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15 July 2007

Earn From Writing Articles

I got this information from It all about earning from writing articles on any topic or essays or news, any information etc. The best of all is no investment is required. If you love to write and have the passion to write good articles, here are you chance to earn something from your writing. This can be a good additional source of income if successful. I personally have not tried their scheme. Whatever it is, please read through carefully their terms and conditions and what ever are related. This is important so you know what to be expected if something goes wrong (the worst case if you are not paid for writing them an article). So be sure to read and understand what is required and most importantly the mode of payment to you.

You need to join and register with the companies as follows:
1) Join, joining is free, here u have to write Article or essay or any good information (900 words maximum) which you want to share with viewers. Site owner will publish your writing work on it site. Please visit their site to learn more.

2) Join , joining is free. This is a friendship site.
You will need desimartini for circulating your link of article to your friends in your group who will read your article, write their comments and also tempted to click some ads which are displayed on top, side and bottom of your article, You will earn from these ads, you will earn money per ads being clicked and seen by viewer. So more the ads are seen by viewers the more you will earn, your income can be from Rs 5000 to 20000 or even more depending upon your working experience. Please visit their site to learn more.

For those interested, please be reminded to fully understand their terms and conditions before deciding to join.

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