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05 July 2007

problem, problem....

There are numerous problem that facing mankind ever since the beginning of the..%$#@$%%^. Mankind can never run away from problem. To me problem is endless. Sometime we ourselves create the problem in the first place, mostly without knowing the disastrous outcome that may crop out later.

I’m not a specialist or even a doctor. I m just giving my opinion.

Let just imagine that life is simple. We just need air, water, food and shelter to survive. No TV, No gadget, No Radio just a house with enough food to last you for ages. Some may says life will be dulled and boring. Yes to some extend. However when we look at nowadays, with all the high tech advertisement, we are being lured to buy things that we not necessarily needs. Let says, you saw a watch being sold at the shop and that watch is a branded and currently the latest model and more so wore by David Becham (you saw the advertisement). Why not you may say and swipeeee …you bought the watch and now you are the proud owner of the brand new, expensive watch. But come to think of it, is it really necessary, do you really need a branded watch, why not save the money instead. I'm not busy body. I'm just commenting. The watch your currently owned is good enough (CASIO). Well it not a classy watch but it works, It tells you the time. What more can you asked except it not as branded as the new watch you bought. See what I mean... (I always do this as well, so no big deal).

Really … I just can’t understand. Maybe someday there’s one simple explanation to all of this. Yes you can find the answer in the Internet but it so damned long explanation, going in, around and through the bush, going no way,…

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