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31 July 2007

Can You Create Wealth From Home?

I was reading an articles by Steve Gillman entitle “Can You Create Wealth From Home?”. (visit the author site for more info at :
He suggested a few ways to enable someone to create wealth from home. His suggestion is as follows:
a) Turn a hobby into a business
b) Be an expert investor
c) Become a copy writer
d) Sell your house to create wealth
e) Rent a room
f) Write an E-Book
g) Start saving money
Having read his suggestion, to really start earning money and create wealth is not as simple as it may seem. It takes time, money (it a must), effort, skills, knowledge, believe in yourself, confident, mindset and many more.
For the sake of discussion, let say we are interested to start a business to sell handicraft via online for example.
Before you begin, you need to know few important things that you are going to be using to help setup your online business.

a) Products: You have to identify the product you intended to sell online. List and categorize them accordingly.

b) Where to get the supply: You need to know where to locate the relevant supplier of your product. The supplier must be reliable and ready to supply you the product as when needed.

c) Learn the Internet technology: you must have a considerable knowledge the mechanism of the internet. However, you may not need to learn everything but sufficient for you to understand how it works. You can hire or ask someone to help you with the website.

d) Open up an e-payment account such as paypal. This will enable you to setup an e-payment facility on your website. Client can made payment directly into your paypal account. (

e) Choose a hosting company to host your website.

f) Choose a domain name for your website.

g) Think of an easy way to pack the item and be ready for shipment. It should be simple enough to handle and does not require many workers.

h) Market your site: You should advertise your site. There are so many advertisement sites on the net. So choose carefully. I recommend you use the google adwords.

i) Manage your site consistently. Update any new product. Write a short articles related to your product or site. You also should always reply any enquire via email. Not replying email is bad for your company reputation.

Another good source of information on starting an online business is by reading a book written by
He has many ideas where you can make your journey to the world of online business a successful quest. For malaysian client, you can buy a copy of his book at MPH for RM29.90. (Notice: I'm not affiliate with any book store especially MPH).

Finally yet importantly, you will need a good computer and an internet connection with your local ISP.

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