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14 September 2007

Back Packers Packing List:

While I was studying in London many years ago, I have the opportunity to travel to some neighbouring country such as France, Belgium and Holand. I noticed that you need to travel light in order to enjoy it without thinking much about anything else beside a good, clean, safe place to stay and most importantly getting a nice and good food to eat.

Well, as a student, obviously I do not have much money to spend and therefore have to really budget my expenses and get the most bargain both food and place to stay. I used to stay at the YMCA hostel. It is not that comfortable but it is good enough. What choices do I have? Anyway I choose to stay there so no comment.

Here is the Packing List for backpacker:

a)Earplugs – In a hostel environment, 5 to 6 people shares the dorm hostel, there’s a pretty good chance one or two of them snores. I can’t stand snoring. An ear plug is heaven sent when this happen (enough noise to wake the dead).

b)Post-It notes and a marker: Labeling your own food container you leave in the fridge. It also useful to leave notes to your room mates or just to remind you of important things that you should do or need to remember.

c)Slippers or Flip Flops: Basically this is to prevent you from getting feet fungus. I don’t know about you but I need this badly since the toilet is not that ……questionable surfaces.

d)Padlocks: Bring a few padlocks of different sizes for your locker and backpack just in case one of your roommates is searching for something lucrative to extend his trip. I not accusing anybody but would it be better to prevent than to feel sorry for yourself later.

e)Fast drying towel: Now this is the most important thing to me, since I sweat a lot, I have to bath frequently and if the towel is still damp, it not comfortable to use. Moreover packing a wet towel in your backpack is not smart as well. A small hand towel will also do the job provided you squeezed the excess water first.

f)Sleeping Sack: This is simply a sleeping bag made out of sheets. You can use an old queen size sheet, fold it in half and sew the edges. Some hostels do not allow conventional sleeping bags because bugs and ticks can penetrate the seams and when you unroll them onto your bunk indoor, they can become a health hazard.

g)Portable flashlight: I definitely do not want to be the one to turn on all the lights and wakes everyone up at 5am because I have to be at the bus stand to catch the coach or I Can’t find my toothbrush or whatever it is. Therefore bring a torch light.

For those of you (backpackers) planning to travel aboard, please visit or for more info regarding ratings and review from backpackers. It is good to check ahead to avoid unnecessary problem later.

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