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22 July 2007

The New Palm Z22

The palm Z22 (OS: Garnet V5.4) is quite useful for someone who needs just the basic features of a PDA. It’s small in size as compare to all the other PDAs in the market. There are some advantages however, and the most obvious is the missing of memory slot. It memory is fix.

I will be viewing some of the features individually so as to get a closer over view of the unit.

  • Infrared Port: it is installed with an infra red port which is good since this will allows the unit to communicate with other devices via infra red and enable them to Share information such as Contacts between compatible devices via the "beam" function.
  • Colour Touchscreen Display: The colour display is not as sharp as palm E2. But who’s complaining since the price of Z22 is almost half less than E2. It still viewable though and clear enough to read and write all your memo, notes, calendar, and so on. You can even view photos of family and friends which you can download into the Z22 via PC.
  • On/Off Button: The location of the off./on button is a plus. Unlike the E2 and others PDA, the on/off button is easily located and very convenient to use.
  • Calendar Button: The calendar button is visible and at the right location and you can easily just tap for direct access to your Calendar.
  • 5-Way Navigator: This button is very useful and it like a standard features on all PDA. I suppose we are so use to operate the 5 Way navigators that it became compulsory features.
  • Home Button: This is however an on screen button. Use the writing stylus to tap the button for direct access to all your applications.
  • Menu Button: This is the same as the home button. The button is only accessible by tap it with the writing stylus which allows you to access options in an application.
  • The writing area, sync button, find button and contact button is also a standard features which you can find in all PDA. However due to limited button accessible by pressing using your finger, some application especially game which need four buttons plus 5 way navigator buttons to play, is not playable with this unit.
  • Processor: 200Mhz is powerful enough to run almost any application but due to lack of storage ( Z22 memory is 32MB) and small screen resolution ( 160 x 160 pixel), making it not very useful for playing game.
  • The unit uses a mini USB to sync and charging the battery. I found out that even though the unit have completely drain it internal battery the application is still intact together with all the notes, info you have taken. This is another plus as well. It memory is able to retain the data even though the battery is drained.
The unit is worth buying, considering the price is cheap as compare to others PDA, Small, ease of use, the casing is made of good quality plastic and feel robust. Overall I give Palm Z22 4.5/5.

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