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11 August 2007

MAW – “Men Against Wealth”

The other day, I was reading a book entitle “The millionaire in me by Azizi Ali” about the subject of MAW. He said MAW (Men against wealth) has totally opposite view toward money. They view money as something bad and evil. John Chow definitely disagrees this and may encourage him to do more evil to earn more money. Since MAW behave oddly against money, they never ever become wealthy and rich. However this is not necessarily bad since some people have different point of view and their expectation in life are different from others. Some people will be more than satisfy and happy to have a good stable job, stable monthly salary and all the basic necessity (they feel comfortable with their current situation). They don’t complain much in terms of money. In other words, some people have no desire to be a millionaire or make more money. They will say “why should I be a millionaire?”, “Why should I make more money”, “Don’t you know that money is associated with evil (say that to John Chow) as opposed to myself, I would say “I must be a millionaire whether you like it or not”.

For those people who decided to be MAW, let faces it, the moment they choose to live as MAW, they will miss many things, will not see many places and less adventurers. They also have to live with the fact that they only watch the party from a distance. Why is this happening? You know, because all these require that little thing call MONEY. MAW should not be complaining if and when others becoming wealthier. MAW should not envy when others are getting their piece of cake and eating it too. After all, it is their choice. Nobody ask them to do so.

Those who choose against money should not be regretting anything at the age of 65. But I have the feeling that most of them will some how regret for what ever reason it may be, they start thinking may be they had the wrong ideas about money. But then again, it may be too late to regret isn’t it. To end up being old and poor is to me a very tragic situation. It is the ultimate ALCATRAZ – there is no escape from this prison with an exception to Mr. Clint Eastwood.

I bet that this MAW in their later years will be reminiscing about how life has passed them by. They sit down in their rocking chair wondering where did it all go to, they have nothing to look forward or even remember by.

So if you want to be a millionaire, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to change your views about money. Get rid all the negative thoughts of money. Put all these into a trunk lock it and then throw it into the deepest pit that you can find and then destroy the key.

MAW more or less is indeed has discouraged me from achieving my goal. Have you ever meet a MAW before in your life time? You don’t mind telling us about them?

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