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08 July 2007

Big Motivation to all Bloggers

This is really a motivation to all bloggers out there. I got these articles from and just want to share with you all that doing something you like and end up making money out of it is to me more than one can ask for in a lifetime. This is great. Just read the following articles below and see for your self........WOW!

How to Sell Your Blog
Written on July 8, 2007 by Darren Rowse (

Bob has a good post detailing how he built up a blog on the domain and sold it for $155,000.

I get asked a lot of questions about how to sell a blog - but as I’m yet to do it I thought I’d do a speedlinking type post on the topic and link to those who’ve had a little more experience with the process:

  • Selling a Blog - Interview with Duncan Riley - an interview that I did with Duncan after the sale of Blog Herald.
  • Technosailor Sale Update - Aaron Brazell had a few reflections on selling blogs after he cancelled the sale of his.
  • Selling Blogs: Thick Skin is a Requirement - Ahmed shares a few reflections on Aaron’s experiences and some from his own as a blog buyer.
  • Selling Your Blog: What are Blog Buyers Looking for? - Lorelle shares a few tips on the topic.
  • Selling Your Blog: What Goes into the Selling Price? - More good tips from Lorelle
  • Blogs for Sale - How Much is Your Blog Worth? - an older post that I wrote on the topic back in 2004

  • Why You Can’t Just Sell Your Blog - The Sheriff shares a few thoughts on the topic
My own experience with selling blogs is limited to being an observer and my own approach is to keep ahold of web properties and to build them into ongoing revenue generation streams. I’m not anti selling blogs but it’s just not my style to this point.

The really big amounts that blogs have sold for have generally either come from very established and highly profitable blogs or from those who have something special (like a domain like to offer a buyer.

Have you ever bought or sold a blog (or attempted to)? What did you learn from the experience? If you’ve written about it feel free to leave a link to your advice in the comments below.

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