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09 August 2007

Employee to an Entrepreneur

Have you ever dream of the days when you quit your job and doing full time job at home? You no longer need to fight your way through the rushing hour traffic in the morning and late in the afternoon. When you no longer need to give an excuses such as I not well, I’m on sick leave today? However, it is sad that dream won’t come easily.

Honestly speaking. I always looking forward to that day. I am tired of going to work day after day, doing the same boring job and going no way. Many people are in the same situation as this, right. Therefore I want to share few essentials information that one needs to acquire to enable them to move from employee to become an entrepreneur.

a)Manage your time : You work at day time and run your own business in your spare time usually after work.. Do I hear someone say” I don’t have enough time, I’m tired, I don’t have the energy, bla, bla….. As I said, nothing comes easy in life. Everyone has the same 24 hour a day. Rather than spending your time watching TV, why don't we make use of that time to think or start some thing that can put money in your pocket. You have to prioritize things, and spend time with the most important thing first.

b)Be consistent and have enough patients: It takes time to achieve the result that we want especially in the early stage of your business venture. Some time you may feel frustrated and down in the process. Have faith and believe in yourself. Starting a business is tough and you make mistake, learn from the mistake, improve it and don’t ever quit. I myself have been in this situation before, many times, but I learn something from the business that fail and I will keep trying. Be patient.

c)Discipline yourself: Now this is again harder to follow. But think again. When I first started this blog, I’m clueless what to do next. I said to myself, “this is a waste of time, what am I doing?, what can I get from this? All sort of question whoring my mind. But I make myself believe that I can contribute something to the society, for the good of mankind, sharing my view, experience is to me worth doing rather than keep it to myself. Give and you shall receive. Smile at people and they smile back at you. Punch them and they punch you back. Discipline yourself and you will take a giant step forward to the future you really want!

d)Is it too much to ask?: Success will not come easy. You have to search and walk toward it. You won’t achieve anything without doing something. You won’t get your drink without asking. Even if you need to piss, you have to walk to the loo. In other word, it needs ACTION to get result. It does not matter what is in your mind now. To be an entrepreneur require the right mindset, be determine to get what you want and it does not depend on whom you are today. It is depends on who you will become tomorrow.

What do you think? Do you have a different view that you want to share to all of us?

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