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22 July 2007

Make money by proofreading and copy editing

Studies show that when people learn to copyedit and proofread their own work, they improve their style, eliminate writing weaknesses, and catch more of their own errors. They will learn how to carefully check and edit writing, their own or other's. They become more careful in using accurate punctuation and vocabulary and tend to improve their spelling, avoiding common mistakes, and increasing speed and efficiency.

However these skills need to be learnt properly and sometime it may takes a while before you can really master the technique. But the reward is worthy since the skills can be use to earn money by being a freelance proofreader or use the skills to setup up a lucrative business. As example, Suzanne Gilad (Brooklyn, NY) has proofread or copyedited over 1,200 titles for more than 20 prominent publishing imprints. She is President of and frequently presents editing seminars around the world.

May be you can offer all the bloggers out there for your service to proofread their content before publishing in on the net. The skills earned are to me very useful and it almost required in many aspect. Be it magazine, articles, essays, book, novel, web site, corporate documents, newspaper and the list go on.

And if you are really good it can make yourself indispensable to writers, editors, and even your boss. As a proofreader you have the ability to balance between style and rules, master the art of the query, and efficiently use proofreader symbols. Also you can edit and proof electronic documents and most importantly is you have the opportunity to build a solid freelancing career.

There are plenty of college and university where you can learn the art of proofreading. Some of these colleges offer short courses, certificates and diploma which you can complete in few months time or even years. But if you want to learn fast without the need to attend any courses, I recommend reading the “proof reading and copy editing for dummies”.

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