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12 May 2010

Ten Unhealthy Emotions

Listed below are the ten unhealthy emotions that we should not allowed in our thinking. Unhealthy thinking is inefficient and bad for us mentally. Unhealthy thinking is a waste of time. By identifying your unhealthy thinking, you can change or stop your thoughts and quickly switch to healthy and productive modes of thinking.

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Disappointment
  • Frustration
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Rejection
  • Resentment
  • Sadness
  • Stress

“Thoughts create feelings, so if you change your thoughts you will change the way you feel”

You can change how you react to certain situation by changing your thought then selecting your attitude and adopting a behaviour. If you feel sad, you have the choice stay sad or feel happy. If you want to feel happy then change your thought to something that make you happy.

You can learn to change your thoughts by following Dr.Tom’s methods he called Emotional Algebra. Buy the book and learn the technique.

Reference : Healthy Thinking by Dr.Tom Mulholland.

Depression – a disease of loneliness

Medically it is due to low levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. Depression is a form of mental disorder and it must be treated accordingly otherwise it will cause many problems to the person, physically and mentally. It may to certain point of time become a life treating situation (took your own life).

What actually caused or triggered it remains a mystery till today. I myself have been suffering depression for many years and I have seen doctors and took their prescription and advice but with little improvement.

I have read a book written by Dr.Tom MulhollandHEALTHY THINKING – How to Turn Life’s lemons into Lemonade and it all about turning negative thinking into positive thinking. It very difficult to change, adjust or trying to think differently, the opposite of what is currently in your mind or how you feel at that time. In order to successfully able to think positively one must have strong will power, discipline, determination, believe, faith, never give up easily and many others.

Dr.Tom says that thinking or worrying about something will not going to change anything. If you want something to change, then start think positively and strategize a technique or ways to deal the matter. If everything else fails, dump the matter and keep going ahead. Life has to go on no matter what. You can control what is going on by controlling your attitude (not thinking right)

If you feel depress or have been diagnosed to have depression then this is the book for you.

06 May 2010


The other day I was with friend browsing the mall and I stumbled upon a digital signature ( LCD Display showing Advertisement or information to customer) installed at the shop selling toys and it is fascinate to see this new trend of digital advertising are getting more popular and common to places like the hyper market, shopping lots, Hotels, schools and many more. It is more dynamic, colourful, attractive and more importantly it gives more info in comparison to static advertisement.

I decided to experiment and Google the word digital signature to see if I can get hold of free software to generate the digital advertisement. After much attempt and patience I finally settle for this particular software from a company named Displayop. I downloaded the Free Edition. This is a free digital signage software for schools, clubs, public services, commercial and business.

The Free Edition is a standalone time-unlimited version of DisplayOp and able to manage a connected display, player-pc, projector or other display device. The Free Edition can also be installed on multiple PCs. But if you need additional features, you can always upgrade to Professional or Enterprise DisplayOp where you can access additional functions such as time management, the central player management, monitoring, etc. fall back.
Examples of the use of DisplayOp Free Edition (one single display)
  • Representation plans in schools
  • Welcoming reception or display on the foyer
  • Employee information
  • menus in cafeteria

Give it a try and who know it may help boost your company services or products.

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