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12 September 2007

Smart Shopping

When ever the festive season come be it Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Gawai and so forth, all kinds of sales are flourishing in the supermarket, hypermarket, the mall you name it. Some time you may end up with a good buy or get cheated or perhaps spend more on the things you don’t really need if you’re not careful.

The worst is if you tend to have low sales resistance. Ask yourself how good or strong is your sales resistance? Do you feel guilty if you don’t buy anything, even if the sales girls are so nice and helpful to you?

For those who have a low or consider themselves having a low sales resistance to bargain or sales talk, don’t be worry. Follow the following tips and you will be fine, hopefully.

a)Always make a list of what you intend to buy and double check it. Skip the unnecessary and only focus on what you need.

b)Go home when your sales resistance is wearing thin. If you can’t find what you are looking for (the right quality and price) after getting in and out of shops, please go straight home.

c)Don’t shop when you are feeling bored. You are likely to end up with impulse buys.

d)Always research prices and quality before you decide to buy.

e)Never shop with rich friends or young children who may be demanding.

f)Always leave your credit card at home if you are in habit of over spending.

g)Never take more money with you than you want to spend.

h)Always check the cash register and receipts to make sure you are not over charged.

i)Never go shopping for food on an empty stomach.

j)Always avoid shopping at shops which are more expensive.

k)Never spurn a shop’s own brand; they may be cheaper than branded goods. However check it quality whether it is acceptable to you.

l)Always compare food costs in terms of cost per unit of weight, measure or serving rather than per pack or tin (bring with you a calculator and use it when necessary).

m)Always check the bottom shelves in supermarkets in case those goods have not been marked up.

n)Always take advantage of special offers and seasonal bargains if you can.

o)Never buy day time clothes in artificial light.

p)Never buy to compete with friends and neighbours. Buy only what you need.

q)Beware of sales gimmicks. Some sales are not genuine.

Happy shopping and good luck.

Reference : The money book : CAP Guide

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