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15 July 2007

Tips for coping with a critical boss

Hi folks, I'm tempted to forward the following tips as I'm in the same situation as you. I was cleaning up the mess in my reading room today and I accidentally came across a piece of paper which I found very interesting and useful. It doesn’t indicate the author but right at the end an initial – UPS. So I thought why not posting it so everyone can benefit from it.

So, my friends, here are the tips for coping with a critical boss.

a) Accept your boss’s power and authority over you – even if used unfairly. I may not agree with this but for now, no comment perhaps later.

b) Don’t keep wishing your boss were different. Put your energy elsewhere.

c) Stop Looking for approval. Create your own strong sense of self – so negative feedback doesn’t define you.

d) Do you very best regardless of the appreciation received.

e) Clarify job responsibilities, your supervisor’s expectations, and then fulfill them.

f) Confer regularly. Discuss your performance and the criteria by which you’re evaluated.

g) View yourself objectively from your boss’s perspective.

h) For satisfaction, set your own standards. Follow them – unless they conflict with the management’s.

i) Set the tone. Model desired behavior. Be courteous, co-operative, respectful.

j) Show you value your boss’s opinion.

k) Gently, tactfully, suggest you respond best to positive feedback.

l) Acknowledge, then release your anger – but not at your boss.

m) Pretend telling your boss exactly how you feel.

n) Confide in a friend – off the job.

o) Cease playing victim – build your self esteem. Your boss will step back more often.

p) Build a support network of allies, mentors, friends.

q) Find something to give you affirmation, praise.

r) When feeling trapped, imagine working elsewhere.

s) Think of at least 10 new alternatives, persist.


I’m in favour with the very last tips, When all else fails, leaveeeeeee…I’m looking forward to the day I will say to my boss, you’re horrible .&^%$#@^&*, I leaving for good.

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