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11 August 2007

Beware Of the Dream Wreckers

While reading the book Millionaire in me by Azizi Ali, I came a cross a topic which is very relevant to my experience when starting a business years ago. A folks which the author,Azizi, named them “Dream Wrecker”. Dream wreckers are people that will block, discourage, mislead, misinform, misguide and perhaps even try to stop you from reaching your goal. Funny isn’t it. But these kinds of people do exist, now, in this era.

Therefore keep your distance from them. It is your duty and obligation to ignore them and don’t ever let them stop you from reaching your goal.

Unfortunately, most dream wreckers are your closest friends, parent, brothers, sisters, relatives, uncle, aunties, buddies, fellow employees, you name it. They usually mislead and discourage you because they mistakenly believe that it is for your own best interests (they mean well). They are afraid to see you fail and disappointed. Hence they will try their very best to convince you not to do it. Because they themselves have seen their dreams smashed to a thousand pieces against the rocks of life and do not want you to go through the same experience. Just because they fail before, does not gives them the right to sabotage your dreams.
The other kinds of dream wrecker are the jealous, envious and the bad. The worst kinds of them all are the one who will purposely go out to stop you from reaching your goal. They don’t understand why you want to earn more money and become rich. And then quickly brand you as being MATERIALISTIC, a money minded greedy troll.

They claim that successful and rich person do not know how to have fun (because they are busy with making money), missing out on the good life, what if you die tomorrow, would you be able to spend all the money you have?, wouldn’t all that effort , savings, investments and everything else that you are doing be in vain?. These people who claim that I do not know how to have fun cannot even tell me the meaning of the word. And they themselves have no control and have done nothing with their own life. The problem with fun is that we gauge fun on our own scale. But we forget that fun is subjective. What is fun to me may be damn boring for them. Who is right?

In extreme cases, dream wrecker want to prevent you from reaching your goal. In other words, THEY WIN BY SEEING YOU LOSE.

So beware of them. Most importantly, do not let them WRECK your DREAMS.

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