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07 August 2007

Wedding at Sheraton Hotel

Last Sunday, on the 5 August 2007, I was invited to attend a wedding held at Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It was my friend wedding and many guest turns up including the royal family of Selangor state. The arrival of guest was scheduled at 8 pm, however to avoid rushing, I came a bit earlier. I came alone by the way.

After registering my name at the allocated counter at the front entrance to the ballroom, I was ushered to a table, which was reserved under Rizal’s friends. Most of the table still empty, so I decided to choose tables no 66. Why am I choose that particular table, I have no idea, maybe to do with the number 66. Anyway, since I have nothing to do besides sitting, no body to talk to except myself, I decided to take some photos. I took the following photos just before the ceremony start.

As you can see, the guests have taken their seats and getting ready to welcome the newly wed couple to enter the hall. In a few minutes time a person then announce the arrival of the couple and a series of rattling drum, a malay traditional music instrument named “kompang” was playing aloud to signal the arrival. Everyone was cheering the lovely couple. The bride and the groom were dressed in a malay traditional costume. Both of them look charming and elegant. I am afraid I was unable to take their photo since I was sitting right at the back and it hard to make you way to the front.

Next, the next agenda is none other than the food. By the way, a live band was playing a sweet sentimental to fill the atmosphere with lovely songs from the latest tune straight to the evergreen. But the first and most importantly thing to do next is to eat, talk later.

The food as shown in the picture is a traditional malay and Chinese cuisine, not bad actually. It tastes good and very filling.

In between, the live band sung a few more songs and later a male singer joined the female singer to sing together.

It was very lively and in fact, there is a video clip presentation as well. It is a video clip of the couple, an interview done earlier by their relatives and friends.

The three strongman of "Unit Sistem Maklumat". The guy at the centre is their gang leader. I won't mention his name if I were you.

After the dinner, the guests were serves with a nice cup of milky sweet custard with strawberry fruit on top and a nicely decorated box of chocolate to take home with you.

Then the time came to say “good bye” to every body. The ceremony ended at about 11.30pm.

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