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21 July 2007

The End of Harry Potter

Rowling bids her boy wizard goodbye:

"Harry's story comes to a definite end in book seven," is all she will say a few days before publication, serving up tea and home-baked sponge cake in her comfortable Edinburgh house. This is the words that came out from the author herself when she was interview By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer.

I suppose every beginning will have an ending. The question is what effect the ending brings to all Harry Potter’s fan worldwide. Some may find it disturbing, sad, frustrated, helpless, disappointed, angry as a result of this so called end of story.

What will happen after this? Will there be another similar wizardry or perhaps witchcraft story to continue what was left behind or perhaps it will end for good. No body knew for sure. But my instinct says that imagination has no end. The story was created based solely on imagination. We don’t know if there is another famous novel as famous as Harry Potter in the next few years time.

Since the writer is still alive, perhaps she will create another character. I suppose she get feed up with the story (Harry Potter) and doing the writing for years and pressured by the fan.

As for the future, she says she has no plans.

"I can never write anything as popular again," she said. "Lightning does not strike in the same place twice.

"I'll do exactly what I did with Harry — I'll write what I really want to write, and if it's something similar, that's OK, and if it's something very different, that's OK.

"I just really want to fall in love with an idea again, and go with that."

I always wish I can be a writer and wrote a book like she does. Imagination my friend, imagination, let your imagination come to life.

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