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29 September 2007

Load time Check

Does loading speed of your blog matter to you? To some people yes and No. Some say that site is build for people not for the machine (search engine). However, if you want to index your site on certain search engine successfully, the speed does matter. Otherwise, the search engine result will be…guess what…No indexing!...moreover if your site loading time is more than 24 seconds, 40% of your potential viewers will give up and exit your site due to impatience.

There are few factors determines the site loading time such as:

a) Images
b) Tables
c) Templates Structures
d) Javascripts
e) Numbers of posts on the homepage

Nevertheless, the most obvious factors that affect the loading time are none other than the number of images on the homepages.

Mani Khartik of blogging Tips suggested the followings tips in regards to using images to help increase your site loading time:

a) If the numbers of images used are more than 10-15, then I strongly recommend that you cut it down to a lesser number say 6-10.

b) Use smaller or reduce file size since bigger file size eats up a lot of bandwidth therefore takes longer time to load.

c) It is a good practice to use GIF images (non-animation without frames) instead of Jpegs for header images as GIF images are more optimized for the web and they can save you some page loading time.

Do you know your site loading time? Have you ever tested the loading time required to load your site with different internet connection speed?

If you want to test the speed of your site loading time, please click the link below:

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