

I guess most of us might not be able to receive the email another 100 years from now. Anyway, feel free to visit their site at Free Email Capsules.

You have nothing to lose. In fact they even warned you to edit your email address if ever your email address change or else you may never get your email address. Fair enough don’t you think?

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