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02 August 2007


Guess what. I was looking at a website about email time capsule. The site claim that you can send your email to an email address you specified on the date you choose. You can choose the exact date, up to 100 years from now and the service is completely free. How ridiculous it may seems but some people find it very exciting. When you click the tab “view public entries” it will show you what people have been sending via email to the future.

I for a reason can’t imagine such service may still exist in the future, Common be realistic, the said site may not even exist in the future say 100 years from now. Is there a guarantee that your email will be delivered to you in the future. Exactly, no body knows for sure. But than again, for the sake of curiosity and of cause, just to try, no harm done, it may create a wonderful feeling to someone. Judging from their email as shown in the “view public entries”, excitement, over joy, wondering, as if one is lost for word trying to express oneself or figuring what message to send.

I guess most of us might not be able to receive the email another 100 years from now. Anyway, feel free to visit their site at Free Email Capsules.

You have nothing to lose. In fact they even warned you to edit your email address if ever your email address change or else you may never get your email address. Fair enough don’t you think?

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