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20 July 2007

Made in China: Faulty Tires

I read this article in businessweek online written by David Welch. My first guess was, what a tragic, an ambulance using a tires made in china. There are a lot of cases involving products made from China that are causing problem worldwide. Be it food, consumer products and many more. I have a scary experience in regards to china made products. I was happened to stop by a shop selling all sorts of items mostly from china. While I was browsing the shelves, I notice a small rechargeable touch light with three different size of light. The lights are for reading, emergency flashing light and normal touch light. I was fascinated by it design and small enough to fit comfortable in side my pocket. Without thinking much I bought it for RM 4.00. Back home, I was eager to test the charger so I connect the adaptor to the power socket and connect the other end to the touch light. All of sudden, smokes came out from the touch light and “KABOOM” it exploded right in front of my eyes. I was shocked but not hurt. I was lucky I guess. PHEW! What a disaster. This is what you call “ No Warranty, under rated, poor quality, poor workmanship, poor design and so on and so forth.

Back to the article, it says how a chinese supplier's bad decision turned into one importer's worst nightmare, and may mean the end of his business.
The complete story is as follows:
Richard Kuskin was sitting in the dingy basement office of his Union (N.J.) import firm one day in May, 2006, when the phone rang. One of his distributors in New Mexico was on the line. There had been an accident involving an ambulance riding on Chinese-made tires sold by Kuskin's firm, Foreign Tires Sales Inc. The tires had blown out, causing the driver to lose control. No one was hurt. Still, the incident scared Kuskin. For several months he'd had a nagging feeling that his Chinese partner, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., had cut out a key safety technology. For Kuskin, the ambulance incident was like a flashing red warning light.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. please be extra careful if you decide to purchase a product made from China. No one is willing to give you a warranty more so if it to do with safety. My question to you. Would you choose safety over price?

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