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28 January 2010

FREE Portable Antivirus

Once a while or perhaps most of the time, you end up very unlucky, with a virus infecting your thumb drive, usually while you are copying documents from some one or your friend’s laptop or PC. Your first reaction would be, what the fcuk is this. You feel very stressful and upset. You’re sitting there thinking, ah yah…not again.

DOWNLOAD  CLAMWIN PORTABLE ANTIVIRUS 0.95.3 ( 6MB download / ~30MB installed)

Your friend forgotten to update his antivirus signature and you stare at his face thinking, how I wish I can bash his balls with a baseball bat. Na…I am just kidding. I am not a bad person you know. Anyway, this small application called ClamWin Portable might come in handy. ClamWin is quite a popular portable antivirus app where you can store it inside your USB portable drive, Thumbdrive, Ipod or similar and carry it inside you pocket.

Hopefully It will more or less gives you a peace of mind knowing you are safe to download doc from your friend’s pc. However like any other antivirus, the ClamWin Portable required update as well.

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