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24 September 2010


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This is not new really. It happens every now and then. Many people get conned by some brainy person who have the guts to run a phony FOREX investment website that look very convincing. My friend due to quick rich making machine i.e. forex scam get involve and invested his hard earn money for quick buck.

I sensed something is not right and too good to be true with the company Edgar International, a foreign exchange investment company when in just one day you start making money for just a few hundred dollar initial investment. 

Referring to the movie wall street - GREED IS GOOD, I don't know about you but Greed is Dangerous to me. Even the word Greed is not good at all. No one wants to be associated with Greed.

I have made my point that greed makes people go crazy for money and you know what, if you don not know what you are up to it is already a sign of trouble. When you make a mistake in investment, you make a big mistake. So now what? Is Money is the root of all evil? No, not using your brain and common sense is the root of all evil in investment.

You have been warned. Better be safe then sorry, stop believing in quick buck scheme. I feel sorry for them really but hey you made a choice and whether you want to keep that decision it is entirely up to you.

30 July 2010

Photovoltaic Systems Defined and Rationalized

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2/1/2010 12:50:29 PM
In this day and age when crude oil prices are soaring, the weather seems to be getting worse every year due to global warming, and the growing population which consumes more energy than ever, there needs to be some alternatives to our aging energy solutions. At our current rate, the world consumes energy at an estimated two percent growth annually. This would mean that the world-wide energy consumption will have doubled in the year 2040 compared to that of just three years ago. [1]
Based upon this fact the world has been working on improving our energy systems. There are many solutions that exist and have existed for many years, but these resources need to be captured and incorporated into an efficient system . One resource that we can use for energy is wind. As one might have noticed, windmills have been going up all over the place. Another resource for energy can come from using the power generated from the world's oceans. This energy is captured through the ocean's waves, but cannot be effectively captured in all parts of the world.
Although both of these and more exist, this article will focus on Photovoltaic Systems. Also known as a PV System, it utilizes photovoltaic cells, and solar energy from the Sun. Of course, solar energy from the Sun can more specifically be defined as the photon energy originally from the sun’s radiation in the wavelength region from 0.3 to 2.7 micrometers. The main component used in a PV System is the photovoltaic cell, also known as the solar cell. The solar cell is a semiconductor device that converts photons from the sun into electricity. Using the energy captured from the Sun this electricity can be used to power the grids that already exist without the need for replacing the whole system. This has to be one of the key benefits from a cost standpoint.
Speaking of cost, due to recent popularity, the cost of solar panels (consisting of thousands of cells combined into one ), has been steadily decreasing. This is just one obstacle that has to be overcome before we can implement this solution. Another obstacle is the fact that it is only practical in tropical regions. The best spots for the technology are in areas far from the areas that consume the most energy. This is due the space heating that occurs in the north because of the lesser solar insulation. Continuing, obviously the Sun is only out during the day, therefore we need to figure out a way to store this energy during the night. The final obstacle is the need to convert the DC power that is generated into AC power.
The good news is that these obstacles can be overcome. The benefits far outweigh these disadvantages. For instance, solar power generates very little environmental pollution, although pollution due to the manufacturing of silicon, etc., cannot be neglected.  Also, once the systems are in place, they need very little supervision and/or maintenance. This fact will account to the overall cost of running a facility due to a smaller staff. Another advantage is that the Sun is available to at least half of the world at any given moment. The greatest advantage is that apart from a catastrophic event, the Sun is not going to burn out any time soon. Unlike oil, we will not have to worry about running out, and because the Sun is available to everyone, as an added benefit, wars for oil can end.
PV systems can be found much more commonly in smaller applications around the homes. Lighting is by far the most common thing noticed around the common household. Nightlights, outdoor lighting, and even the headlights on your vehicle may be taking advantage of smaller, but nonetheless PV systems. Hopefully, these are just the start to much greater PV systems.  
Soon one will be able to buy an all electric car developed by General Motors. The Volt is its name and unlike a hybrid vehicle which incorporates two systems, the Volt runs on a single electric engine. There is another engine which uses gasoline, but is used as a generator, and is not used to move the vehicle. The car runs on the electric charge for 40 miles before using the generator for power, and will charge in six hours. Another electric vehicle is made by Tesla Motors, and is named the Tesla Roadster. Just last October in Australia, the Roadster was driven 313 miles on a single charge which is a new record. These cars will be available over the next few years, but are just an example of how electric systems overall will impact our future.
In utilizing PV systems, it may one day be possible to have a fully renewable resource system which will impact the generations to come. In doing so, all lives will be improved as our footprint will be smaller on Earth and as a planet we can continue to strive.

18 July 2010

Strange But True

Electric Iron was first invented in 1882 by a person named Henry Seely. He was ahead of his time. No wonder his surname is named seely because he can see the future. After 128 years the design of Iron has not change much. Very strange but true…

The above images is extracted from the book Discoveries - Great Inventions


When was the last time you try to view MS document only to be disappointed because the current msoffice in your PC can’t read the MS document usually in docx format as it is created using the latest MS Office 2007 and 2010. You need to download docx viewer and not everybody has immediate access to the internet. Again not everyone has the money to upgrade their current MS office every time a new version came out (if you do, Bill Gates will be very happy because you make money for him and that how he became the richest man on earth).

Well enough with MS office, let us focus on AbiWord instead. AbiWord is an open source application and it is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. Although not as famous and outstanding compare to MSoffice but hey it FREE and it is good enough for typing papers, letters, reports, memos, and so forth. For those who do not have the budget and refuse to use pirated MS office then AbiWord is the answer.

The good thing about AbiWord is that it is able to read and write all industry standard document types, such as documents, Microsoft Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML web pages and many more. Now that what I call universal word processor.

Unlike MS office, you can’t read OTD format. I once write a report using openoffice and I became very stressful instead (nearly going banana) because I am unable to view and print the document using my friend’s PC that has a printer and MS office installed.
  • Use tables, bullets, lists, images, footnotes, endnotes and styles to enhance the way your document    looks.
  • AbiWord is available in most common and many not-so-common languages.
  • Built-in spelling checker. Dictionaries exist for over 30 languages.
  • Supports right-to-left, left-to-right, and mixed-mode text.
  • Mail Merge capabilities.
  • A variety of plugins can be used to extend AbiWord´s functionality, ranging from Document Importers to a Thesaurus, Image Importers and a Text Summarizer.

30 June 2010

Free network diagnostics & host monitoring

NetTools is free and comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface.

  •  Allows you to monitor the availability of several hosts and their response times over time. It provides alerting capability to notify you in case of connection problems.
  • A visual replacement for Windows ping, with a 5-minute history.
  •  Fast traceroute shows you information about every host on the route, its response time and packets lost.
  •  Similar to nslookup, but shows you all the DNS and WHOIS records at once.
  • In case you would like to know how fast your network is.
  •  With this tool you can check the quality of network hardware in your LAN.
  •  Allows you to check for all open ports and running services.
  •  Just enter the IP range to check and you will quickly get a list of nodes and the services running on them.
  • A Full SNMP browser, which you can use even if you don't know a thing about SNMP.

A very useful network tools for Network Technician or to a person who look after computer networking. Click to download NetTools for FREE at NetTools

19 June 2010

A Pint Sized Roller Skating Robot

Japanese Giant Company Hitachi had successfully invented first of it kind Robot that able to move across minor bumps and wires on the floor without tripping. “The robot can control its posture similar to humans do when we jumping on inline skates” said Yuji Hosoda, Chief Researcher at place’s Transportation System Department, at the robot Tokyo Launch.

The Robot stands at 80 cm in height and weight 14kg. It is equipped with 14 microphones fitted into its helmet and sensitive enough to pick up human voice in a noisy environment (filtering technology). It is fitted with wheels on both legs for smooth mobility and moves at maximum 6km/hour (average fast walking speed for a human adult).

EMIEW 2 has the same voice communication, and obstacle evasion technology* which enables safe maneuvering between moving objects, as in EMIEW 1, but with the addition of autonomous moving technology which plots how to reach a destination by automatically mapping the robot's surroundings. Incorporation of these three technologies enables EMIEW2 to navigate through corridors, around obstacles, weave between moving people, guide visitors to their destinations, and deliver drinks and documents.
* Developed as part of a joint research project between Tsukuba University and Hitachi, Ltd. This technology incorporates the results of cooperative research conducted by Professor Takashi TSUBOUCHI, Shinichi YUTA (Director of Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research Center), and Hitachi's Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory.

Robot Emiew2 Specifications:

Feature Details Dimensions 800mm (h), 300mm (w), 250 (d)  
Weight 13kg  
Moving mechanism 2/4-wheel transformable wheeled leg-type mechanism  
Speed 6km/h  
Max.Acceleration 2m/s2  
Degrees of freedom 27 points  
Power Li-ion battery (approx. 1 hour operation/full charge)  
Communication 14 channel; distant voice recognition using microphone array  
Environment recognition Map generation and localization using a scanning range finder.

More info click this link : EMIEW2

04 June 2010

Few things that you should take care of before your retirement

What I am suggesting below may not be applicable to certain individual. This is just a guideline to better prepare your retirement before it too late. Some may take this for granted because they think it still a long way to retirement and why should I worried too much about it.

a) Start saving for retirement as earlier as possible. The earlier you save, the more you will save.
b) Start your EPF contribution (Employee Retirement Fund for Malaysian Citizen).
c) Learn to manage your spending and expenditures.
d) Buy or build your own house. Buy more houses if you can afford.
e) Educate yourself on Managing Fund or financial matters.
f) Take good care of your health. Eat well balanced healthy food. Don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol (don’t be alcoholic). Exercise often to maintain good health.
g) Ensure you have fire insurance for the house. You don’t want to use your retirement saving to rebuild your house if your house is on fire do you?
h) Do do not take on bad debt e.g. buying consumer items such as LCD display on credits or buying expensive gadget using your credit card and so on. Unless you know how to manage and clear off the credit card outstanding on time.
i) Learn to invest and invest in selected unit trusts.
j) Learn new or upgrade your skills to help you earn more money.
k) If you are technical person, update your knowledge and do your very best to carry out your job so you can be promoted and earn more money. More money, more saving.
Not having enough money on retirement is the worst thing that can happen to you if you are not prepared and it can be a nightmare or worst still it can drive you mad.

12 May 2010

Ten Unhealthy Emotions

Listed below are the ten unhealthy emotions that we should not allowed in our thinking. Unhealthy thinking is inefficient and bad for us mentally. Unhealthy thinking is a waste of time. By identifying your unhealthy thinking, you can change or stop your thoughts and quickly switch to healthy and productive modes of thinking.

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Disappointment
  • Frustration
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Rejection
  • Resentment
  • Sadness
  • Stress

“Thoughts create feelings, so if you change your thoughts you will change the way you feel”

You can change how you react to certain situation by changing your thought then selecting your attitude and adopting a behaviour. If you feel sad, you have the choice stay sad or feel happy. If you want to feel happy then change your thought to something that make you happy.

You can learn to change your thoughts by following Dr.Tom’s methods he called Emotional Algebra. Buy the book and learn the technique.

Reference : Healthy Thinking by Dr.Tom Mulholland.

Depression – a disease of loneliness

Medically it is due to low levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. Depression is a form of mental disorder and it must be treated accordingly otherwise it will cause many problems to the person, physically and mentally. It may to certain point of time become a life treating situation (took your own life).

What actually caused or triggered it remains a mystery till today. I myself have been suffering depression for many years and I have seen doctors and took their prescription and advice but with little improvement.

I have read a book written by Dr.Tom MulhollandHEALTHY THINKING – How to Turn Life’s lemons into Lemonade and it all about turning negative thinking into positive thinking. It very difficult to change, adjust or trying to think differently, the opposite of what is currently in your mind or how you feel at that time. In order to successfully able to think positively one must have strong will power, discipline, determination, believe, faith, never give up easily and many others.

Dr.Tom says that thinking or worrying about something will not going to change anything. If you want something to change, then start think positively and strategize a technique or ways to deal the matter. If everything else fails, dump the matter and keep going ahead. Life has to go on no matter what. You can control what is going on by controlling your attitude (not thinking right)

If you feel depress or have been diagnosed to have depression then this is the book for you.

06 May 2010


The other day I was with friend browsing the mall and I stumbled upon a digital signature ( LCD Display showing Advertisement or information to customer) installed at the shop selling toys and it is fascinate to see this new trend of digital advertising are getting more popular and common to places like the hyper market, shopping lots, Hotels, schools and many more. It is more dynamic, colourful, attractive and more importantly it gives more info in comparison to static advertisement.

I decided to experiment and Google the word digital signature to see if I can get hold of free software to generate the digital advertisement. After much attempt and patience I finally settle for this particular software from a company named Displayop. I downloaded the Free Edition. This is a free digital signage software for schools, clubs, public services, commercial and business.

The Free Edition is a standalone time-unlimited version of DisplayOp and able to manage a connected display, player-pc, projector or other display device. The Free Edition can also be installed on multiple PCs. But if you need additional features, you can always upgrade to Professional or Enterprise DisplayOp where you can access additional functions such as time management, the central player management, monitoring, etc. fall back.
Examples of the use of DisplayOp Free Edition (one single display)
  • Representation plans in schools
  • Welcoming reception or display on the foyer
  • Employee information
  • menus in cafeteria

Give it a try and who know it may help boost your company services or products.

21 March 2010

Quickly clean your Hard Drive

CCleaner v2.29

CCleaner Version 2.29 of CCleaner is faster, more compatible, and detects more applications… just another day in the life of the Piriform team!
For those of you who use the advanced features, you'll also appreciate the improvements we've made in these areas. Read on.
Multiple File Types in one Include/Exclude entry
Prior to CCleaner v2.29, if you wanted to specify file types in CCleaner's INI file using Include or Exclude, you had to specify each file type on a separate line. This had the effect of slowing CCleaner down, since it had to run multiple scans.
With v2.29, you can now specify multiple file types within a single Include or Exclude line. Here's the syntax:


Where TYPE is PATH, FILE or REG.

(If you add RECURSE, CCleaner will include items in the stated path as well as its subfolders. This is only supported for the Include command, not the Exclude command.)

Full change log:

CCleaner v2.29.1111
  • Improved speed when loading Cleaner screen.
  • Improved Registry Cleaner speed when displaying issues.
  • Improved Registry Cleaner performance when fixing issues.
  • Changed Wipe MFT Free Space to run before Wipe Disk Free Space.
  • Improved Include and Exclude screen when browsing for folders and files.
  • Added Recursive support to Custom folders in Include screen.
  • Added support to specify multiple file types for Custom folders in Include screen and INI files.
  • Improved how Language Resource DLLs are loaded into memory.
  • Improved application detection algorithm.
  • Improved internal communication between process threads.
  • Improved file scanning when scanning system folders.
  • Improved Windows 7 and IE8 support.
  • Minor GUI text changes.
Click here to download.

Also please sign up for the newsletter while you're there, so you can get information about our latest releases and new software.

11 March 2010

I don't have to see your stupid face anymore...

The picture speaks for itself...You don't want to end up like this fellow so be careful....whatever you do think of the possibilities like don't boil water in the office and leave it unattended on the table...they may be somebody who might not like you and put poison into the water you have just boiled...

22 February 2010

How to make copyright symbol © for your blog or website

I have been using the wrong symbol all this while for copyright ©. I have frequently used the @ for copyright symbol for almost four years and I did not bother to check until someone pointed it out.

The following methods should work for all PC keyboards when you need to type a copyright © symbol. It should work on WYSIWYG html programs when you insert copyright © symbols and of course any word processor where you need to make a copyright © symbol with your keyboard from standard fonts installed.
Now let us begin.

Hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time and press C ;   Ctrl+Alt+C

Or try the following;

Hold down Alt and type 0169 on the number pad (right hand side of your keyboard) Alt+0169

And for mac user try the following;

Hold down Option at the same time and press 'g'to get the copyright symbol.


Miss You In A Heartbeat

This songs is very touching and sentimental. Eventhough it quite old and considered classic, it still have that ballad kind of mood that makes you wanna to sing along.

Long Long Way to Go

I have been Def Leppard Fan for many years, in fact since their album Hysteria, which is one of my favourite albums. The sound coming out from this band is fantastic. I considered it a modern heavy metal due to the use of Electronic Drum machine and others electronic music gadget. One of the greatest band groups of the eighties. Def Leppard is still active till today.

16 February 2010

Portable Guitar Amplifier

This is the big brother of the tiny guitar amplifier ( It measured 4" x 2" x 1.6" and sound almost 3db louder than the tiny amp. It still use 9V battery to operate and headphone socket is features in this model so you can practice in peace and also a DC external 9v supply socket.

The next model to come very soon will have 3 Band EQ to add spice to amp as well as effect processor such flanger, Metal, Reverb and chorus.

12 February 2010

How to get more money at the beginning of every month

This is very common to most people. Not having enough at the beginning of every month (money leftover after paying all that debts). It almost does not make any sense at all. We worked just enough to pay the bills and food and not much extra left to buy the thing that you always wanted. Not forgetting that boring routine job we are force to do every day and at the end of the day, we are getting no way. Time fly very fast. I still remember the day I utter the word “financially sound” 15 years ago and now I am still the same old me. The only different is that I am getting old.

Then almost everyday you start question to yourself “when is this going to stop?” “When am I starting getting enough money to retire comfortably?” This, my friend will never be answered, believe me, I am in the same boat as you. If we don’t stop complaining and asking that same stupid question we will end up going no way but still at the same spot as before. So, my friends let us get rid of this nonsense and start do something, anything to improve our current situation. I am very sure there are many options to make money legally. We have to try and look for it.

Complaining isn’t going to help you to get more money or at least improve your financial problem. Don’t waste your time.

Let us do some thinking like, how to make your hard-earned ringgit (RM) stretch further by adopting a smart and healthier attitude toward money management and be coming a careful money spender.

Let us begin by looking at where all the money goes (out of our pocket).


a) Extravagant life style: going out for expensive dinner, eating out more frequently (almost everyday), Spend more at restaurant. Buying the expensive designer clothes (even though we know we cannot afford but for style, who cares), buying unnecessary gadget i.e. expensive latest nokia handphone with TV tuner, MP3 player, 5MP camera and so on. The list can go on.

b) Gambling: Buying the 4D and hoping to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for couple of thousands and then keep on saying the word over and over again “if I won the 1st prize, I am going to spend the money buying all the thing that I have always wanted”. My friend, gambling can be very addictive than smoking or drinking or womanizing. It can drain your saving or whatever amount of money you have like water rushing out of the tap. The simple advice is keep away from gambling except during festive season such as Gong Xi Fa Chai where the gambling must end on Chap Goh Meh.

c) Cigarettes: If you are a heavy smoker, you might not understand the economic significance of a daily packet of cigarettes over a lifetime (if you live longer to see it for yourself). The cost of a packet of cigarettes nowadays is roughly between RM 8.00 to RM10.00 (depending of the brand). If you smoked a packed a day, in a month you have to fork out at least RM 240.00 and in a year you may have spend about RM 2880.00. That my friend a lot of money. If you invested the money, instead you may be getting a handsome return. However, it is easier say than done. To be able to quit smoking is a very hard thing to do to some people but hey, you have to sacrifice something to gain isn’t it.

d) Paying too much interest: I believe most of us have a credit card (at least one). In fact, it is one of the most valuable plastic card you often carry with you wherever you go. But if you use it wisely it actually help you financially but if you use it wrongly, well, you will suffer for it. Those of you carry outstanding balance from month to month is a sure sign of danger and you are force to pay more and more to be able to eventually settle the amount and the moment you paid them in full you will be tempted to use it again. To avoid being in bad debt, manage your credit cards carefully by:

• Paying off your card balance in full every month.

• Using it wisely to take advantage of the 20 day free interest period.

Consolidate your loan : It is more reasonably cheap to pay for one loan than few individually loan. Talk to your bank financial officer to consolidate all your loans. It might help you lower the interest you pay to the banks.

In short, to be able to manage your money carefully, is not that hard to do. It just needs practice, discipline, and strong will power not to buy or spend unnecessarily. Budget for necessities such as Food, Electricity, Petrol and so on. Tackle the one that is most important first. Manage compulsive buying behavior by keeping less cash in the wallet so you are not tempted to spend what you don’t have. Shop with a list. And most importantly is start putting away some percentage of your earning and invest them. Let the money be your servant. Let the money work hard to get you more money. You are the master not the money. You control the money not the money control you.

How to put million $ in your bank account.

Images extracted from

The following ideas can be accomplished only, I will say it again only if you follow the following steps carefully and start early (at young age). It may sound ridiculous but it is achievable. Too many people think that making a million is way beyond their wildest dream but it is still possible, theoretically, to acquire or amaze that amount of money. Anyway you have nothing to lose if you follow the guide below but gain. However don’t blame anyone especially me if you fail to get what you want.

Making one million dollar is just a pipe dream to many people but is it possible to make that kind of money in one lifetime? I for sure am still trying to figure out the path to guide me and possibly one day I get to that spot. Yes it is possible or may be possible to acquire that much money by following these ideas and who know it may help to put the seven digits in your bank account.

1. You can start by asking $10 from 100,000 people you know. Yes, it sound ridiculous but it works if you know that many people in your lifetime.

2. Think franchise. What about selling something, say, fried “mee” or the local favorite “nasi lemak”. If you sell 1000 packets of “nasi lemak” daily in one location may not be so practical but what if you sell 100 packets in 10 locations (100 x 10 = 1000 packet a day). If you net profit per pack is $1, it may takes you only three years to make that seven digit. Now, I’m asking you it is possible isn’t it? I remember I read sometime ago in a newspaper, a vegetable seller turns millionaire just by selling vegetable for few years in his small mobile store.

3. Pay yourself first. Put aside 10% of your monthly salary in your “seven digit account”. Make it a standing instruction so you won’t forget it. Be patience and watch the compound growing.

4. The $5 scheme. This is a simple plan. You save $5 everyday. That’s not a lot or is it a lot to you? Then, deposit the money in an account that pays an interest of 10% p.a. In 42 years, you will have $1,000,000.00, barring any fluctuations in the interest rate.

5. Invest in education for yourself. Learn a skill. Get an MBA for example. Boost up your qualifications. The more you’re a worth; the more you will be paid. But you have to pay the price by scarifying you time for your family. You tend to spend less time with your family and more to your job. Why? Because you’re the head of the company and you get pay more.

6. Join a reality show. You can be a participant on reality show, for example, the reality show” who want to be a millionaire”. If you are lucky, you might win the grand prize of $1,000,000.00. Another way is, the most common way is to buy a lottery (big sweep lottery currently giving away $13,000,000.00 for the 1st prize).

7. Be an entrepreneur. Start a business or any business that you think can make you money, lot of money. Someone once said: “if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day”. I don’t quite understood this remarks but my comment is: if you like your job, say doing business and make money, very soon you become good at it, too good that people want you to do more and more, you tend to work harder and at the end you get tired. You’re suppose to make your life easy not end up getting tired and more tired. Anyway that is my opinion but it sound like a great way to get rich.

8. Go online. May be you have a great idea, like the student in England, making millions by selling pixel in his site ( or maybe you could be the next famous online infopreneur, the great John Chow ( earning an average monthly income of $ 12,000.00 via his website.

There are many ways to make money out there but to decide which one suit you best is solely depend on you. What interest you the most and most importantly, are you ready to take the challenge to start your own business or do something to make you more money? But do not make money illegally cause it not good for your soul.

10 February 2010

Loose vs Lose

Loose means "not tight, not fastened, not fixed"; Lose means "to misplace or fail to win or fail to keep or maintain, fail to get or make use of".

Reference : Collins Gem Dictionary

03 February 2010

Used to vs Use to

Do these two words have the same meaning? Both of them have the same pronunciation, so what makes them different anyway? “Used to” is correct in most instances (“we used to go to the lake every summer”; “I used to know that”). But when it follows did or didn’t, the correct spelling is use to (“that didn’t use to be a problem”).

Reference: The Merriam Webster Dictionary.

How to use Compliment and Complement

I have to admit that I often used these two words incorrectly. Again I am using the Merriam Dictionary as my guide. A compliment is a nice thing to say whereas a complement is something that completes.

Different between Farther and Further

Further and farther, which one should you used? Obviously both of these words refers to something far away and distance but which one to use? Now this is again quite confusing. Let us get back to the dictionary The Merriam Webster Dictionary. The dictionary explained that the word “farther” usually refers to distance ("he ran farther than I did") whereas the word "further" refers to degree or extent "(“she further explained the situation"). 

Bring vs Take

This is rather confusing. When can you use the words “Bring" and "Take"? Does it make any different which ever of these words you use? According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, it all depends. The word “Bring" usually means "to carry to a closer place"; "Take" on the other hand means "to carry to a farther place

28 January 2010

FREE Portable Antivirus

Once a while or perhaps most of the time, you end up very unlucky, with a virus infecting your thumb drive, usually while you are copying documents from some one or your friend’s laptop or PC. Your first reaction would be, what the fcuk is this. You feel very stressful and upset. You’re sitting there thinking, ah yah…not again.

DOWNLOAD  CLAMWIN PORTABLE ANTIVIRUS 0.95.3 ( 6MB download / ~30MB installed)

Your friend forgotten to update his antivirus signature and you stare at his face thinking, how I wish I can bash his balls with a baseball bat. Na…I am just kidding. I am not a bad person you know. Anyway, this small application called ClamWin Portable might come in handy. ClamWin is quite a popular portable antivirus app where you can store it inside your USB portable drive, Thumbdrive, Ipod or similar and carry it inside you pocket.

Hopefully It will more or less gives you a peace of mind knowing you are safe to download doc from your friend’s pc. However like any other antivirus, the ClamWin Portable required update as well.

27 January 2010

Turn your blog into a Book

What a brilliant idea. Turn your blog into a book. There are many ways of doing this but if you want professional looking book then this is the right place or site to be. Visit the site Blog2Print for more info. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is doing a couple of clicks and choose a cover and select the blog post you want to include in the book and next thing you know, you're on your way to creating your own Blog Book! Wow. What a relieved. It safe you time. Below are the lists of thing that you can do with the system.

• You can choose the book Cover

• You can insert an Images of your choice or remove pictures

• You can choose the Number and Order of your Posts

• You can add or remove Comments

Now the best part is you can edit the content of your blog. However, everything will come with a price and this is no exception. It quite pricy, A 20-page softcover Blog Book is just $14.95 Hardcover only $24.95 and extra pages are only 35 cents! NEW! Get a PDF of your Blog Book for only $7.95.

To convince you of their system, Print2Blog also allowed you to try their system.

All you have to do is key in your blog url or address of your blog and click “Print My Blog” button.

FREE Guide to earn money promoting vendor's product

Don't be misled by the title.

This free guide is aimed at the whole spectrum

• From any first timer starting Internet marketing

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Harvey Segal is acknowledged as the world's top ClickBank expert.

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25 January 2010

You chose to believe or not

St Bernadette of Lourdes (died 1879)

She died in 1879 and up till to this day her whole body never decayed. This is not something that can be easily explained scientifically nor do we have other reason to explain. The almighty have shown us that anything is possible if you believe and have faith in him. This is not a hoax or man made body of a woman. St Bernadette does exist as human being not long ago. She has since long gone but her whole body still remains untouched over the years. No body knows why or how this happened except it is the work of the god almighty.

20 January 2010

The Book of Eli, Not Just an Ordinary book, it something...

This is quite an exciting action pack movie, featuring an extraodinary martial arts skill and gangsterism kind of movie,...but not the usual scenario and man mission to spread the good news of the Holy Bible to the people. There is still hope if you believe and have faith to the almighty.
The movie tells you that knowledge is power even though everything else is ruin. Having the right knowledge does make you different from others and it can some how help you to stay calm, think, make good judgment, rationalize and perhaps have some kind of control of others around you.

In this movie, books are the only available, reliable medium to gather or acquire knowledge and one will do whatever it takes to protect the books or try to get it from others even to the extend of killing.
The so called high technology medium to store information failed, technology is of no use if everything else is ruin.
Simplicity is still the best.

18 January 2010

Laugh is the Best medicine

Whatever you intend to do after watching this Youtube Video clip...JUST DO IT...but please try not to laugh ok......What the hell are these arabs doing...some one playing joke on them...

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