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18 July 2012

Never Forget Your Past

I can't believe I am writing this because I don't like to remember the past especially if it about something personal and you don't want to recall it. Anyway, just to share with you a story about Bill Gates and his past.

The story begins like this.  Bill gates was having a wonderful lunch with his son in a cafe. After eating, he gave $10 to the waiter as a tip. The waiter looks surprise and a bit sad. Bill Gates realized and asked the waiter if there is anything wrong. The waiter answered that he is not quite please with the tip after all he is serving the richest man in the world and he would expect a bit more from him. On the other hand the waiter said that his son, seating on the same table as him, gave him $500 instead.

Bill Gates answered with his famous smiling face and said “Now look here sunny, showing his fist as if he is about to slap the waiter”, stop this nonsense and get back to work. You know something bill gated added, he gave you more because he is the son of the richest man in the world (period) but I am the son of a lowly paid government servant.

The waiter answered, if you don’t want to give just say so. You don’t need to tell your past and showing your not so tough knuckles. As if I am scared.

So, the moral of the story is: Sometime past can be nuisance and pain in the neck and some people say that past is your best teacher. To me the past is bloody ….something and it more than a pain in the neck.

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