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06 August 2007

Tips for Blogging

Blogging as all of us come to know nowadays is in fact has been around for many years. When it was first come out everyone was amaze of it capability which enables anybody to post just about anything online for free.

Apart from being free, there are ways to help make writing for your blogs site an easy task. I have listed below some useful tips:

Visit other blogs website: I have visited quite a number of blogger’s website and you can study and learn a lot from them. Read what content they are writing about.

Choose your topic you intended to write wisely: You need to choose a topic before you can start writing.

Defines content: There is a saying in the web industry that “content is king”. This is what people really want. They search the internet to look for information that is useful and interesting.

Consistently update your content: Be consistent in your posting frequency. You need to post as often as possible so as to keep your content up to date and therefore keeps your reader interested.

Be brief but concise. Get to the point. Carefully gather your ideas and write it in a few paragraphs is more than adequate.

Keep up with the current issue. There is always something going on in the industry that is worth mentioning in your site.

Provide links to all the sites that interest you especially the blogs that you often visit and read. By linking to them you exposing yourself to a wider community.

Make yourself accessible to the reader. Don’t give your reader a hard time trying to contact you. Clearly display your email address so readers can contact you. Always reply to their (reader) comment.

Do you have others tips that you want to add to the above list? Or perhaps you have other similar tips that you want to share with us?

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