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19 June 2010

A Pint Sized Roller Skating Robot

Japanese Giant Company Hitachi had successfully invented first of it kind Robot that able to move across minor bumps and wires on the floor without tripping. “The robot can control its posture similar to humans do when we jumping on inline skates” said Yuji Hosoda, Chief Researcher at place’s Transportation System Department, at the robot Tokyo Launch.

The Robot stands at 80 cm in height and weight 14kg. It is equipped with 14 microphones fitted into its helmet and sensitive enough to pick up human voice in a noisy environment (filtering technology). It is fitted with wheels on both legs for smooth mobility and moves at maximum 6km/hour (average fast walking speed for a human adult).

EMIEW 2 has the same voice communication, and obstacle evasion technology* which enables safe maneuvering between moving objects, as in EMIEW 1, but with the addition of autonomous moving technology which plots how to reach a destination by automatically mapping the robot's surroundings. Incorporation of these three technologies enables EMIEW2 to navigate through corridors, around obstacles, weave between moving people, guide visitors to their destinations, and deliver drinks and documents.
* Developed as part of a joint research project between Tsukuba University and Hitachi, Ltd. This technology incorporates the results of cooperative research conducted by Professor Takashi TSUBOUCHI, Shinichi YUTA (Director of Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research Center), and Hitachi's Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory.

Robot Emiew2 Specifications:

Feature Details Dimensions 800mm (h), 300mm (w), 250 (d)  
Weight 13kg  
Moving mechanism 2/4-wheel transformable wheeled leg-type mechanism  
Speed 6km/h  
Max.Acceleration 2m/s2  
Degrees of freedom 27 points  
Power Li-ion battery (approx. 1 hour operation/full charge)  
Communication 14 channel; distant voice recognition using microphone array  
Environment recognition Map generation and localization using a scanning range finder.

More info click this link : EMIEW2

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