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05 July 2007

The Future

I read an article about google search engine recently. It mentions that google is planning to device their search engine to monitor people behavior in using the search engine. It records all the person activity while using the search engine. It even can tell you what the person is searching 3 to 5 years ago or even years ago. That to me invades people privacy.

It seems that google want to know whatever we are looking for, every steps, they are studying our pattern, likeness, dislike, ..etc. it like the alien looking at us all the time, wondering what are we doing. I suppose with all that info google might use it to their benefit. For example, google maybe want to be pro active in their advertisement, says, the moment the person type words to search a particular info, google already knows what type of a person you are and bombarded you with the relevant advertisement.

Whatever it is, surely the big giant will get all the credits and worst still google may even someday become the most powerful software company in the world.

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