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08 August 2007


I’m fascinated with robotic technology since I was small, I did manage to built one way back 15 years ago during my study at the university. The robot that I designed was not as sophisticated as compare to the robot built nowadays. The robot was named “ Robot Mobile Base “, so it basically a base made of aluminum sheet cut in hexagon shape with two wheels and a controller circuit plus motor drivers amplifier.

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Anyway, I found out recently that a new breed of robotic just came out few days ago and now on sale for USD$349.99. The robot was name “PLEO”. It is a robotic dinosaur.
PLEO is different from other similar robotic that I known of. Looking at the following features of PLEO makes one wonder how they do it. I suppose it all to do with the current technology that we have today.
PLEO Features:

a)Happy and Curious: Pleo's natural disposition is alert and inquisitive. He ambles about with a bright eye, swaying tail, and leisurely pace, content to explore the sights, sounds, shapes, and textures of his world—and that, of course, includes you.

b)Senses: Stroke Pleo from head to tail, and he'll blissfully arch his back. Call out to him or shine a light, and see how he responds. Just like us, Pleo experiences the world through his senses.

c)Hatchling : A new Life Form opens his eyes for the first time. Awareness glimmers as Pleo adjusts to the light. His limbs try a tentative stretch. The world is a flood of sensations. He'll notice you as soon as he's ready. Watch… Wait… Nurture… Your soft words and soothing touch are just what he needs.

d)Operating System : UGOBE - Life OS is the complex platform of tools and technologies that enable Pleo's mechanical, electronic, sensory, and AI systems to interact as a lifelike whole.

company website at PleoWorld

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