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10 August 2007

Spock ? Is it something to do with “Star Trek”?

The name spock is so familiar and it has become a household name for many years. I start watching Star Trek when I was 7 years old and I can still remember what it was like back then. However the thing I wanted to discuss in this article has nothing to do with spock of Star Trek. Spock is actually a new beta version search engine similar to other search engine such as google, yahoo...etc, which was recently launched in the US.
More info from their site at Spock.Com

San Francisco: A US web based company has launched an internet search engine that is especially design to track down the names of the world’s six billion people. OMG!, the claimed that they already indexed 100 million people and is currently adding a million people a day on the invitation only. See beta version of the website as shown above.

The website however has sparked concerns over privacy rights. It founder Jay Bhatti told AFP that their search engine is organizing information about people. Google search engine gives web document result but spock search engine gives results around people. This is how the differentiates them selves from the other search applications. Spock search engine only focus on people.

The spock engine allows user to add information about individuals. Hence help compile full profiles. Their search engine is not enough to understand all the data, therefore to enable them to index people more accurately; depends on the contribution from the community (users of spock).

It good to have all the info of an individual on the net, it help to get to know or search a person easily. But don’t you think it will be abuse and use for bad intention. By acquiring complete profiles of a person certain individual or an organization can or may use such information to their advantages.

In your opinion what do you think will happen or can happen as a result of other people gaining information of this nature? What are the pro and cons? Is it safe to disclose your profile to the world?

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